March 02, 2023

Women's Day Makeup: Celebrate with Bold and Empowering Looks

We know what brought you here, but before we give the hacks a bold and beautiful look, let's see what International Women's Day 2023 is all about. 

#EmbraceEquity is the theme of this women's day 2023 that aims at gender parity, groundbreaking gender roles, and inclusivity. Going with the theme, we decided to share affirmations with powerful Lotus Makeup that would remind you to be 'you' in your unique ways. 

Hey, stop, have you heard the most exciting news? Lotus Herbals is proud to be associated with the Mumbai Indian’s WPL team to support the talented women cricketers who are breaking boundaries in sports. 

Celebrating women across boundaries irrespective of colour, age, and occupation - beautiful and powerful in their skin - we are sharing some of our best makeup for you to pick your style from a bare no-makeup look to a shimmery glamorous look you wish to wear on the day: 

I can dream and dare!

You know you are worthy of seeing every dream – establishing your own company, climbing up the corporate ladder, having equal pay for equal positions, and the right to bag an opportunity as much as a male counterpart. The dreams in your eyes are worthy of every effort, and define them with smudge-proof kajal, Ecostay Longlasting Kajal – Black and let your glittery dreams remind you of your potential. 

I am enough! 

The theme colour of this year's women's day is purple. Purple represents dignity, equality, and fairness. You know you are enough for yourself. You are self-reliant, independent, and confident, accepting and believing in who you are. Wear Lotus Ecostay Nail Enamel Boysenberry E71 nail paint or Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow - Orchid Freshness eye shadow to be in the theme and say that you are sufficient to make things happen for you!   

I am worth it! 

The neutral theme colour green signifies hope – a hope to be the change, a hope to live happily in the skin you're in, a hope to be loved and respected irrespective of the size and shape of your body, a hope to be in physical well-being rather than accustomed body shape! And just like the tints of Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Forestry eye shadow blends in nicely and forms a mesmerising hue, all in different shapes make the complete!

 I am grateful! 

Another neutral theme colour is white, representing purity and serenity. You are pure in the sense of who you are and where and to whom you were born; your feminist identity doesn't make you impure or unworthy of many social things, and you are not a victim of social stigma and taboos. BB cream, Xpress Glow Daily Beauty 10-In-1 Cream SPF 25 - Royal Pearl, combines different characters that form one quick solution to your skin needs – pure in what it is! 

I deserve it!  

The journeys the women have travelled over the ages, from fighting for their rights to education and menstrual taboos, you deserve to have what rightfully belongs to you. Let's take pride in the journey where men and women stood up for the righty proper practices. The power of black with sophistication and strength speaks volumes of the dark old day. Embrace the new with the elegance and superiority of eye mascara, Maxlash Botanical Mascara – Black, and take pride in the baggage you have carried for so long! 

I am Unstoppable!

Once you set your mind to something, don't let the noises distract you, don't let the emotional attachments hold you back, or let the roadblocks deviate you. Fight and rise for what belongs to you. The colour red speaks of the passion, courage, and sacrifice required to make things happen. Follow your heart, and you shall find the way. Proedit Silk Touch Gel Lip Color – Miss Rose would give you the exact impression you need to make your presence marked!

I have it in me!

You are courageous and strong. You make way for others to walk. The so-called unconventional areas don't exist; the sky is the limit! Sports, astronomy, corporate, politics, medicine, engineering, technology, atomics, AI, and research….. you don't only belong to limiting conservative options of a homemaker, teacher, and artist. You have it in you to be free to be what you want! Ecostay Intensive Serum Foundation glides on smoothly, leaving a smooth and soft look to let you shine through!

Which affirmation are you picking this women's day? A foundation to tell you, 'you have got it all' or a kajal for eyes to 'dream another dream and make things happen?' Share your women's day story with Lotus makeup, and remember to tag us. Happy Women's Day to all the lovely ladies out there!

Written by Lotus herbals