October 13, 2021

Different Ways to Use Lotus Insta Hide Crème Concealer

That one staple product found in every women’s bag and has revolutionized the makeup game- Concealers.

We have left behind the days when concealers were only used to camouflage the under-eye dark circles & concealing the pigmentation. Now, concealers are so versatile that we absolutely cannot do without them! This miraculous product covers, defines, primes, sculpts and highlights your features so well that you already win half the makeup battle post-application.

We introduce you, our all-new range of Lotus Insta Hide Creme Concealers and show you why this is the most versatile makeup product that you should have in your vanities!

From using it on as an eyeshadow primer to sculpting those features to perfection, there are plenty of ways to make use of the Insta Hide Concealers. These come with a creamy texture, lightweight consistency, and long-wear formulation with medium to high coverage.

Let’s dive into the numerous ways to use Lotus Insta Hide Creme Concealer-

1) Conceal the Dark Circles

This one was not difficult to guess since it’s the most common one! Lotus Insta Hide Concealer comes in five different shades, ideal for Indian Skin tones and is perfect to cover the under-eye bags, dark spots, dullness, pigmentation & brighten up your face and spirits! Just choose the colour closest to your skin tone, apply it on the required areas and blend it thoroughly to avoid any crease lines, setting with a compact/loose powder.

2) Primer for the Eyelids

Ever wondered how those eyeshadows pop the brightest, taking your eye makeup several notches higher? That is done with the help of none other than, Concealers. To create a smooth canvas & base for your shadow, gently dab the concealer over the eyelid before applying the colour. We promise you, this will help your eyeshadow base not to crease and also look resplendent!

3) Highlight the Features

To accentuate those beautiful features, apply a shade or two lighter than your skin tone above your cheekbones, inner corner of your eyes, below the brow bone, along the bridge of your nose, and don’t , and forget your cupid’s bow, blending it all in for an effortless radiant glow from within!

4) Contour & Sculpt all the way

Just as a concealer is used to highlight, you can also use it to contour & sculpt. The trick here is, use a shade or two darker than your skin tone, swipe the applicator in the hollows of your cheeks and sides of your nose, and blend in carefully for a chiseled look. The creamy texture of the Lotus Insta Hide concealer blends seamlessly leaving behind no harsh lines.

5) Sharpen your Eye Makeup

Even if you ace the perfect winged liner, things can go a little haywire while using a liquid liner. But don’t you worry because Lotus concealer comes to the rescue! Dab a bit of the concealer at the edge of your eyeliner and blend to achieve the perfect winged liner.

Now you are all set to make a statement with our Lotus Insta Hide Creme Concealers!

Written by Lotus Herbals