May 31, 2022

Five Reasons Serum Foundations are the New Hit

Serum foundations are all the rage these days. These bottles of goodness are packed with the nourishment of multiple skincare ingredients and do much more than provide foundation coverage to the skin. Serum foundations combine the excellence of serum and offer the perfect foundation coverage while being more hydrating, lightweight, and natural-looking compared to other foundations. Superfine pigments cover all flaws without settling in fine lines, offering a sheer and smooth finish.

For the longest time, we have had a multi-step skincare routine; strategically switching to a serum foundation will give you maximum benefits in a minimalist routine. Depending on the formulas of a makeup product, it can repair, hydrate, and protect the skin while providing flawless coverage.

Five Benefits of Serum Foundation

#1: Reduces your morning beauty regimen

Nowadays, skincare routines are so extensive that a beauty regimen can take forever. There are many products to include before actually getting to the makeup products - from cleanser, toner, and moisturiser to sunscreen, eye creams, and facial oils. A multitasking product becomes imperative if you have a hectic day ahead of you. If a single product can offer multiple benefits, you would switch to that rather than apply numerous products. Serum foundations like Lotus Makeup Intensive Serum Foundation are formulated to provide the skin with nourishing, hydrating, age-defying properties and SPF protection.

 #2: Impeccably Blends with your Skin

 Everyone has struggled with finding the proper coverage at some point in their lives. Full-coverage foundations tend to make dry skin look rough or old. At the same time, tinted moisturisers lack the formulation to provide oily skin with adequate coverage to last all day. Serum foundation is considered an ideal solution for various skin types as it allows for good coverage with a weightless texture, keeping it moist and hydrated for a long time. 

#3: Has a unique application that is buildable

The application of serum foundations differs from traditional foundations. Serum foundations like Lotus Makeup Intensive Serum Foundation are packed with the original serum dropper in a glass jar. They do not use foundation pumps. The dropper, also known as the pipette, offers extra control, which appeals to the highly buildable nature of serum foundation.

Thanks to weightless texture and extra application control components, serum foundation doesn’t get clumpy or cakey, giving a smooth and natural-looking coverage. 

#4 The SPF 20 in the serum foundation offers a layer of protection to the skin from UV rays 

Most serum foundations have SPF 20, which helps to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. This is non-greasy and provides comfort for the skin. In a single product, you get the benefit of multiple skincare products. 

#5 Allows the skin to benefit from some great ingredients present

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble ingredient that is an excellent source of antioxidants that help circulation on the skin. Vitamin E in the serum foundation boosts new skin cells’ regeneration by protecting your skin from free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin, keeping it relaxed. 


Introducing a serum into your skincare routine is excellent as it is a light product with a high concentration of active ingredients that takes care of specific skin issues. Serums penetrate to the deepest levels of the skin, ensuring targeted results by delivering powerful ingredients where they are needed the most. A serum foundation basically brings you the best of both worlds. It acts as a colour corrector while actually improving the flaws that lie beneath the skin as well. A serum foundation is a tinted product that offers coverage and is formulated to improve your skin using nourishing ingredients. These feel-good skincare products are a must-buy to make you look great on the outside and from the inside

Written by Lotus Herbals