May 29, 2023

What makes our Aloe Brightening Boost Gel the most loved?

The market is flooded with aloe vera gel-based products for the face! Some are in fancy packaging, and some come with fancier price tags, but most hide skin irritants like parabens and artificial fragrances. And we at Lotus Herbals, took dermatologists' and experts' advice to formulate the best aloe vera gel to nourish and brighten your skin. And here's what makes it better than all other available aloe vera products! 

Brightening At Lightning Speed

We combined the natural goodness of aloe with one of the most potent brightening ingredients in skincare - Niacinamide! Guess how many people observed a reduction in their dark pigmentation after using the Active Aloe + Niacinamide Brightening Boost Gel? 92%! So, consider this your sign to add this stunner to your cart! 

While pure aloe vera gels only hydrate the skin, this lightweight beauty with niacinamide stops skin cells from making more melanin (the brown pigment in your skin). As your melanin production is controlled, dark spots, tanning, and uneven skin tone fade and lighten to reveal brighter skin. 

A Blessing For Oily Skin 

It is no news that aloe is nature's best lightweight hydrator for the skin. Your skin drinks up the goodness and immediately gets a plump, youthful bounce without getting oily, shiny, and tacky. 

But this gel continues beyond hydrating the skin. The niacinamide in the formulation controls excess oil production. And makes your pores look tighter, giving a smoother appearance to the skin. 97% of people felt their skin was non-greasy and smooth post-application. 

Go With the Glow! 

Aloe hydrates the skin so well that it starts to glow from within. But the Active Aloe + Niacinamide Brightening Boost Gel takes it ten steps ahead! It is fortified with green tea - one of nature's most potent antioxidants. Pollution and environmental stressors make your body produce free radicals. Free radicals are super-aggressive molecules that damage skin cells. Thankfully, the antioxidants from green tea and aloe neutralize the free radicals and protect your skin cells. Enhancing the overall bling of your skin. 98 out of 100 users noticed enhanced glow within 15 days of usage! 

Keep Calm And Glam On! 

Aloe vera, green tea, and niacinamide have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that calm and soothe your skin to prevent breakouts, redness, and irritation. It is a one-stop solution to cool down skin exposed to the sun, pollution, harsh skincare, or salon procedures like waxing, threading, or laser treatments. They also have skin-purifying properties, further reducing texture, leaving skin soft and smooth. 

Better Barrier 

Your skin's natural barrier can get disrupted by pollution, harsh products, too much exfoliation, and dryness. Aloe vera hydrates, moisturizes, and speeds up healing. Niacinamide nourishes and strengthens the skin barrier. And green tea reverses the damage inflicted by pollution. They work together harmoniously to protect the skin barrier. Leaving skin moisturized and healthy while delaying the signs of ageing. 

One Product Army 

The gel has the brightening power of a serum, the hydration of a moisturizing gel, and the anti-ageing benefits of a green tea toner. With this aloe vera for skin in your skincare arsenal, you'll not need a tiring 7-step skincare routine to unlock your youthful glow. Layer it with a brightening sunscreen in the morning and a moisturizing face oil if your skin feels too dry.


Tata, Toxins!

Formulated carefully without skin irritants and toxins, the aloe brightening boost gel is a perfect choice for sensitive skin types. Most dermatologists suggest people treat their skin like sensitive skin, even if not. This prevents risks of allergies, inflammation, and irritation. It is also cruelty-free and vegan. 

3 Different Ways To Use The Aloe Brightening Gel 

  1. As A Moisturizer - After cleansing your skin with a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser, dot the aloe brightening gel onto your damp face. Then massage it into your skin to instantly brighten, plump, and moisturize it. 
  2. As A Brightening, Cooling Mask - Leave the jar in your fridge and cool your skin instantly by applying a thick layer of this wonderful gel. Use it whenever your skin feels tired or irritated. 
  3. As An Aftershave - Ditch the drying aftershave lotions now! Apply the aloe gel to give your skin a soothing TLC post-shaving session. It will hydrate, calm and prevent pesky rashes. 

Pick the best aloe vera gel from Lotus Herbals that fuses nature's goodness with science to do much more than traditional aloe gels. Pay for quality skincare, not smart marketing.
Written by Lotus herbals