August 26, 2021

25 Best Party Makeup Looks to Steal the Show

Be it a simple cocktail party or a wedding invitation, deck yourself up with the most trending makeup looks. Are you confused about which look to choose even after so many make-up tutorials and following the fashion influencers?

Well, we have the perfect guide to help you to get the desired look with some gorgeous make-up looks. Let us check out!

1) Smokey eyes: Less is more

Smokey eyes will never go out of fashion as makeup for the wedding. Use a black or grey eye shadow, then draw a thick line with eyeliner, and apply kajal. Smudge the kajal a little, and you are done!

2) Go bold, go gold!

Apply bronze or golden eyeshadow, eyeliner, kajal, and mascara. Highlight your cheeks with a golden highlighter; less or more, as you want. Wear a shade of pink lipstick that suits your complexion the most.

3) Gold rich smoky eyes

Just take the smoky eyes to another level with this easy party makeup look tip and use a glittery golden eyeshadow. A lovely maroon shade in lipstick would look gorgeous with this look.

4) Purple wonder

Do not forget to add glam with a bit of mascara after you have used a dark shade of purple eyeshadow. Apply a little silvery eyeshadow in the middle and use false eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger.

5) Messy yet gorgeous

Bronze eyeshadow and winged eyeliner look heavenly. Go for a messy bun and let some tresses hang loose. Do not worry about going wrong with this marriage makeup, and let your lovely outfit increase the oomph factor. Add a bit of black or grey matte eyeshadow on the inner eyes to look glamourous.

6) Colourful rainbow: the fun look

Use vibrant eye colours like green, yellow, orange and blue for a confident look. It is possible to create a distinctive look by using a single or a mix of colours. A colourful attire will be pitch-perfect to go with this look.

7) Finish off a metallic look

Makeup with a gorgeous metallic finish is a quick and easy way to add drama to your look. Metallic cosmetics can be used on your face, lips, cheeks, and even your brows. Don’t forget to make the best use of your mascara to make wedding makeup stunning.

8) The subtle and dewy look

Use base makeup with primer, concealer and foundation. Apply a bright blush to the cheeks for an extra dewy but natural-looking finish. This look is all about minimalist make-up and concealing any spots on the face.

9) Rosy lips and more

With black mascara on your eyes, apply a rosy-coloured cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend it up and out into your cheekbone and temples. Leave your hair open to compliment the makeup for the marriage party.

10) Brown affair

Eyeshadow in different shades of brown looks fabulous for a daytime getaway. Use only kajal on your waterline and smudge it a little. Wear lipstick in rose colour or red to get a bright look instantly.

11) Playful lips

Trying out new shades of lipstick is a challenge, but if you are confident, any colour would look lovely on you. Use a lipstick of your choice and put some glitter on your lips. This will look playful, and you can do without any further makeup.

12) Defined eyebrows

Let your brows grow properly, and then remove only the extra hair. Though the trend of thick eyebrows is nothing new, it is a great way to play with eyeshadow looks this season. Well-defined eyebrows draw attention to your face. So, define and fill them in well.

13) Nude look with a tinge of peach

This makeup for a marriage party or an engagement evening is effortless. Use a light peach shade in eyeshadow evenly after a base make-up. Put a lipstick of a light shade. Get hold of peach or fuchsia rouge and apply it to your cheeks.

14) Beady beady

Stick to ornamental pearls and beads along the line of your eyeliner to get a pearly look. This is one trend that suits every makeup. Thicken your eyelashes with heavy dashes of mascara, and you are done!

15) Pastel shades for a subtle look

Apply pastel eyeshadow stick directly on eyelids and use it as a foundation colour too. Finish off with duo-chrome or shimmer hues in the inner corner to brighten the eyes.

16) Cat eyes and bold lips

Winged eyeliner, mascara and a bold lip colour give you an extremely gorgeous party makeup look. Make them look a little bolder by highlighting your nose and cheeks.

17) No more black eyeliner

Be it a simple bridal makeup or a party look, swap the typical black eyeliner with golden, blue, brown or any other colour eyeliner. Glittery eyeliners also look great when paired with a perfect lip colour.

18) Berry, berry pout-licious lips

Deep-hued lips are popular, and berry tones are sweeping the globe off. As a result of its global appeal, the colour berry may be regarded as an X-factor in your makeup look. Stick to a bun and simple eye makeup to enhance the lip colour.

19) The out-of-bed look  

As the style goes, it is quite a messy yet sassy makeup look. Stick to basic nude makeup with peachy cheeks and eyeshadow. Apply only gloss and keep your hair ruffled and tied in a top bun or a ponytail. Effortless and worth it!

20) Make a statement with an underliner

Have no time? Get a quick and smart look by highlighting your under-eye line with a bright eyeliner. Wing it properly and longer as it will look quite dramatic. Apply mascara and a little rouge to enhance the party makeup look.

21) Tinted cheeks

Be it pink, rose, peach or brown, doing your cheeks properly heightens your entire look. Do not overdo it, but keep it subtle. Apply the best shade that suits your skin tone and complete your look with heavy eye makeup and lipstick.

22) Made-up freckles  

Although freckles are a western trend, it is fast catching up with Indian women. Stick to a simple base makeup and make false freckles on your upper cheeks and nose. Do this at the end of your makeup.

23) Flushed pink

Another ongoing trend is the 'flushed look'. Here, you keep your party or wedding makeup look simple and natural and use a pink rouge on your cheeks and nose. This makeup looks the best on a fair skin complexion.

24) Long lashes and thin eyeliner

If you want the concentrate on your beautiful eyes, then this is the best party look makeup for you. Use falsies and apply mascara on them. Draw a thin line with black eyeliner, and you will be slaying the look in a while.

25) Glossy lips

Apply a base lip colour and then a single coat of nude lip gloss. Accentuate the look with a bright eyeshadow to make your eyes bolder. A simple style that is never fading out!

Whether you want to opt for simple bridal makeup or a glittery one for a dinner date, you now have a list of options. You do not require any tutorials to try out these traditional and modern styles.

What are you waiting for now? Get going, feel awesome!

Written by Lotus Herbals