January 18, 2022

Make the Illuminator Your New Best Friend for a Sun-kissed Glow


We all want to look our best on special occasions. However, apart from eating right and a proper skincare regimen, it is also equally important to use the right makeup products that give you a beautiful glow. When you’re done with a full-face makeup with foundation, concealer, eye makeup, lipstick, and contour, let your skin shine like a diva with an illuminator or highlighter. An illuminator or highlighter gives your skin a gorgeous sun-kissed glow that looks like you just stepped out of a salon.

In the following article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about illuminators and their use. We would also discuss ways to choose the right illuminator - creme-based or powder-based.

What is an Illuminator?

We all know the use of a highlighter and its amazing effect on skin that makes you shine from within. It gives your face a natural glow on the areas where it is applied. It is applied to the high points on your face like temple, nose, just above the lips, and a tiny dash on the chin and can give you a glow that cannot be matched with any other makeup product. It provides a glow that looks the most natural and organic.

What Does an Illuminator Do?

If you want to achieve a healthy-looking glow with your makeup application, an illuminator is a must-have in your makeup bag. Almost every mainstream makeup brand makes and sells illuminators. For the most photogenic glow and skin that shines like a diamond, use Lotus ECOSTAY Illuminating Stick that comes in diverse shades to let you have your pick easily.

There are many types of illuminators in the market in several different formulations. You can opt for any one of them, depending upon the look you’re trying to achieve and the ease of application. From a liquid illuminator to an illuminating cream, the possibilities are endless. You can find an illuminator under strobe cream also as it is basically the same product with a different name. You can have a generous application of illuminator for special occasions like weddings and parties and even apply them for the everyday soft office makeup. This revolutionary product would give you the glow that you had only dreamt of.

The right amount of illuminators can make or break a makeup look. Sometimes, too much powder on the skin can make your face look a little dull. This is because matte powders do not reflect light and hence are not known to provide a glow to the face. On the other hand, an illuminator does the complete opposite. It provides a glow by adding millions of reflective particles to your face, giving it a stunning shine. An illuminating cream is a great product for people of all ages as it is much easier to blend by your hand, a makeup brush, or a beauty blender on every skin type.

How to Apply Illuminator?

Like a highlighter, illuminators are also applied so that your face has a glow that seems like it is coming from within. It is essential to know that there is a difference between a highlighter and an illuminator when it comes to application. While highlighters are placed at the highest points of your face, illuminators are placed all over the facial structure. As far as the application is concerned, it depends on the type of illuminator you have purchased. Each type has a different way of applying it on the face.

  •     Illuminating Stick: A illuminator  commostly comes in the form of a roll out stick, similar to a lipstick. The best way to apply is to use it on the areas you want to highlight and blend it with a blending sponge. This way, you would be able to achieve even application and avoid patchiness. Another way to do this is first to apply the illuminator on the entire face and then apply foundation over it. This method also provides a beautiful subtle glow. It is imperative to blend it properly with the base. If not, you may be faced with unnatural patches of shine all over your face, which is not necessarily flattering.
  •     Illuminating Cream: An illuminating cream is also a popular variant of the product. It is much easier to apply and blend due to its formulation. Creams are generally available in tube or stick forms. They are supposed to be applied over your base makeup. Some cream illuminators also come in a pencil form which makes them convenient to be applied on your eyelids or highlight the highest points of your face such as brow bone, bridge of the nose, chin and cupid's bow. The Lotus Makeup Ecostay Illuminating Stick comes in a range of four beautiful shades that comply with almost every skin tone and texture. Illuminating creams are also available online throughout several platforms. Illuminating cream is a top-rated product used by young men and women to elevate their makeup and look.
  • Illuminating Powder: Powder illuminators need a steady hand when comes to application. The best way to apply them is to apply them as setting powders over your base makeup. Powders can cause a lot of buildups and hence should be used sparsely. Powder applications are easy to mess up; therefore, they must be dealt with care. Try using a fan brush and apply the least amount of pressure in your strokes. When done right, powder illuminator makeup provides a subtle dewy glow to your face, which is not possible to achieve with other types of products.

Choosing the Right Illuminator

Before making a purchase, you must know a few things about the choice of powder illuminator or an illuminating cream. Your skin tone does not really matter as long as you are comfortable wearing the shade on your face. However, knowing your skin undertone helps a lot. People with warmer undertones should opt for darker illuminators. This is because darker shades show up beautifully on warm skin tones. On the contrary, light shade illuminators look best on people who have cooler undertones.

The occasion for which you are buying an illuminator also matters. Formal occasions require an even more subtle glow, as compared to informal festivities that are all about going all out in terms of glow and shine. Illuminators are generally available in pearl, gold, dark gold or rose gold shades. Some companies offer even more options in terms of illuminator shades. You can choose any one of these depending upon your suitability.

Another thing to make sure of is to use sunscreen underneath your makeup. This helps the skin to be protected against harmful UV rays as well as make your skin healthier in the long run. Our sunscreens are cruelty-free and chemical-free. We have a range of different formulations in sunscreens, such as creams, gels and sprays. Our sunscreens have high SPFs, making them all the more effective in their skin-protecting properties. All the sunscreens come with a matte finish and do not create excess stickiness on the skin. They contain natural ingredients which are completely safe for the skin even if worn for a long time.


Illuminators can be your BFFs as they help you achieve the best version of yourself after doing your makeup. Using and buying an illuminator does not have to be a confusing task. You have to know a few things about your skin and the product you want to buy, and the rest is extremely easy to follow.

Written by Lotus Herbals