February 02, 2022

Best Home Facial Kits For That Bridal Glow


Your wedding is one of the most significant days of your life. While you may have ideas about your wedding attire, decor, food, etc, the real charm of that day comes from your natural glow. While your happiness does most of the work of bringing this glow to your face, some help may still be required to achieve that perfect look. We help you shine like a diamond on your special day with our bridal facial kits.

You may choose to go to a parlour and take on an intensive body polishing and facial regimen, but that may be expensive, and more often than not, unnecessary. You can achieve glowing and radiant skin simply with a home facial. 

Why choose a bridal facial kit?

A home bridal facial kit allows you to pamper yourself without spending time and money on expensive salon visits. You can spend your day enjoying with family rather than in a room with strangers, days before your wedding. But remember, facials are important. Facials provide the necessary relaxation to the skin, especially after the stress of planning and coordination. This gives freshness to your skin and brings out that much-awaited bridal glow. 

Choosing the right facial products before your big day is extremely important. You would not want a product to react with your skin, causing irritation, burns, or breakouts. Parlours may not understand your skin’s history and use certain ingredients which may cause harm. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a facial kit with ingredients that suit your skin. Lotus Herbals Bridal Kits are made with natural ingredients that relieves you of this stress too.

A bridal kit also makes a great gifting option. You can present it to your loved ones who are about to be a bride. If you are one yourself, you can have a night of pampering with your bridesmaids. They also make a great addition to your wedding vanity case. 

Best Bridal Home Facial Kits

Lotus Herbals has a history of offering skin products infused with natural ingredients. Elements such as 24 Karat Gold, Diamond dust, Bulgarian Rose, Kakadu Plum, Cinnamon, Almond, etc are the hero ingredients of our bridal kits, designed carefully for your radiant skin. 

Here are the best bridal kits by Lotus Herbals for you to get that much-desired bridal glow at home:

  • Radiant Bridal Glow Facial Kit: The Radiant Bridal Glow Facial Kit is a revolutionary home facial kit. Specially made for to-be brides, this facial kit consists of a five-step facial routine that can be easily done at home. The steps involved in the bridal kit are easy to follow and very simple to perform. The entire process does not take up a lot of your time, and the results would speak for themselves. With 24 Karat gold leaves infused in its activating serum that improves the complexion and youthfulness, this kit prepares your skin to glow on your big day.
  • RADIANT DIAMOND Cellular Radiance Salon Grade 4 FACIAL KIT:- The RADIANT DIAMOND Cellular Radiance Salon Grade 4 FACIAL KIT consists of cinnamon and diamond dust that works from within for an instant radiance. While the cinnamon reduces the appearance of scars, the diamond dust makes your skin glow like diamonds. It has an easy-to-follow process consisting of radiant diamond exfoliating cleanser, radiant diamond activator, radiant diamond massage creme, and radiant diamond mask. The bridal kit revitalizes your skin and makes it look fresh and glowing for your big day. It is mostly preferred by brides-to-be for an instant natural glow and deep nourishment of the skin.

  •   RADIANT GOLD Cellular Glow Salon Grade FACIAL KIT: The RADIANT GOLD  Cellular Salon Grade FACIAL KIT is an organic and natural facial kit, infused with the richness of 24 Karat Gold leaves in its activator along with the benefits papaya and horse chestnut. The bridal kit has a simple 4-step process that is very easy to follow and hardly takes an hour to complete. The 24 Karat gold leaves nourishes your skin by penetrating deep into the epidermis to give you a beautiful bridal glow at home.
  • Radiant Party Glow White Peony and Argan: Another offering by Lotus Herbals is their Radiant Party Glow facial kit containing white peony extract. White peony extract offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping your skin prepare for the heavy makeup on the big day. It is combined with argan oil which hydrates and nourishes your skin, leaving it smooth and moisturised. 
  • The first step in the process is the cleansing gel which cleans the skin by removing leftover makeup, dirt and excess oil from the pores. 
  • Next comes the DeTan polisher, which is a scrub that polishes the skin thoroughly and removes blackheads and whiteheads. 
  • The third step is the deep-cell activating serum, which is a gel that helps lighten dark spots by penetrating deep into the skin. 
  • Next is the brightening facial crème, which when massaged into the skin, relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation. 
  • The last step is using the algae peel-off mask. You can make your skin look fresh while maintaining that newly found bridal glow at home.


Investing in a home facial kit days before the wedding is a good idea not only for your skin but your pocket too. Achieve the desired results at your pace. Choose products that are crafted for your skin. Turn to our wide and exclusive range of facial kits and pick one as per your needs.

Written by Lotus Herbals