February 24, 2022

Make Proedit Strobe Crème Your New Makeup BFF

The world of makeup products gets revolutionised with new entrants every day, and one of them is strobe cream or strobe moisturiser. Strobe cream is one of the most versatile and iconic makeup products of all time. It is a skin brightening moisturiser or primer that instantly illuminates the skin and takes away any sign of dullness.

Strobe moisturiser is designed in a way to give dull and flat skin the rush it needs to make it look radiant again. This miraculous makeup product falls in the category of illuminators and moisturizers.

While we all have heard of products like highlighters and illuminators, secretly, we have hoped our most humble skincare product to have illuminating effects. Well, a strobe moisturizer is an answer to your prayers. This versatile everyday skincare-makeup product can be used beneath your foundation as a base or as a highlighter on your cheekbones and brow bones.

A strobe moisturiser gives a glow-from-within kind of effect that makes your skin shine like a sparkling diamond. When mixed with your foundation, it moisturises your skin, offers coverage, hides blemishes, and imparts a shiny glow that looks healthy and sun kissed.

How To Apply Strobe Moisturiser?

You can use a strobe moisturiser either before or after the foundation. It works either way to give you a healthy shine. If you have oily skin, apply a strobe moisturiser before your foundation and dab afterwards a pressed powder for a matte yet sparkling glow.

If you have dry or combination, you can apply a strobe moisturiser either way. Applying it before the foundation keeps your skin moisturised and makes a base for the foundation to glide on smoothly. Its microfine radiant particles don’t get shadowed by the foundation; they rather work with it to give your face a glow even after the foundation has set in.

If you want to use it with your foundation, you can start with prepping your face with a moisturizer and primer. Mix an equal amount of strobe moisturiser and foundation and blend it nicely. Apply it all over on your face and neck and blend it with a beauty blender or makeup brush for an even effect. Your face will look even, glowing, and ready for the remaining makeup.

If you want to ditch a heavy base, you can go with a strobe moisturiser as a base and set it with pressed powder for an everyday work look, brunch with girls, or while running errands.

Why Should You Buy Lotus Makeup Strobe Creme?

Though the strobe cream or moisturiser shelves at any drug store are brimming with new products every now and then, only a handful of them tick all the right boxes. Whether it’s about application, versatility, or formulation, Lotus Makeup Proedit Silk Touch Glow Strobe Cream is one such popular makeup wonder that has appealed to everyone.

Let’s look at the power ingredients that make this strobe moisturizer magical:

Japanese Sakura – This potent ingredient is rich in antioxidant levels and known for skin-soothing properties. Being rich in essential fatty acids, it repairs your skin's barriers to promote smooth and supple skin.

White Mulberry – Powered with the goodness of white mulberry extracts, it has mild yet effective brightening and lightening properties that help your skin achieve a brighter and even-looking skin tone and complexion.

Vitamin E – We all know how beneficial vitamin E is for our skin. Vitamin E is a powerful fat-soluble ingredient that is rich in antioxidants for enhanced blood circulation in your skin. It helps boost the regeneration of new skin cells by shielding your skin from free radicals. The anti-inflammatory properties present in vitamin E help soothe your skin.


  • Is strobe cream a moisturiser?
  • Most strobe creams aren’t designed to work as a moisturizer, and it depends on what brand of crème you’re using. However, Lotus Makeup Proedit Silk Touch Glow Strobe Cream is formulated to work as a versatile product – it can be used as a highlighter, an illuminator, a sparkling foundation base, or an everyday use makeup product.

  • What is a strobe cream used for?
  • Strobe creams work like a highlighter or illuminating moisturiser. Strobe cremes give your skin a beautiful glow that looks like you’re standing under a light. It looks great in pictures and is ideal for wearing during events and parties.

  • Can a strobe crème be used daily?
  • Yes, you can conveniently wear a strobe crème every day, either beneath your foundation as a base or just like that. It is advised to set your strobe crème with a pressed powder to settle its shine and give your skin a radiant, inner glow.

    Written by Lotus Herbals