Lotus Herbals party glow kit

Infused with White Peony and Argan Oil.
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Get naturally glowing, radiant skin with the Party Glow facial kit to revive dull and sun-damaged skin. It is enriched with natural ingredients, like white peony and argan oil to deeply nourish the skin and soothe suntan, sunspots, and sunburn.

  • Gives a flawless & perfect glow
  • Controls melanin formation
  • Restores & improves natural skin tone
  • Protects from suntan, inflammation & sun damage
  • Serum + oil combination deeply nourishes dry skin

It is a 5-step facial kit that includes 4-times usable tubes of paraben-free:

  • Cleansing gel (Net Qty - 10g)
  • Detan polisher (Net Qty - 10g)
  • Brightening deep cell-activating serum (Net Qty - 10g)
  • Facial cream (Net Qty - 10g)
  • Algae peel-off mask (Net Qty - 10g)

*Individual Product Weight as applicable

Lotus Herbals party glow kit


  • Deep Nourishment
  • Rejuvenation
  • Instant Natural Glow
Skin Brightening & DeTanning Facial

We believe in giving you the best

  • salon grade products


A detan facial kit comes with the goodness of ingredients that naturally help to reverse the effects of sun damage. Its easy 5-steps process helps to get a salon-like glow at home. The party facial kit lightens dark spots and deeply nourishes the skin to give it a glow like never before.

What is Detanning Facial Kit?

A detan facial kit works well on the skin to:

  • reduce the dark spots and suntan
  • lighten sun spots and acne spots to give a flawless skin
  • brighten the skin instantly for a party glow
  • clean pollutants and skin impurities like whiteheads and blackheads
  • even out skin tone and texture

About our Radiant PartyGLOW White Peony & Argan Oil Detanning Facial Kit

Lotus Herbals White Peony & Argan Oil detan facial kit is formulated to address the problems of dull and sun damaged skin. It is paraben-free and made using natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and nourish it, giving a radiant glow. The active concentrations and natural ingredients give a salon-like glow at home with a lasting effect. It comes with 5 potent products to give skin a party glow: cleansing gel, detan polisher, cell activating serum, brightening facial crème, and algae peel-off mask.

Ingredients used for our Radiant PartyGLOW White Peony & Argan Oil Detanning Facial Kit

  • Argan Oil has soothing properties that help the skin to heal faster. It is rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, and linoleic acids that deeply nourish the skin, keeping it soft and moistured all the time. It controls sebum production, keeping the skin away from breakouts, inflammation, and infections.
  • White Peony is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It reverses early signs of ageing caused by sun damage. It neutralises free radicals and promotes cell turnover, giving skin a flawless youthful glow. It reduces dark spots and pigmentation, giving an even tone to the skin.

Reasons to love our Radiant PartyGLOW White Peony & Argan Oil Detanning Facial Kit

  • It gives an instant party facial glow at home in 5 simple steps.
  • It cleans makeup and product buildup, pollutants, and impurities from the skin.
  • It gives radiance to dull skin and fights sun damage.
  • It reduces the effects of UV exposure on the skin and reverses early signs of ageing.
  • It deeply moisturises the skin and keeps it healthy and soft.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • It includes natural ingredients, and is paraben-free, preservative-free, and cruelty-free.


How to use?

    Step 01 

    Apply on your face & neck and massage in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water or clean it with moist cotton.

    Step 02
    Apply on the moistened skin & massage in a circular motion for 3-4 mins. Rinse thoroughly or clean with moist cotton.

    Step 03
    Take 5-7 drops, apply on the face and massage for 2-3 mins. Without wiping follow the next step.

    Step 04
    Massage on face & neck in a circular & upward motion for around 10-15 mins. Remove with damp cotton.

    Step 05
    Take 20g of mask & add 45-50ml water to it, mix it well. Apply immediately on face & neck, let it dry. Remove after 15-20 mins.

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