November 18, 2022

Makeup for Men: Yes! You Heard Me Right - Lotus Herbals

Should men wear makeup? We have all grown up seeing: hot guys that women drool over in the movies and on TV have makeup on. In reality, too, women tend to notice guys who take better care of their style and looks.

Makeup is not just meant for women. Men, too, have increasingly become more self-conscious about how they look on different occasions. And this gives us the answer to the above question. Yes, they should. Or rather, they must wear it not just to look handsome but to feel more confident in whatever they are doing.

Over the years, men have developed a sense of self-presentation. So, men wearing makeup is a normal thing today. They have adopted and look ever more inclined to use cosmetics and makeup products to exhibit their appearance at their best. It is a way to look good, boost confidence, and let others praise you. It shows they take good care of themselves and are aware of their looks.

With men using makeup to look more attractive, the market is slowly adapting to introducing a range of cosmetics and beauty products for men, including concealers, skin glow cream, foundation, mascara, highlighter, and just about anything men may and should use to improve their looks. Here is a list of men’s makeup products to help you elevate your look for all occasions.

Skin glow cream and moisturizer

The first makeup product for men we have on the list is skin glow cream and moisturizer. For the skin's natural glow and shine, Lotus Makeup Strobe Moisturizer could be an ideal pick. It is the perfect formulation to enhance your skin's natural shine. It is known for its antioxidant and soothing properties. The moisturizer has a buttery texture and provides unparalleled hydration and nourishment.


Mascara may not feel like a necessary makeup product for men, but it can be a game-changer on special occasions. A few coatings of mascara, however, if applied perfectly, can uplift your look by adding volume to your lashes. It can give you a volumized lash effect every time you use it. Mascara is a way to condition, volumize, and extend your lashes.

If you feel dicey about how mascara will look on you, the market offers an extensive range of makeup products for men. But before getting your hands on other products, give Maxlash Botanical Mascara - Black a try, and you will fall in love with what it does to your looks.


When you pick makeup products for men, concealer is something you cannot overlook. You can use a layer of hydrating & lightweight concealer to even out your skin tone and conceal your dark spots and blemishes. You may start by applying a light layer of concealer and build upon coverage as you need.

Lotus makeup products hold a range of concealers to give you a perfect look. Among them is Ecostay Insta Hide Creme Concealer. It comes with a creamy texture, blends effortlessly, and provides medium to full coverage. This hydrating & lightweight concealer instantly works on covering the dark spots and blemishes and brightens up your face to give you a masculine look and spotless finish.


When you are getting ready for a wedding, party, or event, a foundation can take your look to the next level, giving you all the more attention. However, as a beginner, you may feel stuck choosing the right shade that matches your skin. Not to worry, Lotus Herbals, which offers a range of foundations, is there to help you find your perfect fit.

You may choose Lotus Make-Up Proedit Silk Touch Perfecting Foundation to get a perfect party look. The foundation comes in various shades, including Almond, Cocoa, and others to match every skin tone. While Cocoa gives you a bold and glamorous look, almond is a perfect choice for a sober appearance. Irrespective of the shade you choose, it freshens up your complexion. Lotus Herbals foundation gives you a perfect masculine look, glides on effortlessly, and lends flawless buildable coverage for your perfect skin goals. Plus, It offer a natural finish to your skin, making it look brighter and more radiant. It covers all flaws without setting into fine lines for sheer, smooth, and perfect coverage.


A dewy and radiant face look is perfect for all occasions. You can achieve this look by using a highlighter. A touch of highlighter can bring your whole makeup look together. These makeup products accentuate the highest points of your face and add extra glow and radiance when the light hits your face.

Highlighters are meant to bring out your glow and shine. These makeup products can give you a luminous, glow-from-within look while allowing you to catch the spotlight at any event. Lotus Make-Up Proedit Silk Touch Blush Highlighter Duo with adorable soul shade will be a great choice for you. It provides intense long lasting colour. The super-fine powder melts onto your skin seamlessly and gives your cheeks the perfect flush of colour. It can be your go-to essential for creating the ultimate fresh-face look and feel.

So, gentlemen, if you are shortly heading out for an event, be it a dinner with your loved one, a wedding, or a get-together, do not forget to pair your stylish outfit with makeup. The products above will help you rock the party and leave a style statement.

Written by Lotus Herbals