November 15, 2021

Fall Nail Care Tips & Shades

Taking care of your nails is as essential as any other skincare or haircare routine that you follow; therefore, it’s of utmost importance to keep your nails in top-notch condition. And here’s some good news for you- You do not have to indulge in costly salon affairs & manicures to keep them healthy. Only a fine nail paint, along with some TLC, would be enough.

The best way to keep your nails healthy, long & strong is through maintaining a good lifestyle and not investing in those costly nail tools that do more harm than good. So it’s about time to take a break from all those salon manicures & follow some simple measures to transform brittle, weak nails into pretty little things! Let’s get started. 

1) Always start with Clean Hands & Nails.

With everything that goes onto your hands, remember, your nails are equally a part of it! From the pickle stains to the leftover food particles, everything gets to the inner side of the nails, making them extremely unhealthy & unhygienic. Also, removing the chipped nail paint from the previous week should be your topmost priority as it is an ugly sight for the eyes! 

To maintain nail hygiene, it’s essential to keep your nails and the skin around them free from any kind of dirt & bacteria. Use a nail paint remover to get rid of the chipped nail paint; also, you could exfoliate the area around the nails with the help of a nourishing hand wash and a toothbrush to remove the dead skin cells.

2) No Sharp Tools for the Nails

Your nails surely need some scrubbing & buffing from time to time, but overdoing it can expose them to infection. Also, keep your nails away from sharp, metal tools for cleaning them, as too much buffing can cause the base to become weak and separate from the skin. 

Instead, use a gentle buffer to clean the surface under the nails and create an even base for your nail enamel to go on smoothly. 

3) Indulge in Regular Trimming of Nails

Do not let your nails grow out to a level where it gets incredibly uncomfortable for you even to do your basic chores. Instead, indulge in regular nail trims to maintain your nail health and clip them off weekly (depending on your growth). Also, use a filer to give them the desired shape and length.

Pro tip- Disinfect your nail clippers & filers atleast twice a month so that no bacteria gets transferred to your nails or skin. 

4) Invest in a good Cuticle Oil

If you don’t know this yet, we’ll tell you again. Cuticles secure the area around the base of the nails, preventing bacteria and germs from infecting the nails. However, when the cuticle is clipped off, the seal is broken off, making the nails prone to infection. 

If you feel that your cuticles look rough & ragged, it’s time for you to invest in good cuticle oil to keep your nails & cuticles nourished and hydrated. 

5) Prep & prime your Nails

A base coat for your nails is like a primer for your face, an essential step so that your nail paint glides on smoothly and stays put. It prevents the nails from getting stained & also acts as a protective barrier. 

A base coat is your perfect pick to prep, prime and preserve your nail colour!

6) Always Read the Labels

You’re so careful when it comes to your skincare & makeup; why not be selective with your nail paints too? Steer away from nail enamels loaded with chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene responsible for splitting up & cracking the nails. Instead, look for a chemical-free formulation like the Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamels free from all such harmful ingredients and are also not tested on animals. 

Now that you’re through with the nail pampering tips let’s now dive into our favourite part- The All-New Ecostay Coffee Nail Collection!

Just like winter mornings are incomplete without a cup of cappuccino, your nails are undone without the Limited Edition Coffee inspired Shades launched with Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamels

Shades featured-

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Match your nails to your mood with these stunning shades that dry out in 60 seconds and give your nails that perfectly glossy salon-like finish!

Written by Lotus Herbals