December 21, 2022

All About Body Lotion: The Ultimate Guide

Winters are here, and while the cool air and cold weather calls for a cup of hot chocolate for the soul, your skin calls for some pampering. Winters typically lead to dry skin that requires extra care and handling to avoid dullness, dryness, and dehydration. 

In a situation like this, your best bet is a nourishing body lotion that soothes your skin and provides much-needed protection. While it is recommended to use a body lotion daily, it becomes indispensable in winter. Body lotion helps to  moisturize your dry skin and make it look plump and beautiful.

What are the benefits of using body lotion?

  • It provides the much-needed hydration

If you experience dry skin problems, a body lotion helps soothe the dryness and provides the right amount of hydration by forming a protective layer.

  • Soothes rough patches

When your skin fails to get the proper nourishment, it may lead to rough patches. These patches can get itchy if not treated well with body lotions.

  • Smoothes skin texture

Using a body lotion daily can give you smoother skin over time. You can instantly feel the difference after regular usage as the lotion stops  the  moisture from escaping from the skin by sealing the skin pores thus keeping the skin soft, hydrated, and soft.

  • Makes skin more elastic

Make sure to  massage your skin daily with a body lotion that is rich in ingredients required to hydrate the skin and restore skin suppleness. The regular dose of proteins and collagen help build the skin elasticity.

  • Provides sun protection

SPF body lotion is your best friend when you are heading out in the scorching heat and want to protect your skin from sun damage. This is due to the presence of certain natural ingredients that act as a shield protecting the skin from harmful rays of UVA and UVB.


How can you choose the best body lotion for yourself?

It is well known that every skin type is different, and for which different skin products are made. Similarly body lotions are also different for every skin type as the same body lotion wouldn’t work for everyone!


So how do you choose the best body lotion for yourself?

Well, the first step is to determine your skin type and then look for a body lotion that suits the requirements of that skin type.

Let's look at some common skin types and recommendations for body lotions for these.

  • Dry Skin

One of the most common skin types, if you have dry and itchy skin, opt for a body lotion that provides maximum nourishment. Lotus body lotion with almond nourishing properties works best for dry skin. Lotus Herbals Almond Nourish lotion that is enriched with the almond oil helps replenish & rejuvenate the skin and keeps the moisture intact. It delivers the skin with softness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and abrasions, making your skin look & feel luxurious. In addition, the SPF 20 gives much-needed sun protection.. This lotion if  applied regularly makes the skin soft, smooth and removes all the dryness from the skin.  

  • Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, it is highly recommended to use body lotion daily. However, a regular body lotion may work but you may need something lightweight that doesn't feel sticky after use. Lotus Herbals AloeSoft daily body lotion is perfect for those with oily skin. It provides the right amount of nourishment, maintains hydration for 24 hours and is extremely lightweight on the skin. It is formulated with Aloe Vera  to provide non-greasy, ultra-light, and long-lasting hydration and yet deal with dry and flaky skin..

  • Sensitive Skin

You may have sensitive skin if your skin reacts to certain chemicals in specific skin products. More often than not, this skin type is more prone to sun damage. Stepping out of the house without a protective layer on your skin can be the worst mistake. Get a body lotion like Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Protect that has SPF 25+ and protects your sensitive skin from harmful sun rays. Ingredients like the blend of Vitamin B3 and UV Filter control melanin and the calendula extracts in the sunscreen come with anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties that make the product suitable for sensitive skin. It also works on maintaining the pH balance of the skin, making it healthy and radiant.

  • Dull Skin

Dull and lifeless-looking skin may not be a pleasing experience, especially when you want to flaunt your arms or legs. Using a body lotion can help rejuvenate your skin and add a glow. With Lotus Herbals Whiteglow skin brightening body lotion, you can have a natural glow all over your body. What's more, this also provides sun protection!

How to use body lotion?

While there is no correct answer to the proper usage of body lotions, skin experts recommend pampering your skin regularly. While pampering may be time-consuming, applying some body lotion may save you some time. 

It is recommended that you use a body lotion over damp skin; this helps in a better application and provides a better result. Hence, the best time to use a body lotion would be after a shower, whether hot or cold.. The preferred method of applying a body lotion is squeezing the right amount on your palm and massaging your body with it.

Your body deserves much-needed care and attention regularly. Start with a body lotion and further add to your skincare routine. Body lotions are bound to provide the proper nutrition and other added benefits to your skin! Take this most important step for silky, soft, and smooth skin right away!

Written by Lotus Herbals