May 30, 2023

Guide For Perfect Lipstick Shades That Suits Indian Skin Tones

Do you know a quick fact? The top search on Google is What lipstick colour looks best on your skin tone? And we at Lotus Makeup are often asked which lipstick we should invest in. And Indian skin tones come in a beautiful range of hues, from fair to deep and, of course, in between. Finding the perfect lipstick shade that complements skin tone can be daunting. However, if you have the right understanding and knowledge of undertones, you can easily discover lip colours that will enhance your beauty and make it a statement. And in this blog post, you'll explore a range of lipstick shades that suits Indian skin tones, helping you find the perfect hue for every occasion.  

Nudes For Subtle Elegance:

Nude lipsticks are a staple in every makeup collection, offering an effortless look. And for Indian skin tones, opt for nude shades with pink or peachy undertones. These shades, such as rosy nudes and soft corals, add warmth to the skin complexion, and Proedit Silk Touch Matte Lip Color - Nude Nature is one of the best lipstick shades; plus, it has a long-lasting cream base. 

Medium skin tones can go for caramel nudes or beige that enhances the natural lip colour. If you want lipstick shades for deeper skin tones, brown-toned nudes work beautifully while providing a striking contrast. You can experience shades like cinnamon, terracotta, or mocha to find the perfect nude shade for your skin tone. The cream lipstick in the shade Bold Terracotta has a smooth texture and long-lasting finish. 

Reds For That Bold Elegance: 

Indians always fear wearing bright red because they think they can't pull it off. And red lipstick is always a classic choice that exudes glamour and confidence. When selecting reds for Indian skin tones, always consider the undertones. Invest in blue-based reds like raspberry and cherry shades, for fair skin as they create a striking contrast. Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer in Call It Cherry shade is a popular lipstick shade as it gives a pop of colour to your makeup. 

Medium skin tones can rock reds with orange undertones like brick red or tomato red. Deep skin tones can provide more deep reds with plum or burgundy undertones while adding drama to your look. Remember to choose lipstick shades like Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color–Burgundy Bliss colour, as it will complement your undertones to achieve a balance. 

Pinks for Freshness 

Pink lipsticks are versatile and can range from romantic to vibrant. Fair Indian skin tones should opt for soft pink undertones lipstick shades, like baby pink or rose, to create a fresh and youthful look. 

Medium skin tones should experiment with warmer pinks, such as coral cream lipstick, that add a pop of colour to the lips. Don't be afraid to play with different undertones to find that perfect pink shade that suits Indian skin tones. 

Browns For Earthy Elegance

In recent years, brown lipsticks have major a comeback! Opt for medium brown shades with caramel or reddish undertones colours for medium skin tones to create a harmonious balance. The deeper skin tones can explore coffee or deep chocolate shades that bring out the richness of the Indian skin tone. Brown lipstick shades can be trendy and versatile, making them a must-have.

Finding the perfect lipstick shades for an Indian skin tone is all about understanding and experimenting with different colours. Whether you prefer reds for bold elegance, a subtle sophisticated look, pinks for freshness, or browns for the earthy vibe, there are shades that will complement skin tone and enhance beauty. It's time to embrace and explore various lipstick shades and let your lips make a statement. And with this lipstick shades guide for Indian skin tone, you can select the perfect shades and elevate your overall look.

Written by Lotus herbals