May 03, 2021

Get Perfect Glow with Lotus WhiteGlow

Lotus WhiteGlow range is a brand new range of cosmetic products made by us. It is a one-stop solution for everyone who is looking for flawless skin. As we know, Radiant skin is supposed to reflect your inner spirit, which is lively and joyful, and skin brightening creams from our Lotus WhiteGlow range can help you get the best skin possible. We are sure that you must have heard a lot about the skin-tone lightening creams, but their benefits include a variety of other things as well, and in this article, we are going to talk about these benefits of skin brightening creams. 

Used to treat dark spots and to give the user a brighter complexion, our WhiteGlow range is said to be quite nourishing and complementing for the skin. Thus, it often results in the betterment of several skin features that the user is not sure about. First, let's take a general look at the working a skin-brightening cream:

How does it work?

Most of the work that you see being done by a brightening cream is the result of the ingredients present in it. The main principle of these ingredients is to completely decrease the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin, as many would say, is a chemical that is responsible for the pigmentation in the skin.  

In addition to that, hydroquinone is yet another ingredient that is mixed up in almost all of the skin lightening cream. Vitamins such as vitamin C also become an important ingredient in this matter. Vitamins are responsible for nourishing the skin and helping them retain water for longer, thus preventing dry skin. 

Why should you opt for the WhiteGlow range?

  • Covers all the Aspects of Skincare
  • In order to maintain a radiant and glowing skin, you need to have a proper skincare routine that can help your skin cells get the nourishment that they require. In our WhiteGlow range, you are going to find a Skin brightening creme, a deep cleansing skin brightening facial foam, a skin brightening serum, and in addition to that, there is also a night creme. So, all-in-all, it can be a perfect one-stop solution for you. 

  • Nourishes Skin
  • This is a rather medical benefit that is attached to the use of skin brightening creams. Due to their vitamin content, the application of skin brightening cream over your skin can certainly help your skin cells retain water for a longer time. Hence, this helps them extract most nutrients as well as prevent dry skin. 

  • Removes Dead Skin
  • Are you worried about your acne scars or dark spots? Well, a brightness cream can very easily help you get rid of it. Thanks to the glowing and nourishing benefits of skin lightening cream, it helps in replacing the dead skin cells with new ones.

  • Made from All Natural Ingredients
  • At Lotus Herbal, we are proud of the fact that our customers trust our products. And in order to insure that trust, we make sure that our products are of high-quality and are made of natural ingredients. Our WhiteGlow range is a perfect candidate to prove that. You can indeed use it on your skin without any worry.

  • Easy Application
  • This is probably the one benefit of skin lightening creams that makes them a great alternative for a number of skin-related cosmetic surgeries or treatments. You can very easily use them without any commitment. Though they are quite easy to apply, you should always read the guidelines present on the packaging before doing so. On that, you'll find the best possible way of using the creams. 

  • Lower chances of skin problems
  • Skin problems tend to be a major deal breaker. Though there is nothing wrong with skin problems, the fact that they later go on to become the root cause of other problems like dry and flaky skin makes them a serious topic to deal with. Thus, by warding off any unwanted complications in your skin, the use of a skin brightening cream from our WhiteGlow range can easily help you get that confidence which you deserve.

    As discussed in these points, the use of skin brightening cream is not necessarily just restricted to skin lightening. It helps in many other ways also. This is also what the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Brightening Ritual Combo is to go as well. The range contains all the essential items that you would require in your skincare routine like the 3-in-1 facial foam, facial cream, skin brightening serum as well as the night cream. Not only that, but they are made up of  natural ingredients that can help you sustain that youthful look. Not only will it leave glowing skin behind, but it will also act as a security from the outside pollutants. It has a gel base that is rapidly absorbed by the skin and can easily control the production of oil.

    We seriously hope that this article showed you the unexplored side of skin brightening  creams. However, it is also important for you to keep the guidelines in your mind while applying the cream.  

    Written by Lotus Herbals