March 16, 2022

The Best Blush Colours To Wake Up Your Face

The right face blush can warm the complexion and highlight the cheekbones. Face blush can work wonders, whether you're fond of the cream blush or a powder mix. For starters, it may instantly wake you up by adding depth, dew, and a sun-kissed glow to the face, even on lazy mornings.

To get the maximum benefits from a blush, you should consider a few factors. This post shares the most complementary hues for fair, medium, and dark skin. Buy makeup products that are toxin-free and made with natural ingredients.

The first step is finding a face blush that has similar undertones (warm, cool, or neutral) to your skin. The same rule applies to serum foundation. Try a little of it on your cheekbones to test whether or not a product conflicts with your undertone. You should select a different tint if it appears odd.

Blush Colours for Dark Complexion

Reds, Maroons, and Burgundies 

The fact that few colours show up on dark skin makes it difficult to choose a suitable shade for this skin tone. However, the natural charm of this skin tone allows the use of deeper and darker colours with more pigmented hues. If you use a pink or peach face blush on your cheeks, you could end up looking patchy and blotchy. To appear more natural, choose stronger tones, such as plum, burgundy, maroon, or even red, to appear more natural. Choose a creamy blush over a powdered blush (using a serum foundation) for a dewy look. 

Terracottas and Mauves

Darker skin tones have the same concerns as deep skin tones, although lighter colours highlight the undertones. The finest blushes for such skin tone are oranges and brick-hued tones because they give the cheeks that much-needed pop without being overpowering. The goal should be to get a warm glow on the cheeks. Shimmer may also work wonders but only apply it to the face sparingly. Always buy makeup products from trusted brands and use a serum foundation for the perfect blush base.

Blush Colours for Light Complexion


Plum cheeks add a little drama to the face. This colour is a bit of an overachiever since it may also be used as a contouring tint on fair skin. Instead of a sharp, apparent line, dab a slight plum blush in the hollows of your cheeks for added definition and a beautiful shadow. 


If peachy pink looks good on a fair complexion, bright pink looks good on medium skin. You want something in the middle, rather than something with a lot of white. If you're searching for a subtle berry face blush, consider Lotus Makeup's Illuminating Stick Rouge Blush. The blush glides on gently and settles instantly, giving off a lit-from-within radiance. Its light, creamy texture mixes smoothly and improves skin radiance while making the appearance of the face slimmer. It's simple to work with and contains shea butter, which helps hydrate and regenerate dry skin. It also contains Vitamin E, which increases the circulation of skin cells.


Peach face blush is incredibly flattering for a fair complexion. The most natural-looking formula is the one that is sheer and blendable.

If you're unsure, check for terms like 'silk touch' or 'shimmer' on product labels that give off a brilliant shine.

With a highlighter duo, you get two tones in one bundle. Choose blushers enriched with Vitamin E and have anti-ageing benefits, making them an excellent choice for retaining the skin's elasticity and firmness. The products with natural ingredients are perfect for all skin types and illuminate the complexion from within, giving the cheeks a natural flush of colour.

TIP: Sweep a little highlighter across the high points of your cheekbones, brow bones, and down the middle of your nose for an extra shine.

Blush Colours Suitable for All


Ecostay long-lasting silky-smooth blush Love - Caffeine is a silky-smooth blush hue from Lotus Makeup. It adds warmth, illuminates, and creates delicate contours on the face.


Apply a dust bronzer into the hollows of the cheekbones with a fan brush or an angular powder brush for contouring. A light touch is essential as it avoids the risk of applying too much product at once. On a fair complexion, use one swipe; on a medium or deep complexion, use a couple more swipes. Smile and apply bronzer to the cheekbones for a brighter impact.

Peaches and Pinks

A medium skin tone has the advantage of allowing lighter but more pigmented colours to bloom. Whether the texture is matte or powder, it amplifies the blush and gives the complexion a just-stepped-out-of-the-sun glow. To accentuate the appearance and provide a shine to your cheeks, choose softer peaches, rosy pinks, and dusty mauves. 

Light pinks and peaches

The face blushes in lighter shades have a clear framework: shimmer and shine with a pink hint. The cooler undertones give off a pale appearance, so a clean rose colour is needed to make it look natural and seamless. If used sparingly, peach blush can be used to make a statement. You can also choose a warmer berry or mauve, but pink is certainly the best choice. Use a serum foundation or tinted moisturiser or cream blush instead of powder blush.

  • Baby Pink: This shade offers the skin a mild flush. Since most people with fair complexion blush naturally, it seems natural in product form. To add a natural touch of colour, try Ecostay Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth Blush - English Pink by Lotus Makeup. This luminous-finish face blush gives the cheeks a lovely splash of colour. It features a super-fine powder that melts into the skin flawlessly for intense, long-lasting colour. It is your go-to blush if you want to get the perfect fresh-faced look.
  • Rose: It is just the right colour. It falls in the middle range, not bright, but it's not shadowy, either. It's a natural, gentle blush.

Let's Sum Up

Choose a blush that gives you a subtle wash of colour rather than one that is lighter than your face or has light to medium skin tones. Between the plethora of different shades and formulas, it might take a little bit of trial and error to land on your favourites. We recommend buying makeup products from brands that are designed for Indian complexions.

Written by Lotus Herbals