March 29, 2022

6 Tips to Help You Remove Makeup Easily & Efficiently

Consider the following scenario— you've just returned home from a crazy girls' night. What is the first thing you do? Get ready for bed? You probably start by changing into pyjamas and brushing your teeth. Then go about taking off your makeup. It is typical for us girls to reach out for a wet wipe and start wiping right away. It may feel like your skin is makeup-free, but how do you know? But the catch here is that wipes are not suitable for your skin. Yes, it is the easy way out and the better option compared to sleeping off with makeup. But is it worth the long-term consequences? The answer is a confident no. Keeping your skin clean and healthy is essential, so we've listed some helpful tips to remove makeup the right way. 

But first— 

Why Is It Necessary to Remove Makeup Before Sleeping?

We've all had exhausting nights when we're super tired, and even thinking about washing the face, let alone using makeup remover, feels like a burden. Sometimes, we even risk it and fall asleep with makeup only to wake up to a pillow looking like a piece of abstract art. What you can't see or feel is the impact on your skin. Here are some crucial reasons why removing makeup before sleeping matters. 

It can make your skin appear dull— The fantastic makeup products that camouflage the blemishes can settle in overnight, leaving your skin completely dry. It can also speed up the age clock, making you look older than your actual age. 

It can trigger breakouts— Sleeping with makeup compromises the functionality of your skin's protective layer, i.e., natural oils. Makeup residue can collide with natural oils and cause the pore to clog, leading to acne and breakouts. 

It can work against your night creams— Sleeping masks, anti aging products, or any other night creams cannot serve their purpose if you have makeup residue. It can put your night skincare efforts in jeopardy. Plus, top-class night creams, overnight hydrant masks, anti-aging products do not come easy on the wallet. So, this means you will be ruining your precious finances as well. 

It can make the pores bigger— Leaving makeup on clogs the pores. You may be prone to stretch and visible pores, which is entirely the opposite of why we put makeup in the first place. All the primer and foundation dedication to smoothen the pores will be in vain. For healthy and happy skin in the morning, a thorough makeup removal at night is essential.

It can rob your skin of its moisture— Makeup residue steals the skin's moisture, leaving it dehydrated. Not just that, but it also disrupts your oil balance. Human skin requires oxygen to function correctly, and overnight makeup can suffocate it, resulting in dehydration and natural oil imbalance. 

The Correct Way for Removing Makeup 

Tip one: Wipe it off with micellar water

The secret to effortlessly removing makeup is micellar water. It is not only a convenient and easy way to get the makeup and other impurities off the skin— but it is also kind to the skin and gentle on every skin type. Micellar water comprises of oil molecules that extract excess oil, dirt, and makeup from your skin, leaving the skin clean, fresh, and healthy. And all you have to do is take a cotton ball and add a few drops of micellar water on it (generous enough to get the job done). Then, wipe it across your face, and that's it! You don't need rigorous exfoliation or cold water to wash the face. While this is the easiest way to get a fresh, clean face, we have other simple makeup removal tips to keep your skin looking healthy and happy. 

Tip two: Start with the lips

Lipstick removal is essential. So, go ahead and wipe your lips gently with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water.

Tip three: Use extra caution when it comes to the eyes

You want to remove the stunning eye art before sleeping but being too harsh on the skin around your eyes can irritate it and accelerate wrinkles. So, what you want to do is soak a cotton pad in micellar water or cleansing cream or any other makeup remover. Then, place it over your eyes for about two to three seconds before rubbing away the eyeliner and mascara. Remember to do the rubbing in a gentle motion. 

Tip four: Use cleansing oil for stubborn makeup

If you went for a full-on, heavy makeup look, you might want to consider using a cleansing oil to remove the makeup. We say this because oil draws oil— it's science. Apply a few drops of cleansing oil to a cotton pad and dab it on the skin. Then, gently wipe the makeup away. Cleansing oils are great because they don't only clean the face but also nourish and hydrate the skin. 

Tip five: After cleansing your skin, apply toner 

Toner helps in removing excess oil that has remained after cleansing. It also eliminates any leftover impurities after washing your face while softening the skin. Soak a cotton pad in toner and softly sweep it all over the face. 

Tip six: Last, and perhaps the most crucial step is applying a nighttime moisturiser

Moisturisers replenish the skin's natural moisture and nourish it throughout the night. As you complete your final cleanse, slather it on your face and lock in moisture for radiant, plump skin in the morning. 

It's not a matter of luck to have clear, luminous skin. Sometimes all it requires is a little perseverance—and a commitment to a good skincare routine. We've compiled makeup removal tips for you to look good and feel good. We hope it has helped. You have beautiful skin— protect it at all times. Happy skincare! 

Written by Lotus Herbals