August 25, 2021

The 15 Most Popular Nail Polish Colors

Picking out the best nail colours for yourself can be such a tedious task, but when your nails are adorned with those beautiful colours, it’s all worth it in the end. 

From gel nails to high-shine glitters & statement mattes, it all comes down to your personal preferences at that moment and what would suit your hands for the next week or two. But if you’re still not sure about what colour you would want to experiment with next and you’re constantly on the lookout for some inspiration for your nail paint, we've pulled together a guide to the best nail paint colours for all seasons and moods!

ECOSTAY Nail Enamel- Starry Night

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Starry Night

You can never go wrong with Black Nail Paint, and we have the perfect one for you. The Ecostay Nail Enamel in Starry Night is a chic shade that suits your nails no matter their shape & size. 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Candy Love

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Candy Love

This pretty pink nail paint is your perfect pick to feel all girly & enchanting and also goes with every outfit you wear. You’ll surely be mesmerised with this one. 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Angelic

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Angelic

This is your Lilac dream come true in the form of a nail paint bottle. This perfect spring manicure colour looks gorgeous & delicate on your nails.

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Blue Hues

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Blue Hues

Want to go all bold & bewitching? Then this beautiful blue shade should be your next pick. This alluring nail paint makes sure that your nails get all the attention! 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Silver Chrome

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Silver Chrome

This nail enamel bestows your nails with an opulent silver chrome effect that shines through your nails, making them look elegant and classy!

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Hot Crimson

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Hot Crimson

This Nail Enamel is the ultimate statement of glamour & grandeur! It is a bold, look-at-me colour that speaks of fire and confidence through your nails. 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Jade Green

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Jade Green

Going all green with your nails exudes spunk & earthiness. It is a substantial choice of colour and has a lot of power, perfect for women who don’t shy away from adventures!

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Berry Wine

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Berry Wine

This Berry Wine Nail Enamel is enough to speak through your personality than words ever will. The potent ingredients & chip-resistant formulation of the nail paint bestows your nails with beautiful colours and textures. 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Russian Pink

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Russian Pink

This Nail Enamel is a unique Russian Pink shade that is a classic favourite of almost every girl who is youthful and cutesy with a hint of elegance. 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Magical Brown

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Magical Brown

This Nail Enamel in the shade Magical Brown is a deep and rich colour indicating boldness from within. It is a signature of someone energetic & experimental with her nails! 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Lemon Pie 

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Lemon Pie

This Nail Enamel in the shade Lemon Pie associates itself to the sun and warmth. In addition, the yellow shade exhibits a unique sense of style through the nails. 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Purple Dazzle

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Blue Hue

This Nail Enamel in the shade Purple Dazzle is for everyone who loves to be creative and stand out from the crowd! 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Powder Blue

Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel - Powder Blue

This pretty pastel Powder Blue shade is for everyone who loves a delicate yet different look for their nails. 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Chalkbar

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Chalkbar

This Nail Enamel is the perfect nude shade for your nails for a clean, pretty and polished look. For all those times when you don’t want to be experimental yet nail your look! 

Ecostay Nail Enamel- Pink Fling

Ecostay Nail Enamel - Pink Fling

Chic, classy & playful, the Pink Fling shade brings out the fun and spontaneous side of you. This feminine shade shouts out confidence as it’s incredibly bold and eye-catching. 

Which one is going to be your next pick among these classic favourites for those perfectly manicured nails at home? 

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Written by Lotus Herbals