May 31, 2022

Brow Down to These Amazing Eye Tips and Hacks

Sculpting a flawless set of arched eyebrows takes patience, time, and the right eye makeup products and technique to get the job done. With all the trending well-defined and bold eyebrow makeup looks, now is the ideal time to get your brow game up to the mark. A few tips and hacks will surely help you get those well-defined, well-arched, and fuller eyebrows.

#1: Invest in the right products for your eyebrows

The first step towards getting those dreamy fuller brows is using the right eyebrow products. For example, brow definers come in two shades: black and brown. Choose one that suits your eyebrow colour to create natural-looking brows. Lotus Makeup Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer comes in two shades, BD-1 Choco Brown and BD-2 Natural Noir. These eyebrow pencils are ideal for outlining and detailing the eyebrows. 

#2: Learn how to use the product you have bought 

Once you have the Lotus Makeup Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer, start by gently brushing your brows outwards and upwards using the built-in spoolie brush. Now draw hair-like strokes from the pencil side and fill your eyebrows in sparse areas to make them look more realistic and lend a well-defined look to the face. Make small strokes and follow the natural shape of your eyebrows, while covering any gaps that appear along the way. Blend again with the spoolie for a natural look.

#3: Figure out which shape suits your face

Some eyebrow shapes may look impressive on others, but that doesn't necessarily mean they would suit your face shape. For example, an angular eyebrow shape enhances the features of round faces, as strong eyebrow lines add to the face's definition. While for those with a heart-shaped face, a controlled shape using a high arch would look perfect. Oval face shapes have it easy; one needs to emphasise the symmetrical shape using a soft angle since the face is balanced. 

#4: Create a fade

The trick to having perfectly sculpted eyebrows is to ensure that they are shaded, and not one solid colour or shape. This makes the eyebrows appear natural. Eyebrows have sparse hair at the front and concentrate towards the centre and through the tail. Try replicating a similar fade when filling your eyebrows, rather than colouring them deeply and getting a tattooed-on look. Create fewer strokes on the front of the eyebrows and add more as you approach the ends, ensuring a more natural look.

#5: Your eyebrows are not meant to look identical

Another eyebrow tip is not spending your energy making them look alike. People make this common mistake, but no two eyebrows will ever look the same. They must be shaped to complement each other and not replicate each other. Treat them like siblings and not twins. 

#6: Use an eyebrow stencil

People who are inexperienced in the whole process of eyebrow shaping and shading can benefit from an eyebrow stencil; this is a wise thing to do until you get the hang of it. Place the plastic stencils over the eyebrows and fill them by creating hair-line strokes using the Lotus Makeup Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer BD-1 or BD-2. Once you remove the stencil, you will have perfectly arched eyebrows.

#7: Highlight for definition

When using a highlighter to make your face look more radiant, don't skip the eyebrows. Use a little highlighter on the eyebrows for the illuminating touch. Just dab some highlighter under the arch of the eyebrow. Blend it out using a makeup brush or even your finger. This will make your eyebrows look more defined and on-point. 

 #8: Don't use a magnifying mirror when working on your brows

Magnifying mirrors may seem impressive in social media reels and when makeup artists use them. However, it can make you overly critical and precise because you can see tiny hairs that otherwise remain unnoticed, and a lot of time is spent tweezing them away. This can leave you with extra thin eyebrows that may appear okay in the magnifying glass but not so much in reality. A regular mirror is good enough for eyebrow grooming needs.

#9: Use concealer to shape the eyebrows

It's okay if you mess up the eyebrow shape a bit. A concealer will do its magic and give a natural look to the eyebrows. This is the easiest fix to give eyebrows a more defined and natural shape, no matter how messy the arches are. Get a creamy concealer and a small concealer brush. Apply concealer along the edges of the eyebrows and blend outward to help define them.

#10: Set the eyebrows using an eyebrow gel

Now that you have put all the effort into shaping and drawing out your eyebrows, it must last a while. Use an eyebrow gel to ensure that your eyebrow hair remains firmly. Alternatively, you can also apply vaseline with the eyebrow definer's spoolie brush on your eyebrows and set them.

#11: Fill in the brows before plucking

Often, we tweeze and pluck our eyebrows and then start to fill it in. Instead of getting right to tweezing them, fill in the eyebrows first. Use an eyebrow definer to create the exact shape you want the eyebrows to be, and then tweeze the hair that is sticking outside the defined area. This will give you clean and well-defined eyebrows.

Thin eyebrows are no longer a dream. Just grab a few eye makeup products, and you're all set to make an eye statement.

Written by Lotus Herbals