November 10, 2021

13 Secret Tips for Skin Care in Winter for Glowing Skin

Winter and dryness is an inevitable combination. With the drop in temperature, the skin becomes dry, dull, scaly, itchy, rough, and red. Winter demands more skin care than any other time of the year.

Whether you love to feel cosy in a blanket or go out and enjoy the cold air in winters, low humidity, indoor heat, and cold breeze spare none. 

In this article, we are going to share winter skin care tips with you ditching the cliché of moisturising and nourishing yourself, eating healthy, and many alike. Read below to take a note of what not to miss out this winter:

1) Turn down the heater

You must have heard it many times not to take hot or long showers, but did you know that setting a high temperature on your thermostat also contributes to skin dryness?

Setting high room temperature takes away moisture from your skin, making it dry, red, flaky, and itchy. Therefore, set a moderate temperature to keep yourself warm and protect your skin from roughness.

2) Install a humidifier 

A humidifier helps to restore the lost moisture in the air. It can help to restore inside moisture and up to 60% of lost moisture in the top layer of the skin. Isn’t this the simplest way to winter skin care?

3) Warm winter sunbaths

Winter is the time of the season when one likes to bask in the sun and enjoy the warmth relieving the cold weather. 

We know the temptation to laze in the sun, excusing it for vitamin D. First things first, don't sit uncovered in the sun leaving any part of the body exposed to sunlight. Limit your time to half an hour, and do apply sunscreen.

4) One for the pout

Do not ignore your lips. Always keep a lip balm handy and apply as and when required.

If you are wondering how to take care of skin in winter naturally, scrub your lips with sugar granular mixed with olive oil. This helps in exfoliating lips alongside moisturising them. Once you scrub your lips, apply lip balm to seal hydration. 

5) Protect yourself from frostbites

Cover your hands with gloves to avoid skin redness and frostbites. Apply body butter before wearing gloves to keep the skin nourished and protect it from damage from friction.

6) Switch skin care products

Everyone tells you to apply heaps of moisturiser for skin care in winter, but rarely would anyone tell you to switch products. 

Yes, in winters skin needs more nourishment than summers and therefore you should pick skin care products for winters that are deep nourishing and have heavy moisturising content, like shea butter, petroleum jelly, emollient, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter. This provides your skin with the much-needed skin scare for winters. 

7) Wear soft and non-irritant clothes

Some winter wear are made of coarse fabric that causes skin irritation, redness, and damage. Always wear clothes made of natural fabrics that are soft and comfortable. 

8) Avoid wearing wet clothes

Exposure to snow or morning dew or fog can make clothes wet. Wet clothes can irritate and damage the skin making it itchy. Do not wear wet clothes in winter to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. 

9) Vacay Essentials

If you are planning a vacation in a snowy area, don’t forget to keep sunglasses and sunscreen handy. Snow is a good reflective area for UV rays, which can potentially damage your skin and eyes. This makes sunscreen and sunglasses essentials for winter skin care in snowy areas.

10) Check the tap

We have talked about hot showers but how about hot tap waters. Use lukewarm water to wash your hands and face. Using water at a high temperature causes dull and dry skin. 

Moreover, do moisturise your hands and face after every wash to restore supple and soft skin. The skin on hands has fewer oil glands and is more exposed to cold temperatures in winters. This is why your hands need more care and nourishment. 

11) Go easy on exfoliation

One of the best winter face care tips you can get is to exfoliate less during winters. During this season opt for mild exfoliant or scrub to remove dead cells and flaky skin as skin barriers get compromised in winters.

For cracked and damaged skin avoid using exfoliant unless the skin is healed and smooth.

12) That special care

If you have some skin problems or dry and damaged skin, applying emollient before is a great way to rejuvenate skin. During the night the skin repairs and heals itself and providing it with the required nourishment will help the process. 

Using skin emollients, serums, or repair creams at night is our best bet among all the winter care tips

13) The feet that tap

Cracked feet do not look good only but they can be quite painful too. Massage shea butter or petroleum jelly generously on your feet before going to bed. 

Keep your feet covered and clean them often so they absorb all the goodness of the moisturiser. 

With all these winter tips for skin, remember the basics to religiously follow your skin care routine, exercise, and a balanced diet with omega-3 fatty acids. Winter makes you feel less thirsty, but don't fall into the trap and keep taking the right amount of water to keep the skin hydrated and supple.
Written by Lotus Herbals