March 24, 2023

Tropical Nails for Summer: Embrace the Island Vibes With These Nail Art Ideas

Have you been following Oscars 2023? Did you notice the red carpet colour palettes, especially the makeup ones? Have you missed that? Don't worry; we share some of the best wear nail paints that caught our attention and are perfect for summer nail art.

The beautiful colour palates are associated with summery pastel colours, glittering hints, or beachy-beachy ideas. We are sure these ideas will make heads turn and ponder who's that girl! And if someone asks you where did you get it done? What shades are you wearing? Just ask them to hit the follow button on your Insta handle, and we will be your partner in crime!

Pastel Candies 

Summer and pastels are like sand and ocean. Pick different pastel tones, Ecostay Nail Enamel Powder Blue E67, Boysenberry E71, Candy Love E69, Smoke Grey E72, and Berry Berry E33, and apply one shade on one finger and another shade on another. The pastel candies will look summer cool and instantly add cheer to your day. Happy colours, happy mood!

The French Mani

French nails are classy and never go out of fashion! Laverne Cox wore French nails in a sea blue tip for the Oscars. Surprised! Where did the white go? Well, the trend is all about experimenting with colours and keeping the nails short. Go for a single colour or pick multiple shades of blue or sea green nail polish colors, Ecostay Nail Enamel Purple Dazzle E50, Powder Blue E67, and Blue Hues E35, to bring out the ocean theme. Trust us, this new trend is stunning! 

Neutral Nudes

Nudes are the new buzz in the town that Lady Gaga too wore at the Oscars. Take the nude nail paint of your choice, Ecostay Nail Enamel Flat White E74, glide it smoothly on your nails, and top coat it. Tada! There you go with the bare minimum chic style. You can also level up the game by adding words like voyage, beach, travel, or alike across your nails to be travel ready!

Sparkling Surprise

Sparkle chunks are the favourite this season, like the one Eva Longoria was seen in at the Oscars. Paint your nails with the nude nail polish Ecostay Nail Enamel Crystal Shine E41, and add chunky glitters to them, as Ana De Armas did for Oscars 2023. This is a perfect look for your summer beach party – bling to your bare minimum day look!

Cool Melon

Summers are complete with watermelons. For this tropical nail art, you only need four colours – red, green, black, and white, Ecostay Nail Enamel Magnetic Magenta E19, Coral Green E36, Starry Night E52, and Crystal Shine E41. Paint your whole nail red and tip it with green colour and a thin line of white nail polish between the green and red colour. Now make small dot-like seeds with black to finish off the look. Don't forget the top coat. You can either paint the whole nail in watermelon or slice the sides. 

Citrus Hints

Summers and citrus tones of yellow, orange, and lemon green are captivating, Ecostay Nail Enamel Squeezy Lemon E66. Mix-match these shades on your nails, and your tropical nails are ready in a jiffy!

Dynamic Dots

Polka dots are all girls' favourite style. It is the easiest to do nail art and the most stylish too. All you have to do is take some best nail enamel tropical colours - green, blue, orange, and yellow and dot your nails, Coral Green E36 and Hot Crimson E5. The size of the dots will play the game; either go for a single dot on a nail randomly placed on different nails or go for multiple dots in different colours. Easy breezy!

The Browns of Cocoa

Brown is the one big hit colour this season; be it a nail paint or eye shadow palette in India, it is gaining fans everywhere. The trick is simple - pick the most caffeinated shade of brown, The Caffeinated Collection, and apply it on your nails except the ring finger. Apply a light shade of brown or any metallic shade on the ring finger nail, and there you go, Insta trendy!  

Baking Blues

Are you talking about tropical and not talking about blue? Blue is in the sea; blue is in the sky. Paint your manicured nails with blue and apply thin strokes of white to create a sea wave effect or make the dreamy clouds reflect the summer beach sky. We can already feel the beach, breeze, and blue sky!

Mermaid Tails

Mermaids might be a fairy tale, but who doesn't love the scales on their tails? Go for purple-blue shimmery nail paints, Ecostay Nail Enamel Purple Dazzle E50, and The Glam Collection, and draw out the scales in gold metallic nail enamel and lotus eye shadow to add a little drama to it. Perfect artistic nails for your summer island look! Touché!

Beach Flowers

Island and flowers and greens – that's what beaches are all about in summer. Paint your nails in the green palm-like strokes, ECOSTAY Nail Enamel Jade Green 10ml E49, and then make hibiscus flowers in orange or yellow. If painting the hibiscus flower is challenging, make dotted sunflowers. One pina colada please!

While we have shared many nail art ideas, don't remember to nail art your toenails too. We at Lotus makeup always strive to keep you in vogue, safe, and pink with our cruelty-free and paraben-free products. Do tag us in your nail art style posts on Instagram. We are waiting!

Written by Lotus Herbals