February 24, 2023

Blush Your Way in 2023: How to Apply Blush Perfectly

If you are thinking why a blog on applying blush and that we need more topics, the answer is no. While many think applying a blusher is just about highlighting the apples of your cheek and giving it a pass, it is a makeup essential that requires the right mix of type, colour, and strokes according to your face type to get the right rouge look. 

Once you master this art, you will realise that it instantly lifts your face and give it the much-needed glow. Don't believe us? Trust us as we read the bible for the right blush for you:

Set the Base

You must have known by now that the secret of the best makeup is to prepare your skin by cleansing, toning, moisturising, and finishing with sunscreen. Once the skin is set, apply a face primer for an all-day lasting makeup. Use Ecostay Insta Smooth Mattifying Perfecting Primer followed by makeup foundation and finish it with Lotus Makeup Proedit Silk Touch Perfecting Powder. This will set the base for the blush to stay longer than ever before. 

Pick a Blush Formula to Suit your Skin type 

The blush formula changes the game of how you look. Your skin type decides the blush that would give you a youthful and fresh look. If your skin is oily, opt for powder blushes, which will help balance the oil on the skin. It blends subtly to give a natural look, making you feel lighter with a no-cakey makeup look. 

For dry skin, go for liquid or cream-based formulas. They help keep the skin nourished, blending effortlessly with the base makeup and skin to give you a dewy and natural look. For ageing skin with wrinkles, a liquid formula works best because it acts as the next layer to the skin that even outs the skin texture and smudges ideally to give youthful glory. 

Opt for the blush formula for normal or combination skin according to the seasons. Creamy and liquid blushes are great for winter makeup as, unlike powder-based formulas, they do not dry out the skin but blend smoothly for a flawless, smooth flush. Powder blushes are ideal for breezy summer makeup as it helps in balancing the natural oils.

Know your skin undertone

Though the peachy-pink shades are favourites of all time, blush shades are not one-size-fit for all. Knowing your skin's undertone is essential for selecting the most suitable Lotus makeup blush to uplift your face and keep it radiant. 

If your skin's undertone is red or pink, use peach blush, Ecostay Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth Blush, to lower the red undertone and pink blush, Ecostay Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth Blush - English Pink, to compliment the undertone.  

For yellow, golden, or warm skin undertones, peachy-pinks, or pink with red or orange hints, Proedit Silk Touch Blush Highlighter Duo - Fiery Fusion work the best. They give an instant glow to the face to let you shine throughout the day!

For dark undertones like blue or plum, bright hues with dark shades go well. Apricot, orange, or earthy colours, Ecostay Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth Blush Love – Caffeine gives the skin the right pop-up by smudging in the skin to provide it with a natural flush. 

Let us peep into your blusher kit

Pick a brush that is usually loosely packed as it picks the right amount of the product, instead a little less than required, which is perfect for flushing the blush. Pick a brush with soft hair, prefer the ones with natural or vegan hair, dense in volume and dome-shaped for easy application of blush without damaging your skin.

Stokes that Matter

Is someone singing 'I am in love with the shape of you…' or Lotus Makeup is too excited about sharing the right blush application tips? Well, the shape of your face decides how you should apply the blush to your face to give it the right lift. 

For a round face, smile in the mirror and apply blush in medium strokes to the apple of your cheek, extending it to the temple in an upward direction and blending it towards the earlobe. The idea is to give the face an elongated look, which also means not applying blush towards the nose as it will make a face look fuller. 

For an oval face, apply blush using soft strokes on the high part of your cheekbone, gliding it towards the earlobe and then smudging it towards the temple, covering a small area just about it. This highlights the best features of the oval-shaped face with the right hint of attraction.

For a square face, use light and long strokes upwards to cover your cheekbone and then apply blush from the brows, blending it softly towards the nose. This will soften your angles and add appeal to the face. 

For an oblong face, apply a blusher on the prominent part of the cheek, blend it towards the nose, and then move out towards the temple. Pull the look by softly flushing the forehead and sides of the brows.  

For a diamond face, use soft strokes starting from the top of the cheekbone and smudging it towards the ears to highlight the bottom half of the face. Avoid using blush on the hollows below the cheekbone. 

For the heart face, apply a blush forming 'C' starting from the temple towards the cheekbone. Apply more product on the cheekbone and blend it towards the temple. Use soft strokes and apply the right amount quite the area is covered. 

Now you have the best blush for Indian skin 101; we are sure you will pull the natural, rosy, glow look and make heads turn! And remember to lock the look with the best makeup fixer, Ecostay Finish Up Makeup Fixer. You can easily buy Lotus Makeup products from our website. 

Written by Lotus herbals