April 26, 2023

Bold Lips, Bold Moves: How to Make a Statement with Lip Shades This Season

We have often spoken about nude lipstick shades, nude makeup, and subtle looks for the summer, but what is this summer all about? Hang on, girls; summer doesn't have to be boring with subtle makeup all the time. We need to party, go on a date, and more than ever, we carry our style wherever we go. Isn't it?

This brings us to share some seasonal hot shades that would make a statement and let you be you. Before we introduce some juicy luscious shades to you, let us give you tips on how to prep the lips for a bolder look and lipsticks to stay longer.

Lip Care Tips:

  1. Make your lips smooth by gently removing dead cells and chaps with a lip scrub. This will give your lips a smooth and shiny look, keeping them healthy. 
  1. Once you have scrubbed your lips, apply a lip balm matching the shade of your lips. This will keep your lips hydrated. Deeper and bright liquid matte lipsticks tend to cause more dryness, so apply lip balm generously before applying any lip shade.
  1. Define your lips with a lip liner that is either the same shade of the lip colour or a tone lighter. If you have thin lips, apply liner to the lips outer to make them appear thick and bold. Liners help in sculpting the lips in the most lovable shape. 
  1. For pigmented lips, prep the lips with an application of foundation to give the base to the lip colour to shine bright. 

As the base for the lipstick is set, we are here with our top 5 picks for the bold look for the season:

Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss – Ramp Red

Talking about bold lips and not talking about red colour would be a sin. Keeping other makeup subtle, swipe the applicator on the lips to give it an instant formation. This is one of the best lipstick shades that provide the lips with shine and a plumping effect with the natural ingredients of sugar and capsicum extracts. An LBD, high heels, low bun, minimalist makeup, and the bold, velvety red, a chic look for a perfect date night!

Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Colour – Wicked Brown

The colour speaks of itself, wicked! A little darker tone, this shade is as luscious as chocolate. Just one swipe of this highly pigmented colour, and you are all set for the day to look. No one likes chapped lips, and the summer dryness is sure to take away the softness of the lips. This range of matte lipsticks comes with a super hydration formula that conditions the lips and keeps them soft and supple. Go bare minimum with a peach or pink blush, Ecostay long-lasting silky-smooth blush – Coral Gaze, and define your lips with brown lipstick to slay in vogue!

Proedit Liquid Matte Lip Colour – Mauve Over (PLC07)

Purple and mauve hues are the year's colour; bet us this lip shade will be your new favorite. This tone would complement the Indian skin tones, and we suggest experimenting with this long-lasting lipstick. This intense colour Lipstick comes with an HD lip colour with a transfer-free matte finish. Rich in Vitamin E and Japanese Sakura, it nourishes lips all day. Try this colour on your all-girls day out, and let your girls adore your fresh look!

Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer – Plum Berry

Two reasons to go bold with this shade: one, you are scared to try purple tones all of sudden, and two, the Indian in you can't let go of the love for pink shades. This lip lacquer from the shelves of Lotus makeup is a highly pigmented purplish colour with the dominance of pink tones for those who want to play safe yet wants to try a bold makeup look. We suggest wearing this shade for the evening time and having gala time without the worries of touch-ups!

Proedit Liquid Matte Lip Colour – Peachy Babe (PLC09)

Reds, pinks, and purples, how about orange for the bold look? Without a second thought, an absolute yes gives this colour a chance. The hint of red in orange and the brightness of the colour through this lipstick will instantly brighten up the face with a glow that will make head turns. Keeping the face as bare as applying a kajal, Ecostay Longlasting Kajal – Black, or an eyeliner, Colour Kick Insta-Shine Eye Liner - Intense Black, a high bun, or a ponytail, highlight the face with bold Peachy Babe orange shade. Get ready for the shop spree in an instant!

Having filled the lips with the most dazzling, bold, creamy lipsticks, it's time for the final touch! Clean the edges of the lips with a q–tip to shape the lips perfectly, and apply gloss at the center of the lips for an attractive highlight. 

The secret to bold lips is to keep other makeup neutral so the attention is drawn toward the lips. Shine bright this summer with bold lipsticks, and remember to slather sunscreen and share your look with us on Instagram!

Written by Lotus herbals