February 14, 2022

CC Cream - How to Find the Best Formula For Your Skin Type

CC Cream, otherwise known as complexion corrector cream, is a makeup product that seems to possess magical qualities(quite literally). Whether you already own this makeup wonder or you’re still figuring out if you should go for it, CC Cream is one product that works as a sunscreen, foundation & moisturiser all-in-one. The Colour Correction Cream focuses more on camouflaging the skin pigmentation, dark spots and dullness, evening out the skin tone in no time! Every CC Cream comes in a different formulation. Still, all these creams have a few things in common, active SPF properties to protect skin from sun damage, hydrating skincare properties & foundation ingredients, and all infused together into a mix. The primary role of a CC cream is to combat uneven tone & texture on the skin. It carefully evens out the complexion & effectively conceals skin redness so that your face looks radiant & flawless without using any high coverage product!. A lightly covered everyday look can easily be achieved with a CC cream.

Why do we need a CC Cream in our makeup vanities

By now, you’re well aware of the varied benefits of CC cream; let us discuss more reasons why we need this product in our makeup bags. On all those days when you’re running out of time, or you don’t have the energy to go through an entire makeup routine, that is when CC cream comes into play. It is ideal for people who would want to opt for a natural light coverage look for everyday to cover dark spots, even out skin tone & brighten up the complexion! It is ideal for people who wish to eliminate the need to use any foundations or concealers because CC creams effectively cover dark spots, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. CC creams are a blessing in disguise for people with oily skin to cover all blemishes and pores!

How to find a CC Cream that suits your skin

CC creams are often formulated to address different skin issues. Some CC creams boost the skin's hydration, while some help with fine lines and anti-ageing. Once you’ve found out which CC cream suits your skin type and concern, you can check the kind of finish and coverage you’re looking for. Depending on your skin type, you can opt for CC creams with a matte, natural or radiant finish.

How to Use CC Cream

The way you typically apply your foundation, you can change how you go about the CC cream. An easy application method would be the dot & blend one. Start with clean, hydrated skin. You can use a primer, too, if you have the time for skin prep but do not skip the moisturiser. Apply a few dots of the CC cream onto the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. You can use a beauty blender, a makeup brush or even your fingers to blend it out nicely in an upward motion towards your hairline. The dot&blend method will ensure enough colour correction and even coverage all over the face.

Benefits of using a CC Cream

Let’s take a look at the various benefits of a CC Cream

1. For a No-Makeup Look

You know how the no-makeup look has been gaining popularity these days and what’s better than using a CC cream for it? It is all you need to achieve a flawless no-makeup look. It provides the right amount of coverage to make your skin polished and also natural. You can opt for the Xpress Glow Daily Beauty 10-In-1 Cream SPF 25 that imparts your skin with sheer radiance & glow, and also covers pimple spots.

2. Use as a tinted moisturiser

CC creams are quite versatile products. You can easily apply it like a tinted moisturiser, without using any makeup on top of it. This can also be used as an exceptional makeup base since it possesses hydrating qualities. The Xpress Glow Daily Beauty 10-In-1 Cream SPF 25 delivers dual benefits - illuminating the skin with light to medium coverage and keeping it hydrated throughout the day.

3. Added SPF Coverage

CC creams come with SPF coverage too, therefore you get an added bonus of sun protection in your cc cream. A single layer of it is enough to escape the harsh UV rays of the sun, and if you still feel that it doesn’t provide enough coverage, then you can use sunscreen too for enough SPF coverage. The Xpress Glow Daily Beauty 10-In-1 Cream comes with SPF 25 so that your skin is well protected from sun exposure.

4. Perfect for Daily Use

The best part of CC creams is that they’re ideal for daily usage. They’re easy to use, have a lightweight texture and are also skin-friendly. Add CC creams to your daily makeup routine and we promise you, there will be no looking back!

Written by Lotus Herbals