June 22, 2021

Guide To The Best Face Scrub In India

While we’re all obsessed with having effortlessly flawless & glowing skin, the care and struggle behind keeping the skin that way is the actual task. While facial cleansers effectively remove dirt, oil & makeup, your skin requires something more potent to tackle the dead skin cells. 

Here we introduce you to Face Scrubs- an additional step to your elaborate skincare regime. Unfortunately, while some people love the idea of using Face Scrubs, some people avoid using it. 

What is a Face Scrub, and why should we use it? 

Face Scrubs come in handy when we have to get rid of the old and dead skin cells, making way for the new ones. An excellent & effective face scrub gently exfoliates the skin and helps to pace up cell generation. 

Upon regular exfoliation, our skin starts to look and feel younger & radiant. Since the dead skin cells are buffed away, it allows your skincare products to penetrate deeply and work more effectively on the skin. 

What type of face exfoliant is best for me?

While there are plenty of face exfoliants available in the market, you should go for the one that suits your skin type. A harsh face scrub is not recommended for any skin type as it may aggravate the existing skin conditions. 

The Best Face Scrub According To Skin Type

Best Face Scrub for Oily Skin- 

For people with oily skin type, a gel-based face scrub would be the most suitable one. It controls excess oil production and delivers a healthy matte finish to the skin. 

Best Face Scrub for Dry Skin-

If your skin type is dry, you should go for a creamy face scrub. A cream-based face scrub is gentle, nourishes the skin, and eliminates dead skin cells, delivering soft and smooth skin underneath. 

Best Face Scrub for Combination Skin

If your skin neither feels too dry or too oily, you have a combination skin type. For this, a foaming face scrub works well. It removes the dead skin cells and also controls the excess sebum production, mattifying the skin. 

Best Face Scrub for acne-prone Skin

People with acne-prone skin should always go for a face scrub that does not have any harmful ingredients that may cause a skin reaction. Instead, choose mild ingredients that are incredibly gentle for the skin. 

Best Face Scrub for Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin should opt for face scrubs that are incredibly gentle for the skin and not abrasive at all. It is always recommended to do a patch test before trying the product for your skin. 

The Best Face Scrub In India

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Absolute Anti-Tan Scrub

The Lotus Herbals Absolute Anti-Tan Scrub is uniquely crafted using natural ingredients like turmeric, walnut, and strawberry extracts to exfoliate your skin off dead cells and tan to reveal brighter and youthful skin. In addition, the Anti-Tan Scrub gently & effectively reduces the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation, making your skin flawless after every wash. The Scrub is suitable for all skin types and provides complete protection from harmful UVA Rays, which is the primary cause of skin tanning & pigmentation issues. 

Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Brightening Oatmeal & Yoghurt Scrub

The Skin Brightening Scrub, infused with the goodness of oatmeal and yoghurt enzymes, offer a gentle exfoliating action to remove dead skin cells effectively. These enzymes help get rid of the dirt, impurities, blackheads and whiteheads from the pores, imparting sheer glow and leaving the skin clean, clear and spotless! In addition, Oatmeal hydrates your skin and locks in moisture, preventing the skin from tanning and ageing. 

Lotus Herbals APRISCRUB Fresh Apricot Scrub

The Lotus Herbals Apriscrub Fresh Apricot Scrub works efficiently to rejuvenate & refine the skin texture. It is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients such as Walnut Shells, Cetyl Alcohol, Elder Flower Extracts and Glycerin. The Apricot Scrub removes the dead skin cells & blackheads, cleanses the clogged pores and restores the skin moisture. In addition, it comes with oil-absorbing and skin brightening properties to achieve fine skin texture & soft skin. 

Since your face is one of the most sensitive body areas, it requires the most attention. Regular exfoliation with a face scrub is the perfect way to remove dead skin cells, revealing healthy & youthful skin. 

Maintain an excellent double-cleansing routine by assorting a thorough cleanser and facial scrub that can detoxify, unclog pores & eradicate all traces of dirt, dust & pollutants. 

Written by Lotus Herbals