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Lotus Herbals Baby+ Combo Pack (Powder-100gm+ Soap-75g+Wipes-24N)

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"Powder -:• No Harmful Chemicals
• 100% Goodness
• 99.9 natural
• Pediatrician Recommended
• No preservative
• pH balanced
• Clinically tested
Soap -:• No Sulphates/ alcohol • Pediatrician Recommended • No preservative • Clinically tested Wipes -:1. Cleanses skin gently yet effectively
2. Soothes baby's skin
3. Leaves a protective barrier on the skin that helps prevent diaper rash"
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"Powder -:Lotus baby+ No-Talc Powder makes baby smell as sweet as can be. This natural, non-irritating & safe powder makes baby feel super-cosy. SAFE AS NATURE Wrap your bundle of joy in the pristine care of all things natural. Brought to life with handpicked ingredients sourced from rare plants, herbs and flowers. Lotus Herbals baby+ is as safe as nature itself. Go ahead and escape into a safe and enchanting world of giggles and squiggles with your little one. Additional information • No sulphate/alcohol • No synthetic colour and fragrances • No PEGs/phthalates • No mineral oil/petrolatum • No preservatives core deliveries • keeps skin soft,dry and comfortable with natural constract • non irritating,safe and Parben- free Soap -:Optimum nourishment with shea butter, Aloe Vera butter and olive Oil. Gently cleanses and leaves skin soft & supple. Wipes -:Lotus Herbals baby+ Gentle & Refreshing baby wipes are very soothing and ideal for cleaning hands & face and while changing baby's diaper . Thanks to Calendula & Green Tea extracts which keeps baby's skin delicately scented.Specially formulated for use right from the day baby is born."

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Direction of Use "Powder -:Apply baby powder to body and rub gently, being careful to avoid baby’s eyes. Soap -: Wipes -:1.Open the sealing sticker partially and pull wipes 2. Reseal after use. Kindly ensure the sticker is sealed firmly after every use to prevent drying out of wipes."
Size 200 gm
Ingredients "Powder -:Natural Corn Starch Keeps skin fresh & soft Talc-free, Preservative-free Tested for sensitive skin 99% Natural Soap -:shea butter, Aloe Vera butter and olive Oil Wipes -:Green Tea extracts , Calendula Extracts"


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