December 21, 2022

New to Retinol? Know All the facts about the Skin-Care Ingredient

The beauty industry is a wonderland where new magic happens all the time to make every one of us more and more beautiful. So, whenever you want to take a leap of faith for a better beauty product, the land of cosmetics hands over a secret potion or formula to us. Hence, when you try to remove the ageing lines and wrinkles at once, you probably get acquainted with a new miracle called Retinol. But if you're a newbie to this wonderworld of skin and beauty care, you must've felt the hype of this magical component. 

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  • What is Retinol?
  • What are the benefits of this magical potion?
  • Is Retinol for you?
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We know you're excited about retinol and its effectiveness. To get a lowdown about this lauded component, stick to us. 

Retinol- A New Magic Potion

If you’ve ever searched for exact active skincare ingredients, you must’ve gone through a long list which can make you confused and overwhelmed. You may have heard of different complex chemical components like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Hyaluronic Acids and many more, when it comes to skincare. In the list of skin care ingredients, retinol is one of the most common ones .  

Retinol is nothing but a derivative of vitamin A or retinoids which can blend to your skin effortlessly. The retinoid converts into retinoic acid by a complex oxidation process to boost the protein content of your skin. Retinoic acid cells are easily received by the skin receptors and remove fine lines and improve skin’s brightness. 

You must be surprised by the unreal power of this component, but trust us, it's a miracle of natural science. Well, as you know, Retinol is the derivative of Vitamin A, production of skin cells is one of the most important features. Therefore, it absorbs deeply into the skin cells deeply and induces collagen synthesis. Absorption of this component will lead to the development of new blood vessels in your skin. Plus, it reduces the chances of skin pigmentation. 

Find out the benefits of this magical potion

Now, retinol is used in different types of skincare products. But, why is this component hyped so much ? Let's find out what the fuss is about this magic component. 

Vanishes your fine lines 

When we consider anti-ageing formulas for our skin, retinol serum should be on the top of the list as it reduces collagen production and the formation of fine lines. The serum helps to thicken the skin layer. 

Get an even skin tone 

Those days were gone when we depended only on the de-tan scrub to get spotless but smooth skin. The retinol-rich serums are here to remove all fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Retinol will enhance collagen synthesis and give you a flawless complexion by smoothing rough spots on your skin.

Alleviate the dark spots

As all of you know, the overproduction of melanin can cause hyperpigmentation in your skin. And this only determines the skin tone. Therefore, going out in the sun is a critical concern for us in increasing pigmentation. To protect our skin complexion, we usually use products like aloe vera for sun tan. But now you have retinol-rich creams, also. With retinol-rich serums, melanin production is reduced in the epidermal layers, and the dark spots can be diminished. 

Remove the acne scars 

Is acne causing trouble to you? Retinol has got your back. It clears the skin pores and reduces dark spots, pimples, cysts, and blackheads. 

Is Retinol for you?

When you start to use retinoids daily, you may have witnessed some harsh effects on your skin.  In this period, you can witness severe acne breakouts and irritation. Stop before you rush to buy the Retinol serum, as people with sensitive skin might not tolerate the side effects of the Vitamin A rich products. 

In many cases, the cell turnover can increase rapidly, and as a result, you will find your skin flaky and irritated. To reduce any skin irritation, you can use a layer of Retinol over a moisturiser layer. On the other hand, we will suggest you not try any random retinol product without consulting your derma expert. 

Wow! An Alternative For You

You’ll be surprised to know that there’s a natural alternative of Retinol. It is Aloe Vera. Yes, you heard it right! It is your perfect alternative. Aloe vera for sun tan is a common hack for all of us. And guess what? If you’ve retinol sensitivity, aloe vera is one of the best alternatives.Safe Sun DeTan After Sun Cooling Matte Gel is one of the best aloe vera gels in the range of Lotus Herbals Skin Care products. The product can replenish natural moisturization and skin-brightening properties of aloe vera and papaya extracts. Plus, it can remove the sun tan from your skin. 


So are you planning to try out retinol serum?. You may be very excited to try out the new-age beauty solutions. But friends Retinol may not suit you. So take a few drops of the serum on your hand and massage it. Leave it for 24 hours on your hand if you have the slightest reaction. Better yet, consult your dermatologist before using it. So, brighten your skin with natural goodness and light up your world with your ultimate glow!

Written by Lotus Herbals