June 23, 2023

Makeup for All: 5 Dazzling Gender-Neutral Pride Looks You'll Love

Call me June, and I will show you a rainbow, call me June, and I will celebrate, call me June and I will call it inclusive, call me June, and take pride. The pride month, June, is about accepting individuals for their choices. LBGTQ month calls for vibrant colours and celebrating oneself, and makeup is the most popular way of self-expression. Makeup reflects preferences and defines personalities. We bring makeup ideas that suit all genders, celebrating pride month. Explore with us five stunning gender-neutral makeup ideas that will inspire you to experiment, express yourself, and show the world the colours of your beliefs.

The Subtle Glow

Subtle and prideful makeup sounds contradictory, but the different one gets the chance to get known first! We suggest opting for a dewy and shiny finish that compliments all skin types, whoever its wearer may be. Go by the rule book and prep your skin with a hydrating primer, Ecostay Insta Smooth Mattifying Perfecting Primer. Next, take a lightweight foundation, Natural Blend Botanical Foundation - Soft Cameo, or BB cream, Xpress Glow Daily Beauty 10-In-1 Cream SPF 25 - Bright Angel, to even out skin texture and tone, allowing the skin to shine through. Add a touch of nude brown face highlighter, Proedit Silk Touch Blush Highlighter Duo - Exotic Crush, to the high points of your face, like cheekbones, the bridge of nose, and cupid's bow. A shimmery eyeshadow in the tint of purple, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow - Autumn Feel is the one in vogue. Complete the look with a glossy purple lipstick, Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss – Magical Mauve, to exude effortless beauty and celebrate the diversity of identities!

All that Shimmers isn't Gold

Talking about gender-neutral makeup and not talking about eye shadow palettes would be a sin. Apply a shimmery eyeshadow in a vibrant shade, Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Orchid Freshness, that reflects the depth of your beliefs, whether for self or in support. Don't restrict yourself to a single colour; remember, it's a pride parade, and all the colours together make a beautiful rainbow. Add a little more drama by putting a touch of glitter on your eyelids, focusing on the inner corners of the lid. Finish with a coat of intense mascara, Maxlash Botanical Mascara – Black, to give the eye the right pop of colours. What goes along your shimmery eyes is a nude glossy lip colour, Proedit Silk Touch Matte Lip Color – Bare Nude, to keep the attention on your bright eyes. Glitter glam is the best way to embrace the celebration of diversity and love.

Paint the World Rainbow

The next look focuses on lipstick shades. The rainbow flag is an iconic symbol of pride and inspiration for this makeup look. Next, fix up the no-makeup makeup look with minimalist makeup products and nude colours, leaving the lip shade. Next is a glossy, matte lipstick that draws attention toward your pout. Pick a bright and bold colour, Proedit Liquid Matte Lip Color – Bold Beauty, and give a good glide on your lips to exhibit your fierce pride. The lipstick comes with a high colour payoff with the goodness of Japanese Sakura extracts and Vitamin E to keep the lips hydrated all day and give a silky-smooth texture. 

Give the Wink a Wing

Another way to achieve a bold, pride makeup look is by playing with eyeliner styles. Keep the rest of the makeup subtle. For this look, don't forget to use a blush, Ecostay Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth Blush – English Pink, on the high points of your face to highlight the best features. What follows next is the core of the look. Select a high-pigmented black eyeliner or any pride color, Colorkick Eye Liner Azure Mermaid. Make a winged liner extending outward from the outer corner of the eyes. Feel free to experiment, like double-winged, different shapes, angles, curved, elongated, or straight, to add your unique touch. You can also add colours using eyeshadow in combination with the liner. Finish it with a lipstick, Proedit Silk Touch Gel Lip Color – Bronze Buzz, complementing your skin undertone to create a striking contrast. Celebrate your true self with this edgy look!

Less is More

With all the highlighter makeup set, how can you leave your nails undone? Pick multi-pastel nail paints or shimmery bold colours; every tone you pick is perfect for the day! When the trends meet the occasion, you know you have put forward the master stroke. We are talking about mini French nails with edges done right in multiple colour nail polish, The Glam Collection. If you want a glam game, add chunks of glitter or crystals to the top of your nail polish. Or do you wish to add your bit to reflect the colour of your soul, the language of love, and the song of your heart? Then go on and experiment with the range of nail colours, Ecostay Nail Enamel Candy Love, and let your true self shine. 

Whether you rock a rainbow-inspired look, a glittery affair, a bold statement, or a subtle glow, let your makeup exhibit your unique journey and unwavering pride, showering love and inclusivity for LGBTQ. Makeup is a tool of self-expression and creativity that enables you to celebrate your true self. The message is simple; love knows no boundaries!

Written by Lotus herbals