February 02, 2021

7 Iconic Eyeliner Looks For Every Kind Of Eye Shape

Whether you are a makeup lover or not,  eyeliner remains the most versatile and iconic eye product for girls in their bags. From that winged liner to the bold smudged liner, there is a different technique that we have mastered over the years, owing to our personalities. We have gotten used to a particular way of wearing eyeliner, but with the changing times and the changing trends, it is time to get more creative girls!

Get your eyeliners out, in whichever colour you may like and finally get the shape of your wing to perfection or just smudge it out for that fierce smokey look. 

Here is a series of different ways to wear your eyeliner and give wings to your creativity & eyes with the Lotus Herbals Proedit Silk Touch Perfection Eye Liner.

1) Graphic Liner Look

This Liner resembles a Cat Eye, but with the fierce edge to it. The eyeliner starts at the eye’s inner corner and then picks up at the outer lash line, which gives a graphic abstract look. Do not shy away from the trend and get out your liquid eyeliner and soar sky-high with this Graphic Liner Look. 

2) Smudged & Smokey

A look everyone ought to master. This type of eyeliner compliments the eye shape and is a great way to pop your eye colour. A smudges kohl, kajal or gel eyeliner is needed to create this eyeliner look. Apply the liner just above your lash line and smudge it with a brush in the outward direction. Smokey, Sultry & Flattering, this look remains a classic. 

3) Classic Cat Eyes

A Cat Eye can completely change your makeup look. The look can be perfected with a gel or a liquid liner for that flawless finish. Start from the inner corner of your eye and make a thin outline. As you move towards the outer direction, thicken the stroke of the liner and wing it out. Finish the Cat Eye look with mascara to add some drama to your eyes!

4) Sleek Liner Look

Is minimal makeup your go-to look? Then this eyeliner look got to be your favourite. It is super easy to achieve and gives your face an instant makeover. To create this thin liner with perfection, it is suggested to use a gel or a liquid eyeliner. Create a thin outline just above your lash line, and use a white pencil on your waterline if needed. You can also add some mascara or only use an eyelash curler, and you’re all set with this sleek liner look. 

5) Double Eyeliner Look

If a simple cat eye look wasn’t enough to create some drama for you, then give your eyes a double dose of eyeliner. After you have pulled off the single winged liner, line your lower lash line as close to the lashes as possible and create a wing. Define both the wings with precision using a cotton ear bud or a nude pencil between them. Glam up your Double eyeliner game at your next party!

6) Vintage Winged Liner 

The Vintage Winged Liner Technique is apt for your Evening Party to rock that chic retro-look by drawing the liner at a low angle and highlighting it with some eye shadow. This Vintage look is exceptionally innovative and intriguing to the eyes and takes your liner game several notches higher. 

7) Glittery Eyeliner Look

Now this liner look can change your makeup style and add that glam quotient. Include some glitter in your eyeliner using a glitter eyeliner or only applying sparkly eyeshadow over the eyeliner. After applying your black liner, put on some glitter pigment while it’s wet so that the glitter can easily stick, and you’re ready to make some heads turn at the party!

Now that you know what kind of eyeliner you have to apply the next time you step out, you’re all set to try out these (eye)conic Liner Looks. Do try these out and let us know which one is your favourite!

Written by Lotus Herbals