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Lotus Baby Care - Our Story

What Experts Say

You want the best for your little one, and so do we. Which is why, we have collated the best advice from experts. According to paediatricians, for the first 6 months, babies should be breastfed. Apart from providing the necessary nutrition, breast feeding also strengthens the special bond shared by mother and child. It’s completely natural for new-borns to want to feed frequently, so there’s no need to set up a schedule during the first few weeks. Another thing all experts agree on is that baby products should be free from preservatives. Aside from your loving touch, only natural products should caress the gentle skin of your child. Still have questions? Below, we’ve detailed out how to take care of your baby and make the most of out of bonding time.

Lotus Baby Care - What Experts Say
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Your touch is your baby’s first contact with the world. Through massage, you can soothe, love, and strengthen your baby by gentle stroking. This is not only calming, but also helps boost the social and psychological development of your precious. The best time for the massage is right after bathing, just before being tucked underneath the baby blanket.

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Splashing around with your baby is great fun. Bath-time, apart from the happy gurgles and bubbles,also gives you time to bond and play with your baby. Bathing babies in warm water, right before bed time, ensures peaceful sleep. But just water won’t do. Use a gentle cleanser, free of preservatives, to effectively cleanse your baby.

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The art of diapering can, at times, get confusing. But, with a little help, you can keep your baby squeaky clean. If you notice a rash on your child, have cotton balls, warm water and diaper rash crème handy. And, most importantly, always wipe from front to back before putting on the diapers. This will keep urinary infections at bay.

What Mothers Say


We're loving the Lotus Herbals baby+ range for my son. I always try to use products that have natural ingredients and Lotus baby+ range truly delivers what it promises. Very gentle on his skin with a beautiful mind fragrance, has been keeping his skin nicely moisturized.


Though it has not been long before I started using Lotus Herbals Baby for my 2 sons, the satisfaction is full. I loved its body wash shampoo as this doesn't dry my sons' body or tresses. A must try for all moms especially with winters approaching.


We loved the new baby+ collections from Lotus Herbals right away – such yummy happy yellow colors and beautiful package! Shannon baby enjoyed the shampoo too, it had a very light texture and delicious smell. We also added it to the bath, to create thick bubble foam.

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