April 15, 2021

A Complete Guide Of Facial Cleansers And Their Uses.

After a long hectic day, nothing feels better than a good rinse for your face. Every ounce of dirt, sweat, oil and makeup that clogs pores and makes your skin irritated needs a gentle and thorough cleansing. Cleaning your face should be an integral part of your skincare routine. It removes excess oil, dirt, sweat and dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Different people have different skincare requirements and skin types. If you’re overwhelmed with the kinds of products available in the market, we provide you with an overview of different facial cleansers, face washes and which one to use according to different skin types. First, we address the most crucial question here, 

What is a Facial Cleanser? 

Facial Cleansers are specially curated to clean our skin. These products are used to remove the accumulation of dirt and oils, makeup, sweat and other irritants—these aid in effectively unclogging the pores and exfoliating the dead skin cells without stripping the top layer. 

Facial Cleansers usually come in various forms and varieties; therefore, knowing the difference between each type allows you to filter the options and search for the ideal cleanser a lot easier. 

Types of Facial Cleansers & Skin Types

Cream Cleansers-

For people with dry and sensitive skin type, cream cleansers work the best. These cleansers are hydrating, nourishing and gentle for flaky and sensitive skin needs. These cleansers do not strip off the skin’s natural oils and are free from ingredients that irritate the skin. By cleansing with these thick moisturising products, your skin will feel soft and supple throughout the day. 

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Gel Cleansers-

For people with oily and acne-prone skin, gel cleansers work the best. These cleansers have deep-cleansing and exfoliating properties that effectively work for unclogging pores and remove the excess oil and acne-causing bacteria from the surface of your face.

Try the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Active Skin Whitening, and Oil Control Facewash formulated with Burberry & green tea extracts that cleanses deeply without causing dryness or irritation and controls melanin production. It leaves the skin hydrated and radiant and is ideal for controlling excessive oil. 

Foaming Cleansers 

Foaming Cleansers are lightweight and come out of the tube as a cream or a gel before converting into a rich, foamy lather when combined with water. Foaming cleansers effectively remove excess oil and provide gentle exfoliation with the right ingredients, making it an ideal choice for people with combination skin types.

Try the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Advanced Pink Glow Brightening Face Wash, a gentle foaming face wash enriched with exotic Bulgarian Rose & Saxifraga extracts that effectively cleanses, purifies skin & reduces dark spots on regular usage. 

What is the proper way of face cleansing? 

One has to follow a few basic steps to thoroughly clean and prep the skin for the day. Start your routine by removing the makeup, if any and other surface dirt from your face. You can use cleansing wipes or micellar water for this step. Now the next step is to cleanse your face. Place a small amount of cleanser according to your skin type and combine it with water. Once you’ve worked up the lather, massage it onto your skin using circular motions for at least 30 seconds. Once you’re done, thoroughly rinse off the cleanser and pat dry with a soft cotton cloth or towel. 

Facewash V/S Cleanser

What's the difference between cleanser and facewash? 

Both cleansers and face washes have the common task of cleansing your face. A face cleanser purifies, hydrates and soothes down your skin. The consistency can be creamy, gel-like or even watery. A face wash cleans up your pores deeply. The texture is foamy or will lather into a foam coming in contact with water. 

When to use a Face wash & when to use a Cleanser?

Using a face wash or a cleanser entirely depends on your daily routine. A foaming face wash can be used in the morning or when you get back home from work. But if you’ve encountered heavy traffic or pollution on your way back, consider using a cleanser first and then a face wash. A cleanser can also be used later at night before bed to get rid of all impurities. 

What to use on the face according to skin type? 

A face cleanser is recommended for people with dry skin to keep the skin barrier moisturized and hydrated. Look out for formulas that have hydrating ingredients that are safe to use. 

For people with oily or acne-prone skin, use a foaming face wash. The skin needs to keep pores clear of the dirt and grime, remove excess oil and get rid of the impurities that can exacerbate sebum production. 

Now that you know what works the best for your skin as per your skin type, it is about time to pamper your skin and rinse it off thoroughly. 


Written by Lotus Herbals