September 13, 2021

13 Must-Try Lipstick Shades to Suit Indian Skin Best

Lipstick is to women what flower is to bees. Lipsticks are the part of makeup that highlights one’s beauty and gives a perfect Instagram pout. Isn’t it?

People tend to pick lip shades with a perceived mind of the suitability of tints to their skin tone in general. If we talk about Indian skin tone, it's always red and deep pink. They barely go for a profusion of lipstick shades available for Indian skin.

We are here to break the barrier in the minds of many women out there. Believe us, you will fall in love with these latest lipstick shades and would not look back to the cliché tones ever again.

Check out our best lipstick shades to make you an everyday diva:

1) Proedit Silk Touch Matte Lip Color - Bare Nude


Skin Colour Lipstick

This skin colour lipstick shade by Lotus Makeup is for everyday wear. It suits every skin tone and looks great on Indian skin tones. Wear this to accentuate your office look or dazzle the brunch party. 
The creamy texture and olive butter infusion in the lipstick gives you a smooth and uncrackable look. It keeps your lips hydrated and lasts long. All these things make it the best nude shade lipstick.

2) Lotus Ecostay Lip Colour Wine Fiesta

Trending Lipstick Shades

Go bold with this trending lipstick shade in a deep wine tone. This shade is simply amazing, and you will be wowed by the way it highlights your beautiful lips.

It contains jojoba oil and vitamin E to keep your lips from drying out. It glides easily on lips and comes in crayon texture and buildable colour payoff.

3) Colorkick Exfoliating & Hydrating Lip Sugar SPF 20 – Coral

best lipstick shades for Indian skin tone

This is the colour you would want to eat! This has lip balm healing properties to keep your lips chap-free and gives them the sheen they require to shine out.
This is one of the best lipstick shades for Indian skin tone and a must-have in every Indian wardrobe. You can wear this shade right from parties to the workplace while keeping your lips hydrated all the time.

4) Lotus_Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Colour - Purple Chic

Best Nude Shade Lipstick
This is one of the best lipstick shades by Lotus Makeup. It is smudge-free and transfer-proof. It does not bleed and does not cause a stain. It is weightless and lasts long. Moreover, it is preservative-free and consists of vitamin E and bilberry extract providing you with antioxidant properties. 
Talking about the colour, it is one of the best lipsticks for Indian skin to suit all occasions. What more does one need?

5) Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Colour - Coral Crave

Skin Colour Lipsticks

This lip shade, with the goodness of bilberry extracts, is the best nude lipstick for medium skin. Ecostay range by Lotus Makeup is velvety smooth and soft and glides easily on lips. 

It is an excellent option for everyday wear and for girl time out. Take it on your vacation or wear it to work; it will highlight your features and let your face glow.

6) Proedit Silk Touch Gel Lip Color - Bronze Buzz

Best Nude Shade Lipsticks

Enough of nudes and daily wear shades of lipstick in your vanity box. It's time to add some glamour to it. Check out this sensational gel brown lipstick shade for Indian skin, and be ready to rock the party!

This range comes with super-premium metallic shades that will make you feel nothing less than Aphrodite. The shimmer to basic lip colour suits Indian skin tones best, and our best bet is Bronze Buzz.

7) Lotus Makeup Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color Passionate Pink

Pink Matte Lipstick

Talking about the best lipstick colours and not counting in pink? We are not committing this crime and introducing you to a stunning tint of pink. This shade is not your usual pink and has a nice deeper touch, making it lipstick shade for girls too.

It has a triple lip conditioner, buttery matte formula, and rich deep colour for the perfect lips.

8) Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss - Cashmere Silk

Lotus Herbals Lip Plumper

A tone that is brown, but not so brown, Cashmere Silk by Lotus Makeup is the latest lipstick shade in trend. The earthen tone colour gives a rich opaque colour for the perfect pout.

It comes in liquid to give your lips a plumpy look with a shine for an instant enhanced lip look. It lasts long and is highly pigmented which gives you a rich colour with a finished look.

9) Ecostay Butter Matte Lipstick - Red Rave

Best Liquid Lipstick

A single stroke of this richly pigmented colour will instantly put a glow on your face. This is the colour your lips will love to wear and give you a wow factor.

Ecostay lipstick has a nourishing matte formula enriched with the goodness of jojoba oil and shea butter. It lasts really long, and guess what, it is smudge-free. Not only these, but it is also transfer-proof and loaded with benefits of Vitamin E and B-complex.

10) Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Colour - Orange Dream

Best Lipstick Color for Indian Skin

Orange is one lipstick shade that most Indian women would skip fearing its suitability with the complexion. 

Trust us, this is the best lipstick colour for Indian skin as it blends well with our warm skin tone and instantly brightens the face. It is a cream-based skin colour lipstick that gives you a smooth, matte, and long-lasting effect.

11) Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss - Sun Kissed Beige

Lip Plumper Gloss

How about a long-lasting lip enhancer shiny lip shade? We know it’s a yes and let’s break the rules of boring nudes. Give a try to this paraben-free shade from Lip Plumper Range by Lotus Makeup.

It is loaded with capsicum seed extracts that are rich in vitamins A and C to protect your lips from harmful UV rays. The sugar goodness keeps lips soft and damage-free.

12) Proedit Silk Touch Matte Lip Colour - Silky Rouge

This latest lipstick shade by Lotus Makeup comes with shea butter and a high impact payoff. It is super pigmented, lasts long, and is easily applicable.
The colour name says it all, Silky Rouge - a lipstick colour for Indian skin. It is a sophisticated lip colour to suit every Indian skin and accentuate the lip shape with a matte lipstick.

13) Ecostay Butter Matte Lipstick - Magenta Mist

Lotus Herbals Pink Matte Lipstick

If you are looking for deep nourishing lipstick with a buttery finish and velvety matte, this one is for you. It is enriched with shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to keep your lips hydrated all the time and gives you no more cracks and chapped lips.

The Magenta Mist colour is among the best lipstick colours for people with fair to medium complexion. All you need is to carry it confidently and flaunt your gorgeous look.

We hope that we gave you enough reasons to ditch the regular lip colours and wear latest lipstick shades confidently. Tell us which one you are going to pick next to add more colours to life?

Written by Lotus Herbals