May 19, 2022

Anti-ageing Tips and Products to Make your Skin Look Younger

Who doesn’t want to look young forever with those natural rosy cheeks, plump and hydrated skin free from fine lines? Although with age our skin becomes thin and less elastic. Our sebaceous glands produce less oil, which can make the skin look dry and flaky. The cumulative effect of all these changes is an aged appearance. But there are steps we can take to help our skin look and feel younger. Read on to know some helpful tips and products that will help you slow down the ticking of the clock. 

Products and tips to stop signs of ageing

  • Double cleanse: 

Double cleansing is the new concept in skincare. It stands for cleansing the skin twice after a long day of wearing makeup. The first step is cleansing with micellar water to remove makeup and accumulated dirt and dust on the face. 

If the makeup is not removed properly, it can harm the skin cells and hamper their regeneration. Therefore, the second step of washing your face with non-alcoholic facial foam is essential. This added step will clear your skin, make it supple, and save it from ageing prematurely. 

Look for a facial foam with ingredients rich in antioxidants that help maintain skin elasticity and renew old skin cells.

  • Exfoliate: 

The skin cell turnover slows with age, making it even more important to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. Scrubbing would also help in reducing the dark spots and acne marks, giving you a healthy, smooth, and youthful-looking skin.  For maximum benefits, use an exfoliator with natural ingredients as it is gentle on the skin. Lotus Herbals YouthRx Active Anti Ageing Exfoliator has ginger and ginseng as active ingredients that are clinically proven to accelerate the process of skin lifting and firming. It is recommended to exfoliate once a week for best results.

  • Anti-ageing serum: 

An anti-ageing serum is imperative for skincare routine to keep the skin young. However, many people give it a skip. The concentrated formula boosts potent ingredients that work to reduce visible signs of ageing. 

Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Serum + Cream is an effective anti-ageing serum that brightens and tightens the skin. It renews skin cells to reduce visible signs of ageing. Apart from giving the benefits of a serum, it also hydrates the skin like a cream. 

  • Moisturising is the key: 

Moisturising is the key to flawless and forever young skin. As we age, the skin reduces sebum production, making it dry. You can even develop skin allergies and irritations if you don't moisturise your skin properly. 

When looking for the best moisturiser, ensure to read the list of active ingredients on the packaging. You can try Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Ageing Transforming Cream SPF 25 | PA+++ which has natural ingredients like ginger that protects skin from free radical damage, and ginseng that reduces visible signs of ageing. 

  • Never step out without sunscreen:

Harmful UV radiations can speed up the ageing process by breaking down collagen and altering elastin. This results in pigmentation, thinning of the skin,  and early signs of ageing. That is why applying a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or more is important to block UV rays from wreaking havoc on the skin. 

  • Apply a good eye cream: 

Eye cream is an integral step in an anti-ageing skincare routine. This is because skin ageing begins with the eye area, which is the most sensitive part of the face. The initial signs of ageing appear in the under-eye area as crow's feet, wrinkles, and fine lines. Therefore, you must apply an eye cream or gel every morning and night to reduce wrinkles and crow's feet near the eyes. 

We recommend using Lotus Herbals Youth Rx anti-ageing Eye Contour Crème. This cream is enriched with a higher concentration of revolutionary Gineplex compound and potent natural proteins that targets under-eye dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness.

  • Wear sustainable makeup: 

Just using the right skincare products would not completely do the job of achieving supple and youthful skin.  One also has to be careful about the makeup they use. Many brands in the market offer makeup with heavy claims. However, it is crucial to look beyond the glitter and shine and invest in sustainable and natural cosmetics. 

Chemical-free makeup does not harm the skin and provides it with the necessary nourishment. Look for brands that sell eco-friendly makeup as it would be beneficial for your skin in the long run. Safe and sustainable makeup does not age the skin, and you can wear them for prolonged hours without any concerns.

  • Remove makeup before bed: 

The skin cells heal and repair at night while you sleep. Therefore, following an anti-ageing nighttime skincare routine is essential to support this natural process.  A nighttime skincare routine includes face wash, anti-ageing serum and night cream. Night creams like Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Ageing Nourishing Night Cream hydrate your skin throughout the night so that you wake up to hydrated and dewy skin. 

In conclusion, by following the tips and product recommendations mentioned above, you can reduce the visible signs of ageing. Start investing in good anti-ageing skincare products & routines now and see the benefits yourself!
Written by Lotus Herbals