April 29, 2023

The One and Only: Defining Your Look with Our Best-Selling Ecostay Kajal

Kajal is one makeup product that you can always go right with. A versatile product, every person wears it the way they like, whether glide it on the below waterline, tighline the eyes, or make a bold statement by creating thick lines. Eye kajal is a quick makeup – put kajal and nude lipstick for a day-to-day look or dress up for a breezy summer evening with cat-eye makeup and bold lipstick you can't simply miss putting on kajal.

It is a product we enjoy applying daily, whether there is an occasion or not, whether you are partying or laundering at home. Chances are, you are bored of wearing the same style every day, so define your look with some suggestions below, and don't forget to add your touch to them:

Winged look

Winged kajal is a simple look to achieve by creating some drama. Apply a smudge-proof kajal, Ecostay Longlasting Kajal - Black, as an eyeliner on the upper eye line from the inside out. Extend it upward as you move towards the outer side, making a flick. Thicken the line using small strokes to complete the look. This eye makeup will give a bold look to your formal attire, giving you a much more classic look. 

Tightline the waterline

It is the most simple look but gives a great impact by making the eyes appear bigger and fuller. Gently lift your upper lid and apply the best waterproof kajal on the upper waterline. Finish the look by using Proedit HD Mascara on the eyelashes,, and there you go, all set for a work day. It is a good-to-go look when you want to put on a no-makeup makeup look and subtly highlight the best features of your face. You would take time to master the art, but it is worth all the trials.

Reverse smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are one of the trendiest eye makeup of all time, and none could deny it. Whether you put it in fifty-shade of grey or any other colours, you can leave the audience in awe every time. As the name suggests, give the upper lid a pass and apply kajal for eyes, Colorkick Kajal - Black, for a reverse smoky eye, on the lower lash line generously. Once you have applied the kajal liberally, smudge it with a brush to soften the edges and achieve a smoky look. This look goes well with traditional attire, and also, the party animal in you will thank us for saving the day with the quick statement look!  

Semi-rimmed eyes

The classic rimmed look is to apply kohl on the upper and lower water lines, which outlines your eyes and draws attention towards them. This look appears loud to many, and a little tweak can make you fall in love with this one. Apply an intense black kajal on the upper waterline and eyelash line moving inside out. Now start applying the kohl on the lower waterline from outside, moving towards inside till halfway. Now, smudge the kajal with the help of a brush on the lower lid towards the inside, giving a fading effect to soften the overall look. This look can be your new favourite go-to-go look.

The colour burst 

No doubt, the best kajal for eyes is black, but you can play with colours to try a new look. A white kohl or nude brown on the inner waterlines would help to give the eyes a broader look. Some colours like deep blue, green, and purple subtly provide a little pop of colour. Blend some bright colours like red, peach, or pink with black kajal to add drama to the colours. You can also create multiple lines of kajal in various colours or any other colour with black. We leave this to your creativity, and we are sure the makeup artists in you would do the play of colours fantastically. 

Change how you look with these simple styles, and let the dm brim with compliments. While you try your hands on these styles, take note of do's and don'ts while using a kajal:

Quick Tips:

  • If you have watery eyes or wear contact lenses, always go for a smudge-proof kajal to avoid gliding of kajal or getting them on the lenses.
  • Keep your kajal private to avoid eye infections.
  • Wear off your makeup before going to bed so that the skin gets ample time to breathe and rejuvenate itself.
  • If you are applying kajal with complete makeup, apply foundation on the upper lid and eye area and conceal the dark circles to even out skin tone and make the makeup last long.

At Lotus Makeup, we always try to give you the best makeup products. Ecostay Longlasting Kajal – Black is a product recognised by Vogue Beauty 2022 as the best kohl pencil for its rich, long-lasting pigmentation, smudge-proof, transfer-resistant, and waterproof formula. Enriched with Jojoba oil, it is gentle on the eyes and gives a velvety smooth texture that will help you achieve the look in just one glide.
Written by Lotus herbals