December 29, 2021

5 Essential Makeup Products for the Festive Season

With the approach of the festive season, it is the busiest time of the year when we have countless events and parties. You scour the stores and spend hours perfecting your festive outfits. There is no festival without some much-needed bling. Therefore, it is high time to start thinking about the necessary makeup items for the season.

It is only during the festivals when you can bring out the personality of a glam queen. But, unfortunately, wearing your makeup for long hours during the hot and humid weather makes your face oily if you fail to invest in the right makeup products and tools.

We will help you prepare the best makeup kit for the upcoming festive season through this article. Hence, we chose some essential makeup products to help you create a glowing and oil-free look and make you stand out from the others.

Long-wear foundation

The best starting point for creating any beauty look starts by achieving your flawless and natural-looking skin. You can start by using your foundation in the right way. While creating a perfect makeup look for the festive season, you need to use the base more, as it is essential for the skin. Application of foundation gives your makeup a flawless look and shine to the skin

When it comes to using foundation for regular use, most of us prefer to go for our lightweight favorites. However, when you are busy meeting people and looking the best, makeup experts recommend investing in a more heavy-duty-based foundation, especially during the festive season. If you are looking for a product that you can use in the morning and offer better coverage during a festive event, foundation matte skin tone is an excellent choice. This foundation does not require much effort and powder to make it stay on your skin for longer.

Heavy-duty concealer

Concealer is another essential makeup product that your vanity box must have. It helps in concealing the blemishes and creating a base for eye shadow. If you use a concealer, setting it in place using a loose powder, you can achieve a fresher and youthful look at your eye surface. Concealer knocks out the discoloration around the eye area, making them look awake and younger.

Experts recommend choosing a heavy-duty concealer to cover up all the imperfections during the festive season. Choose a brand that offers a wide color range and get the perfect one for your skin type. In addition, you need a concealer that would camouflage the problem areas. While purchasing your heavy-duty concealer, you must look for a concealer that has a creamy texture and lasts longer, even in hot and humid weather.

Eye shadow palette

Application of eye shadow adds depth and dimensions to your eyes, compliments your eye color, and makes your eye look more prominent. Adding a shimmery eye shadow in the center of your eyelids is an excellent way to alleviate your eye makeup. It also makes your eyes awake and lively. Invest in the best eye shadow palette containing both the shimmering and matte eye shadow for covering all the festive events this season, especially those that take place during the night. Furthermore, the shimmery shades pair beautifully with the matte shades, with which you can create endless makeup looks.

The key requirements for your best eyeshadow palette include a creamy texture, lasting powder, and little to no fallout. Fallout is the worst thing, as it creates a mess on your face. So, while you have very little time to get ready for a party or an event, the fallout is the essential thing you need to look at.

Eyeliner to create the perfect wink

If you want to achieve the perfect festive look, eyeliner is crucial. Eyeliners emphasize your eyelids and change the perceived shape of the eyes. You can make your eyes appear rounded, large, and sharp, depending on your mood. If you know how to apply makeup, you can easily lift your face, appearing more youthful and energetic. Whether you want to create a minimal look or try to accentuate your beautiful eyes by going for a fishtail, thick-winger, winders, or graphic arrow style, your eyeliner is an essential part of your vanity box.

While pitch-black eyeliners are a statement for glam eye makeup, you can create a unique look with your shimmery eyeliner. It amps your makeup look, as the shimmering hues flatter all Indian skin tones. Undoubtedly, your shimmering eyeliner is perfect for your festive look.

To create a glam eye look, you can also include waterproof mascara and a kohl pencil. Do not forget to invest in a good quality waterproof mascara. Choose a mascara in a pitch-black color that does not fall off easily. You will come across various kohl pencils in the market, making it hard for you to choose a new one for the festive season. However, the best kohl pencil is one that does not smudge even after a whole day's outing.

Lipstick for the perfect pout

Lipstick is undoubtedly a go-to makeup, whether you need a quick fix or a much-detailed party look. It is a must-have makeup that instantly changes your face from looking drab to diva. Lipstick defines your lips and brightens your smile when choosing the correct shade.

To make your lips shine brighter during the festive season, go for a lovely matte lipstick. It offers better coverage, and due to its matte finish, it lasts longer. Whether you need to attend an event during the day or night, you can always go for a brown matte lipstick. Choose a brand that comes with a non-drying texture and offers excellent color and coverage to your lips.

To make your lips more glamorous, you can invest in a good quality lip gloss. Lip-gloss leaves behind sparkling, youthful, and fuller lips that render your appearance.


We hope that the checklist helped you get all the essential makeup products to create the most desired festive look. Be a diva and enjoy the festive season in your new look!

Written by Lotus Herbals