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Lotus Herbals Combo Pack - Safe Sun Men Advanced Sunblock SPF 30 PA+++ 100g & Apriscrub 60g

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"Men SPF 30• Protects from damage caused due to ultraviolet radiations
• SPF 30
• Battles with the environmental damage caused to skin
• Consists of mitigating and calming Balm Mint and Anise stimulant
• Can be used as post shave lotion
• Prevents pre-mature ageing and skin cancer
• Removes dirt from the skin and clean clogged pores
• Shields the skin from tanning
• Enhance skin radiance by removing dark spots
• Oil-free and non-greasy cream
Apricot Scrub
Suitable for all skin types
Provides fresh skin in just a few minutes
Helps to refine the skin
Efficiently cleans the clogged pores
Helps to remove blackheads from the skin
Removes the dead skin cells
Helps to get glowing and refreshing skin
Formulated with Elder Flower extracts, Walnut Shells, Glycerin and Cetyl Alcohol
Helps to restore moisture of the skin
Comes with skin softening and oil absorbing properties
Ideal for daily use
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"Men SPF 30Get rid of sun UVA and UVB radiations with Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN Men Advanced Daily UV Shield SPF 30 PA+++ that has been detailed in an adjusted manner remembering the extreme skin of men. It has PA+++ rating and the sun insurance variable of 30 alongside a few regular fixings including Balm Mint, Marjoram, Fenugreek and Anise concentrate that shields the skin from tanning and obscuring. It uproots the skin inflammation spots and dull spots and gives you a saturated, fed and sparkling skin. It is a standout amongst the best sunscreen in the business and shields skin from early ageing and skin disease. This cream is clinically confirmed to be mellow on skin and is most appropriate for all skin sorts. Block the solar radiations and protect the skin from ill effects of sun by using Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN Men Advanced Daily UV Shield SPF 30 PA+++ Apricot ScrubTo get a refreshed, soft and glowing skin, Lotus Herbals Apriscrub Fresh Apricot Scrub is an perfect scrub for all skin types. This is a unisex scrub and refines the skin efficiently. It is enriched with natural ingredients such as Walnut Shells, Cetyl Alcohol, Elder Flower extracts and Glycerin. It helps to remove the dead cells without affecting your skin. This scrub is effective to provide brighten skin by removing the blackheads from the skin. It cleanses the clogged pores in the skin and restores the moisture. This scrub comes with special oil absorbing and skin softening properties."

additional information

additional information

Direction of Use Men SPF 30Apply cream liberally Apricot ScrubApply all over face and neck, gently massage in circular movement for 5 minutes, more on black heads (avoid rubbing on pimples). Wash off with cold water.
Ingredients "Men SPF 30Fenugreek : Protects From UV Rays Balm Mint : Soothing & Calming Marjoram: Protects From Environment Damage Anise: Stimulant Apricot ScrubWalnut shell powder: Exfoliating agent, removes dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the skin Glycerin: Restores skin moisture Corn: Nourishes and cleanses skin Cetyl alcohol: Cream base ingredient Elder flower extract: Improves skin complexion, soothes irritation, antiseptic and softening properties Lanolin oil: Excellent emollient Apricot kernel oil: Good moisturizing, softening and skin absorbing properties, rich in skin conditioning vitamin E Calendula oil: Moisturizing and healing properties"
Size 150 gm
Size 150 gm

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