March 22, 2021

Be Holi Ready with these Skincare Tips!

March brings with itself an aura of enthusiasm and colours. It is the time of the year when we are drenched in a mishmash of water, colours and utmost delight. The arrival of Spring is marked with this joyous festival and signifies the triumph of good over evil.

With the long weekend festival, everyone is busy planning their get-togethers, bringing home a range of colours and preparing traditional sweets. But Holi brings along a host of other problems- the major ones being related to skin and hair.

Scared of what damage can be caused due to the chemically-stacked colours?

Here are some tips for your Pre-Holi and Post-Holi care that would help to safeguard against the damage caused to your skin and hair amidst the Holi Celebrations.

Pre-Holi Skin Care Tips

Before you start with the Holi Festivities, make sure to guard your skin with products that will protect your skin and lessen the damage. Your skin will be exposed to other external factors apart from colours; therefore, it is essential to take the required measures before heading out. We have a list of Holi Precautions so that you can start your Holi Preps in full swing!

  1. Apply Coconut Oil and Mustard Oil

Before starting your Holi Celebration, apply coconut oil or mustard oil to your entire body. Your skin allows chemicals to penetrate the body; therefore, the colours can be very detrimental to your skin health. Applying the oil at least one hour before heading out forms a protective layer between your skin and the colours. Do not forget to use the oil between your fingertips, fingernails and behind the ears.

  1. Make SPF your Best friend.

To avoid sun tan and burns, lather yourself with a generous amount of sunscreen. Choose a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or higher so that it works well in the harsh noon. The best time to apply sunscreen is in the morning time so that your skin absorbs it well. You can use any oil or moisturiser with it for extra nourishment.

Use the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen MatteGEL SPF 50 before stepping out in the sun!

  1. Wear Comfortable Covered Clothing

Make sure the clothes you wear cover the maximum of your body parts. Opt for comfortable clothes made of breathable fabric like cotton and protect your skin from the damage of colours and sun exposure. Wearing synthetic or tight clothes can cause rashes or skin allergies when in contact with chemically-infused colours.

  1. Pay attention to ears, lips and eyes.

Do not ignore the sensitive areas around your eyes, ears and lips. These areas need special attention as they are directly exposed, and the colour is difficult to come off. These parts can be coated with petroleum jelly to keep them moisturised and prevent the colours from settling in.

Post-Holi Skincare Tips

After playing Holi, your skin will need extra care and nourishment to recover from any damage caused. Now that you’re aware of the Pre-Holi skincare, you need to indulge in some Post-Holi skincare rituals too. Here are some tips to follow-

  1. How to remove Colour from Face

The colours we use to play Holi are loaded with harmful toxins and chemicals. These can be pretty harsh and difficult to come off from the skin. To remove any colour, you first need to wash your face with a mild and gentle cleanser. Apply the face wash and lather it for a good 30-40 seconds to get the colour off. Post this, use a cotton ball dipped in coconut oil and apply it thoroughly on your face. Let it stay for 5-10 minutes, and then again wash your face with a gentle cleanser. If your skin feels dry after this, use a moisturizing lotion.

Use the Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW 3 in 1 Deep cleansing Skin Brightening Facial Foam for gentle & deep face cleansing.

  1. Face Masks to the rescue

After Holi, your skin has already been exposed to harsh chemicals during the day. To soothe skin damage, make use of natural ingredients available in your kitchen as face masks.

Make a face pack using curd, lemon and gram flour and apply the pack thoroughly on your face and neck. You can also apply this to other exposed body parts. Let it stay till it dries down. The curd will deliver a soothing effect and act as a bleaching agent. Lemon has antibacterial properties that work on getting rid of toxins and impurities.  This face pack helps to remove the colours to some extent and provide much-needed hydration to the skin.

  1. Avoid the use of makeup.

Your skin has already been loaded with harsh chemicals all day, so it’s for the best to take some time off from makeup and let your skin heal. Wearing too much makeup can again cause skin reactions and allergies because of the chemically stacked products. Give yourself a day off from any makeup and let your skin breathe.

  1. Rub Ice for Skin Soothing

To avoid dry skin and any kind of sunburns post holi, make it a daily ritual to apply ice cubes on your face. Ice cubes are perfect for shrinking down the pores, providing relief from the heat, and making your skin appear smoother. Wrap a few ice cubes in a thin cotton cloth and rub them on your face and neck. Leave it to dry naturally.

Now that we have solved all your skin concerns with the Pre & Post-Holi tips, you can go ahead and plan your Holi Celebrations!

And have loads of FUN!

Written by Lotus Herbals