December 29, 2021

Tips To Achieve a Professional Look for Zoom Meeting In 5 Minutes

Work from home, video calls, and zoom meetings are becoming the inevitable new normal. While most professionals could nail the right angle of the camera- they sit while facing the natural light and keep their laptops close to eye level, but they still need some help to put their best faces on calls.

Mornings are hard, especially if you are fond of oversleeping. Often it happens that you forget to set alarms the night before or sleep right through it, and suddenly you realize that you need to attend a zoom meeting within ten minutes. Now, you have nothing to do other than go through some severe triage. It is high time you need to pull yourself together as you are on the verge of missing a crucial meeting. Else, your boss might get very upset.

Yes, we are discussing your looks here, which you try to perfect every day with new products. You, over online meetings, often experience hair drama, acne, and dry skin, which you genuinely brush aside. However, we all need a fresh and active professional look, not a sleepy one when it comes to video calls.

Therefore, let's discuss what you need to do when you have only five minutes to switch on your laptop and look professional for a meeting. If you wonder whether it is doable, let us tell you that it is achievable and easier to pull off than you thought.

Five-Minute Tips to Look Lively and Fresh in Your Zoom Meetings

Start With Cleansing Your Face

Experts suggest cleansing your face as the first step before application of any makeup. Use a gentle cleanser or face wash that supports your skin type. If you have dry skin, ensure to choose a cream cleanser, which helps moisturize your skin while cleaning it of dirt and grime. For oily skin, choose a gel or foam cleanser to help your skin get rid of dirt and oil from your pores without causing any irritation.

Look for face washes and cleansers for combination skin if you have combination skin. Wet your face with lukewarm water, work out your cleanser on your face, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat dry with a soft towel without rubbing your face to keep it nicely damp and soft.

Even Out Your Skin Tone with a Primer

You can apply a tinted moisturizer, and it saves you a step between prepping your face and putting on your makeup. You can also go for moisturizing BB or a CC cream, which keeps your skin hydrated, offering a fresh look instantly and hiding any blemishes from popping. Alternatively, you can also apply a primer, which helps you create a smooth canvas that grips your foundation. Finally, go for a good foundation that hydrates the skin and gives a dewy and flawless base.

Apply Foundation with a Makeup Sponge

Brushes look pretty on your nightstand and offer versatility; however, a makeup sponge is the best option whenever you are in a hurry. Makeup sponges are ideal when applying a cream or liquid foundation. The full-coverage creamy texture offers you a flawless look when you dab your favorite product with a beauty blender. Ensure not to drag the product, as it can create a cakey appearance. For best results, dampen your blender with a few drops of water before use.

Apply a face concealer

Although you overslept, you might develop dark circles under your eyes, as you failed to get proper sound sleep. If that is the case, go for a face concealer with slight yellow undertones that helps in neutralizing any redness or discoloration while leaving you to look brighter and well-rested.

Create dimension

When you are in a hurry, you cannot find all your makeup products in one place. To save your time, reach for a palette that has your highlighter, blush, and bronzer in one kit. Use an angled brush to apply the contour shade using the 'E+3' method. It would help if you drew an E shape beginning at your temples, along your cheekbones, and back out towards your jawline. Repeat the same process on the other side and blend away. Finish the look by applying the highlighter to your cheekbones and blushing towards the apples of your cheeks.

Enhance your brows

Brow grooming products add density and enhance your brows with a few quick swipes. First, ensure you’re choosing the shade that matches the current color of your brows. Even if you have sparse brows, a small amount of tinted eyebrow definer brushed upwards creates fullness and keeps them in place. Moreover, it gives your overall complexion a beautiful lift.

Create bright eyes

While you work from home, attend video calls, and zoom meetings with your boss and colleagues, it is essential to look awake and attentive. Shades brighter than your skin tone make your eyes look bold and lively. When you have less time, ensure to dip your finger in the shadow and swipe it over your lids up to the crease. It is a simple way to revitalize your face.

If you are not a fan of eye shadows, you can also go with mascara. We recommend using a pitch-black mascara or a pitch-black eyeliner to create an alert and lively eye look for your video call and zoom meetings. If you feel bored with your usual black eye makeup, you can create a new look with blue mascara and eyeliner. Make sure you don’t go overly dramatic with either as that will rest all the attention to your eyes.

Do not forget your lips

Ensure to spare some time to create perfect lips for your zoom office meetings. You can define and sculpt perfect lips using various lip care products and invest in a few good hydrating lipsticks and lip care products. Pick nude, dusty pink, or neutral shades of lipstick to end the effortless zoom meeting makeup look. Lip color is ideal when you have a short time. Outline and fill the lips with your choice of lip colour. Then pat and blend with your finger for a soft and skillful result. Ensure that your lips must match your overall makeup.

Do not forget to do your hair

It is essential to have a go-to hairstyle for the days when you are rushing for your job. Brush your hair in the morning as you get up from the bed, which reduces frizz and breakage. You can also sleep by making loose braids to prevent any crazy waves on waking up. In the morning, you can straighten out those random curls and waves. When you are in a hurry, you can also go for a no-part look and tousle your hair to one side.

Voila, you are ready to slay that zoom meeting with a soft, understated, yet impactful makeup look for zoom meetings!

Written by Lotus Herbals