September 22, 2021

14 Must Have Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Makeup is an art and for a beginner, it might be perplexing. From choosing the products and colours to the tools and techniques, it is one difficult ride.

It is all the more a task to understand what is really required and what is being sold needlessly as basic makeup products.

If you are a makeup beginner who is in a dilemma or has no clue about where to begin, we are here to help you. We have got a list of makeup items that you must have as a beginner to enjoy the journey of creativity and beauty:

1 ) Skin Preparing Products

Before beginning with makeup, always always prep your skin. Good makeup starts with the right skincare and we suggest washing your face to get rid of dust or any impurities. Next, put a hydrating cream to keep the skin nourished and supple.

No matter what your skin type is, do prep your skin before applying any makeup product.

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2 ) Primer

Our skin texture is usually uneven and a primer helps to even out the skin texture. It is one of the basic products that must not be skipped in any makeup list

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3) Foundation

Foundation is essential to even out the skin tone. It sets the base for makeup and gives an equal skin colour throughout.

Pick the foundation shade that blends well with your skin tone. Use a sponge to spread the foundation equally on the face.

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4 ) Concealer

Let’s call this the lifesaver one. As the name suggests, it conceals spots, marks, dark circles, discolouration and every unevenness on the skin. You will be tempted to use more, but stick to the needed quantity only and let it work.

An undereye concealer must be more hydrating than the face concealer to hide fine lines and soften the look.

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5 ) Setting Powder

Many would give it a skip on their basic makeup items, but we insist on using a setting powder to keep your makeup intact and avoid every chance of crease formation.

Use this product after foundation and concealer.

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6 ) Bronzer

A bronzer is a perfect makeup product to add shine to your face and highlight features of the face. With the help of a brush, dust bronzer on the hairline, neck, and cheekbone for an instant glow.

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7 ) Eyeshadow

For makeup products for beginners, cream-based eyeshadow must be picked because of its easy application and blending.

A neutral colour palette must be chosen with bronze, brown, and taupe shades. These colours suit everyone and blend easily with the skin tone. With experience, you can experiment with different tints.

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6 ) Eyeliner

The game-changer! Eyeliner can give you a simple look as well as a glamorous look, a day look or a date night look, a party or an office look.

Apply eyeliner by making and connecting dots for easy application and smooth flow. Start with a pencil eyeliner as it is the best makeup for beginners for its steady flow and one-stroke application.

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9 ) Mascara

A must-have for eye makeup, mascara helps to thicken, give length, and define eyelashes. Who doesn't love big, long, curled eyelashes?

Apply a coat or two of mascara and use a curler to shape eyelashes. Your eyes would do all the talking!

Try: Maxlash Botanical Mascara - Black  

10 ) Kohl

The love of Indian females! Those big and bold eyes are everyone's love and wish. With the help of kohl, you can define and highlight your eyes while giving them a broad and big look.

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11 )  Brow Pencil

Our eyebrows are not even. Even the beautician can’t do it 100 % and this is why brow pencil is in our basic makeup list.

As a beginner, brow pencil is a good option over eyebrow powder or gel. It is easy to apply and glides smoothly. Do not overdo it, and keep the look soft.

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12 ) Lip Colour

A nude lip shade and a pop colour never fail. Nudes can be used for a day or office look, keeping makeup subtle and natural. A pop shade like red, pink, orange or berry is perfect for night or party time.

Try: Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer - Fuchsia Girl

13 )  Micellar Water and Cotton Pads

The most effortless way to remove makeup is by using micellar water and a cotton pad. Before going to bed, take off your makeup with the help of micellar water and follow the simple rule of CTM to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Try: Alcohol Free Micellar Cleansing Water

14 )  Makeup Brushes and Sponge

Foundation and other products must be applied using a sponge. A sponge helps in spreading the products evenly and absorbs the extra ones.

Brushes are essential for applying and blending powder-form products. Buy a blending brush, smudge brush, and an eyeshadow brush as these are things needed for perfect makeup.

The secret is not only to own the right ones, but also to keep them clean to avoid germs formation and transfer of the same on the face.

What makes makeup interesting is that it is not the same for all, but basics are all used by every makeup enthusiast. Start with investing in these makeup essentials for beginners and keep levelling up the game!

Written by Lotus Herbals