February 25, 2022

All The Products You Need to Build the Perfect Makeup Collection

Firsts are always exciting to remember and cherish – the first time you were introduced to the world of makeup, the first time you tried your mother’s lipstick, or the first time you applied a foundation and wondered if it really was your skin’s perfect match.

If you’re exploring makeup products for the first time and have moved past the kajal-lip gloss-moisturizer phase, you might have tons of questions in your mind. Since you’re a beginner, it is beneficial to know the basics right.

Here’s a list of beginner’s face makeup essentials to help you get started in the makeup game on the right foot:

Beginner Face Makeup Essentials

  1. Makeup Primer

Primers may get easily overlooked by makeup beginners, but it is a must-have product that no makeup kit can be complete without. A primer is to face is what photoshop is to pictures! A makeup primer works like a wonder product that helps blur your pores, smoothens out your complexion, and creates a flawless makeup base for the remaining makeup products to glide on smoothly. Look for a primer formulated with natural ingredients like vitamin E for a close-to-skin look and feel.

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  1. Foundation

As a beginner, you must have already tried out multiple bb creams and cc creams in the market, but it’s time to graduate now to using foundation. A foundation is a key to getting flawless skin but picking the right foundation is the hardest thing to do. Before choosing the right foundation, you should know – the desired coverage, skin type, and undertones.

It is crucial to test the foundation on your face or jawline before buying. Pick a foundation shade that matches your skin tone and gives you the desired coverage. Request the salesperson at the makeup store to help you select the right foundation.

If you have dry skin, look for foundations with hydrating properties, while oily-skinned beauties should look for oil-free and matte foundations. Those with combination skin can go with either.

Give due time and consideration to the basics before buying the perfect foundation, as that will help you nail half of your makeup game.

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  1. Concealer

A concealer is yet another staple in every beginner’s makeup stash. It is a basic makeup product to cover your blemishes, under-eye bags, dark circles, dark spots, pigmentation, acne scars, and other imperfections. The best way of applying concealer is after you’ve applied and blended the foundation to avoid smearing it. For day events or everyday-at-work makeup, you can just dab on some concealer to have a flawless base and even skip the foundation.

Finding the right concealer can get easier if you know the basics like consistency, staying power, and coverage. Concealer is usually available in three types – cream, liquid, and stick concealer. Always pick two shades lighter than your natural skin for the under-eye concealer. For face concealer, choose the one that exactly matches your skin and foundation.

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  1. Pressed Powder

A pressed powder or compact comes next in the list of face makeup essentials for beginners. Whether it’s for a quick touch-up or setting your foundation and concealer, it’s important to own a pressed powder. Those blessed with oily and combination skin types should carry one around in their bags to quickly set the makeup.

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  1. Blush

When applied correctly, a blush works like a charm in instantly lifting your face and giving you a youthful and rosy glow. Choose the blush shade wisely, as opting for shades brighter than your natural skin tone will make it appear fake and loud. Always choose the blush shade that sculpts your cheeks and adds a subtle glow.

It is a good idea to start with a powder blush and move on to the crème blush later. Pick a fluffy brush and apply the blush with gentle hands in soft and circular motions to blend it nicely into your skin.

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  1. Illuminator/Highlighter

Once you’ve perfected your face with a primer, foundation, concealer, and blush, it’s time to add a beautiful sun-kissed glow to your face with an illuminator. Go easy with the illuminator application and avoid adding too much sparkle as it might make your face look oily. When choosing an illuminator, it is preferred to go with crème or stick options as they’re easy to apply with precision without going overboard.

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  1. Lipstick

Lipsticks can dramatically transform your entire look within just a few swipes. A good lipstick shade helps brighten up your face and prevents it from looking washed out. There are infinite choices when it comes to choosing lip shades. If you’re new to the makeup world and just beginning to explore the colours, we suggest starting off with nudes and neutral lip shades before moving to bolder ones.

Choose from the lipstick formulations in matte, creamy, glossy, and moisturizing options.

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  1. Makeup Fixer

After putting in all that effort perfecting your makeup, you’d want it to stay put till the entire event or your workday. This is where a makeup fixer steps in as the last part of your makeup routine and one of the most important makeup essentials for beginners. A few sprays of your favourite makeup fixer help hold your makeup in place and prevent it from fading, smudging, or creasing.

If you have dry skin, choose a makeup fixer that offers hydration and a dewy finish on application.

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A little note to all the makeup beginners out there – makeup enhances your natural beauty manifolds if you use the right products for your skin type. You only need the above face makeup essentials to get started and can gradually add more products like contour and bronzer to your makeup stash.

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Written by Lotus Herbals