March 22, 2022

Different Ways of Applying Kajal

The Indian tradition of using Kajal or kohl is one that almost all girls have practised since childhood. With new trends coming every day, it's challenging to keep a tab on them. So, here we've created a complete guide on Kajal: what it is, how is it different from eyeliner, different kohl-eye looks, and finally, tips on buying Kajal!  

What Exactly is Kajal?

A traditional kajal contains essential oils that soothe and cool the eyes. A kajal can be considered an eyeshadow for the waterline— it highlights and intensifies the eyes. It can be applied in several ways based on the appearance and size of your eyes. Apart from cosmetic benefits, the medical benefits of Kajal are that it relaxes the eyes and, with natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, keeps them healthy. 

Many people confuse eyeliner and a kajal. To clear it out:

While Kajal can be used as an eyeliner, it's not the same as eyeliner. Kajal is applied on the lower lash line and has a creamier texture. On the other hand, eyeliner is applied to the upper lash line of the eyes. It helps in enhancing the eye shape. 

How to Apply Kajal to the Eyes

Kajal is a popular makeup product for makeup novices and professionals alike. There are numerous ways to use it to create unique looks. The most crucial aspect, however, is selecting the appropriate kajal pencil. Always go for one that is smudge-proof and long-lasting.

Here are some trending kohled-eye looks that you can slay:

Reverse Cat-Eye

It's impossible to go wrong with a timeless cat-eye look. But the most trending look right now that has taken the internet by storm is the reverse cat-eye.

In case you're wondering, the reverse cat-eye is giving the spotlight to the lower lash line, which is the opposite in the cat-eye. So go ahead and glide the liner along the lower lash line and wing it out at both sides of the corner. Soften it with light smudging and coat the lashes with mascara to complete the look. 

Smudged Kohl Eye

Kohl-rimmed eyes are iconic— who can pass that up? To achieve the look:

  1. Begin by priming the eyelids for a long-lasting stay.
  2. Take a kohl pencil and glide over the top and bottom lash lines.
  3. Make sure you get a smooth stroke from the inner to the outer corner.
  4. Take a flat angled brush and lightly blend the upper line on the top waterline for a smooth, smudged look.
  5. Do the same process on the bottom lash line as well.
  6. Apply generous coatings of HD mascara to complete the look.

Smokey Eye 

The smoky eye is a popular eye makeup look that creates a stunning effect. It draws attention to your eyes, making them look perfect for parties or romantic dinners. To get the look:

  1. Prime your eyelids and blend out black eyeshadow all over them.
  2. Apply Kajal to the upper, lower, and waterline lash lines.
  3. Use an eyeshadow brush and softly blend the same black shade on the lower lash line.
  4. Take your eyeliner and create a sharp wing.
  5. Apply multiple coatings of HD mascara to open up the eyes. 

The Winged Effect

Wing eyeliner look is no stranger in the eye makeup world. To achieve this look, create a slight side flick and connect it to the middle area of the upper lash line. You can also softly smudge the lining for a hot, smokey effect. 

Waterline Tightening

This enhances the appearance of the eyes, making them appear larger and more attractive. Take your long-lasting Kajal and trace just the upper waterline followed by generous strokes of mascara. 

You must try our revolutionary Proedit 3 in 1 HD Mascara to lengthen and curl your lashes to get a fabulous volumised lash effect. 

PRO TIP- Add a splash of colour! 

You can make things more interesting by applying colourful Kajal. Kajal pencils come in a variety of colours. To make your eyes pop, skip the black ones and go for vibrant hues to make your eyes pop! 

Is Kajal safe for the eyes?

Kajal made with natural ingredients is 100% safe and, in fact, beneficial for the eyes. As these are free of preservatives and parabens, they won't cause any damage to the eyes. 

Can I use Kajal while wearing contact lenses?

You can choose sensitive eye kajal if you wear contact lenses. Even waterproof Kajal would be good. Using liquid or gel-based Kajal may pose complications because it can get trapped on your lenses. 

What is the best way to apply Kajal for a beginner?

The best tip is to begin by applying Kajal to the outside corner of the eye and work your way inwards to the inner corner. As a novice, keep the strokes short at a go to avoid crooked lines. If it's your first time and you face watery eyes, don't worry, it is normal. Over time, it won't be an issue once you start applying it frequently. 

How Do I Choose the Best Eye Kajal?

Because our eyes are delicate, we must be cautious about shopping for the right Kajal. Complexion type doesn't matter when it comes to wearing Kajal— meaning you do not need to have any specific skin tone to pull it off well. Kajal looks good on everyone; you just have to get your hands on the right product and how to execute it to make your eyes pop. Here are some tips for buying a good kajal:

  • Stay away from Kajal that is too liquidy or watery or more than semi-liquid. It won't hold and make a mess. 
  • Check the brush when buying Kajal— go for it only if it has soft touch. A rough surface brush can irritate the eyes and cause problems. 
  • Go for a smudge-proof, transfer-resistant and waterproof formula for a better stay. You can get all these benefits in one stick with Lotus Makeup Ecostay Longlasting Kajal - Black.
  • Don't compromise or settle because of the price. Street sellers may give you the hottest price deals, but they usually sell fake products, usually made in an unsanitary environment and contain harmful chemicals. 

If you love to define and adorn your eyes with eye makeup products, keep checking upon different kajal looks and upgrading your style quotient.

Written by Lotus Herbals