September 29, 2023

Step By Step Guide for Party Makeup Look

Dance away the weekend with a glamorous party makeup look, making you shine out of the crowd. The glittering evening calls for celebrating life with fun that would rejuvenate you for the week to come. Grab your LBD, high heels, and the magic makeup wands that will turn you into a diva rocking the dance floor.

As we hear that you are in a party mood, here we come with a step-by-step guide for party makeup to get you ready for the party. Get ready with us by following these simple steps and make the best of the times:

Prep the skin

The thumb rule is to prepare the skin first before applying any makeup products. Start with cleansing or double cleansing your skin, followed by toning and moisturizing the skin. Once the skin is clean, clear and nourished with moisturizing cream, it is all set for makeup application.

Prime the base

After cleansing the skin, apply a suitable primer to set the base for the makeup to adhere to, Proedit Silk Touch Luminizing Primer. Primers act as a base for the makeup, keeping it long-lasting and preventing makeup from slipping away. For normal to dry skin opt for high-nourishing crème primer and for oily skin opt for gel-based primers. 

Set the foundation 

Once you have primed the skin, apply a foundation suitable to your skin tone. Always opt for a foundation that is a tone lighter than your skin’s natural tone, like a foundation for dusky skin would be different from the foundation for other skin tones. As we are talking about party makeup, mattifying foundations are a no-no. Go for serum or cream-based foundations that give you a glossy makeup look, Ecostay Intensive Serum Foundation.

Conceal and contour

Apply a concealer to hide spots, dark circles, blemishes, and pigmentation. Apply concealer on the affected area and blend it with the help of a brush or a sponge, ECOSTAY Insta Hide Crème Concealer. The next step is to contour or sculpt the face, highlighting the high points of your face, like jawline, cheekbones, nose, temples, and forehead.

Before you add colours 

Before moving further, swipe a dash of pressed powder to finish the base for the makeup. It will help to keep the makeup in place and give a finished look to the makeup so far. It provides a smooth finish to the makeup and adds the right glow to your face. Try Lotus Make-Up Proedit Silk Touch Perfecting Powder from Lotus online shopping to get the best pressing powder suitable for your skin tone and type. 

Set the brows

Define and sculpt your brows and fill in the sparse spaces with a brow definer to achieve bold and natural-looking brows, Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer BD-2 Natural Noir. Thick and well-defined brows are in fashion. Use gentle and short strokes to fill the empty spaces. Strokes provide a natural look, adding an illusion of thick eyebrows. No doubt they give a stunning look to the face.

Eye makeup

What we believe is that eyes draw the attention of people. With many trends in eye makeup, smoky eyes are the best wear for parties. Get a khol black, grey, or deep blue eye shadow with a little glitter for the smoky eyes, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow - Moon Night. Apply a high-definition liner, COLORKICK Eye Liner Smoky Affair CL04, smudge-proof kajal, Ecostay Longlasting Kajal - Black, and high volume mascara, Maxlash Botanical Mascara - Black, to perfect the smoky eyes look.

Make the cheeks blush 

Adding a blush to your face is a pure work of magic. A little colour highlighting your cheeks gives a glowing look to your face. Add the blush to the apple of your cheeks, temples, and nose for the perfect flush of healthy-looking skin. It highlights the high points of your face and reflects light to give a glowing and healthy look, Ecostay long-lasting silky-smooth blush.

The pout

Pick tones of warm red, cherry, or burgundy to finish off your makeup for the party. Before applying lipstick, put lip balm to moisten the lips and avoid drying and choppy lips. Once the lips are moistened, apply a lipliner to define the shape of the lips. Now, fill in the lips with a lip shade of bright red tones to finish off the perfect party look, Proedit Silk Touch Gel Lip Color.

Fix the makeup

Once the makeup is applied, it is time to lock in the look with the help of a makeup fixer. It will make your makeup last longer and minimize the need for frequent touch-ups. Use Finish-Up Dewy Makeup Fixer And Mist from Lotus online shopping and enjoy the party hassle-free!

In just some simple steps, you are party-ready! We hope you will love the end result and enjoy the time as it should be. 

Written by Lotus Herbals