September 14, 2021

9 Simple Tips to Get Baby Smooth Skin at Home

Everyone desires glowing, soft, and supple skin but putting in effort seems time-consuming. The secret to smooth skin lies in your routine. 

The following simple tips will do the trick to give you the desired skin texture. These tips are effortless and the least time-consuming! Read below to know it all:

1 ) Improve your Diet

Limit the intake of junk food for flawless skin. Strictly avoid processed meals, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates to avoid skin inflammation.

Have enough vitamin C naturally from vegetables and fruits, like berries, as these defences your skin against free radical damage. 

Add fish, legumes, leafy vegetables, nuts, and dark chocolates to your diet because these are a good source of dietary fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming these will keep your skin soft and smooth.

2 ) Get enough sleep

Ignoring the need for relaxation, daily grind, and stress can harm your skin. Lack of sleep accelerates ageing and will not contribute to your quest on how to improve skin tone

Since sleep allows the body to heal itself and recuperate from everyday stress, you should get a sound sleep of 8 hours.

Fatigue makes your skin look shallow and dry. Proper sleep makes your skin younger and plumper. As a result, fewer wrinkles will occur beneath the eyes and the tear troughs. 

3 ) Sweat it out by exercising regularly

How to improve skin tone is another botheration for many. Despite eating sufficient vegetables and sleeping better, your path to a healthy lifestyle and smoother skin is complete with regular exercise only. 

Workouts increase the blood flow through facial veins and provide additional micronutrients and healing qualities to your facial skin. 

When you perspire, sweat cleanses out toxins from your body making it fresh, healthy, and radiant. 

Exercise even reduces inflammation, regulates hormones, and protects the skin against free radical damage.

4 ) Go gentle on your skin

Using hard fabric or rubbing a towel harshly to dry your skin damages the cells and leaves an uneven skin texture. Therefore, always pat dry your skin tenderly with a soft cloth or towel.

Moreover, keep your towel clean to avoid the transfer of microorganisms on the skin as these can cause breakouts and skin cell damage, leaving you with a skin texture that you least desire. 

5 ) Moisturise properly 

Moisturising is vital irrespective of your skin type. It helps to regulate sebum production, prevent flaking and dry areas, and replace lost moisture. 

You can fill up some dead skin cells and create a smoother skin texture by applying lotions and creams. It is the simplest solution for how to improve skin texture

For the perfect result, use lotion or moisturiser on damp skin (or within three minutes of getting out of the shower) to trap water. This locks in moisture, making your skin supple and softer.

6 ) Hydrate the skin from within

Consuming sufficient water throughout the day is vital for metabolic processes to be at their peak within the skin cells, making your skin hydrated and plump.

Have eight to ten glasses of water and eat five servings of fruits and vegetables to receive all the vitamins and antioxidants essential for maintaining supple and nourished skin. 

If you want to know how to improve skin texture, then following a good dietary habit is your secret.

7 ) Cleanse and exfoliate religiously

If you clean and gently exfoliate your skin, you will remove dead skin cells and see more light reflecting off of your skin. 

Face: A double-cleanse, suiting your skin type, is an answer to how to get smooth skin as it does away with every trace of debris, dirt, oil, and makeup that clog facial pores. 

Use exfoliating acids to remove dead cells since they break down the glue-like material that holds dead cells on the face.

Body: You need scrubs and peels for smooth body skin. Moisturisers and antioxidant-rich compounds in mild scrubs make rough legs and dry feet soft and smooth. A moderate glycolic-acid body wash with a soft puff is recommended for sensitive skin prone to micro-scarring.

Lips: Avoid flaking and damaged lips by simply cleaning them with warm water and a soft toothbrush or mild lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. Apply a lip balm with SPF for smooth and healthy lips. 

8 ) Block the sun

The damaging effects of UV light on the skin are fatal. Unprotected sun exposure causes severe skin allergies, damage, and diseases to every individual. It affects skin texture, tone, collagen, and elasticity.

Do you know that up to 80% UV radiation can penetrate cloud cover and travel through glass and automobile windows? This calls for applying sunscreen for glowing and smooth skin even on cloudy days or when exposed to highly reflective areas like beaches, mountains, and snow-covered areas.

9 ) Use chemical-free products

Chemicals induced beauty products are harsh and damage the skin that shall not be visible instantly but gradually.  

Indulge into a skincare routine using only products with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients deeply nourish the skin and provide it with a boost of nutrients to make it healthy and glowing.  

The answer to your query for “how to get smooth skin?” lies within your routine, and we assure you that these tips and tricks will work miraculously. Go ahead and do the needful to let your skin be younger, happier, and fresher than ever before.
Written by Lotus Herbals