December 30, 2022

Say bye bye to flaky skin with Winter Skincare

Winter is finally here! While the weather could have gotten cool and pleasant, it could also mean an invitation to several skin issues like dry flaky skin, eczema and many more. The constant urge to keep the heater on, hot showers, calm winds, and lower humidity bring out the worst in our skin by stripping it of any moisture. However, our skin always signals that it needs extra hydration and nourishment, especially during winter. Lotus Herbals is well  acquainted with the feeling of dry, flaky skin and what’s required to manage it. Hence, we have curated a winter skincare blog to help you bid farewell to dry skin during winter and to help you with face creams and moisturizer recommendations for winter.

Steaming hot showers are a strict NO-NO

While steamy showers in winter are a haven for many of us, the epitome of peak comfort, it is one of the fastest ways to inflame and dehydrate your skin. Steamy hot showers strip moisture off your skin; hence try to maintain a neutral temperature of the water. While it can be slightly on the warmer end, avoid going full volcano to give your skin a chance to preserve its hydration.

Avoid rubbing your skin

It is pretty cold during winters and after bath, we are always in a rush to wear clothes . And in this process, we tend to wipe our face and body really fast in a rough manner with a towel. This harsh rubbing can add to the already existing dryness leading to a flaky, itchy, irritated skin. 

Moisturize vigorously

As soon as you’re done with a shower or have washed your hands or face, it is essential to moisturize before the skin retorts to its flaky self. Moisturizing vigorously must come with the added benefits of ingredients that nourish the skin by penetrating deep layers of the skin. Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Brightening Deep Moisturizing cream provides all the required nourishment to your skin as it consists of a breakthrough formulation making it the best fairness cream combing benefits of two products. The moisturizing cream provides replenished and plump skin, in addition, face crème also has skin-brightening properties. The SPF in this cream protects against sun exposure. Moisturizing your skin during winter is important because it locks in hydration and moisture to help you get through the harsh weather. We recommend you always re-apply moisturizes even after washing your hands. 

Hydrate from within as well

    While your outer body will be taken care of with moisturizers and lotions like Safe Sun Winter Care Combo that are rich in ingredients like Green Tea and Calendula Extracts that hydrates the deepest layers of the sin and improves the skin appearance. It works on the skin pH and delivers a powerful broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection with a smooth after feel. 

    Delve into nourishing skincare

      It is not only during winters that we must delve into nourishing skincare but year around as well. However, during winter, we must switch to skincare products that provide rich hydration to the skin.

      Ditch harsh foaming cleansers or soap bars with high pH levels, as their alkalinity will strip your skin of its natural protective barrier. This will cause the skin to become drier and more sensitive. If you have oily skin, you could use Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Skin Renewal Oil-Free Moisturizer, which is the perfect face moisturizer for oily skin.

      Don’t forget to moisturize your lips

        It is equally important to keep your lips moisturized during winter as your body and face. Flaky or dry lips are not only uncomfortable if ignored, but they can get painful too. The natural moisture from your lips is zapped by the dry winter atmosphere, leaving you with chapped and dry lips. Always carry a lip balm, like Lotus Herbals LIP THERAPY lip balm, to re-apply every time the nourishment wears off. This lip balm is available in multiple flavors, so you can pick the one you prefer. This is the best lip moisturizer providing unparalleled nourishment to your lips. 

        Winters and dry skin woes always go hand in hand. However with wonderful skincare products, one can minimize the effects of winter on the skin.  Are you thinking where to buy these hydrating winter skincare from? Login to Lotus Herbals online shopping where you can find a wide range of winter skincare products, from face moisturizers for women to hydrating lip care.

        Written by Lotus Herbals