April 22, 2021

Consider these Factors Before Picking Your Next Sunscreen for Summers

Imagine planning for weeks to enjoy a perfect sunny day with your friends. Playing games, having your favourite drink, and reliving your old memories surely sound lovely. Once you have spent a significant amount of time under the skin, you will begin to realise that your skin is taking a toll from the sun. It is at this moment that you apprehend that your sunscreen failed to fulfil its task. 

The fault is not of the sunscreen, but the one who picked the wrong product. Even a simple mistake can ruin the full day of fun and activities and the skin will take weeks to recover. All that can be avoided when the right sun cream lotion for summer is picked. In case you also have such similar plans, then here is a quick guide on the factors that you should consider before you choose sunscreen.

#1 Understand Skin Protection Factor

Skin Protection Factor is a value given to sunscreen lotions with regards to their capability of safeguarding the skin. Dermatologists recommend going for at least SPF 30 as it protects the skin for an extended period. Without a doubt, the higher the number, the better protection it will provide. However, the SPF only signifies protection from UVB rays leaving the skin vulnerable to UVA rays. In that case, the best sunscreen for summers will be the one with broad-spectrum protection as it protects the skin from both types of UV rays.

#2 What Activities You are Going to Perform?

One of the biggest factors to understand while choosing the right sunscreen is the activities that you are going to perform after application. Sunscreens perform differently than any other material applied to the skin. Regular usage and sports activities leave a different impact on sunscreen application. Before you pick sunscreen, you need to find out what you are going to do afterwards. In case you are going for sports or swimming, then you should have water or sweat-resistant sunscreen so that it stays longer on the skin.

Try Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Sports Daily-Defence UV Block Sunscreen SPF 50+ for this purpose.

Safe Sun Sports Daily-Defence UV Block

#3 Wearer’s Age

Without a doubt, age is a significant factor to pick any product for the skin. With growing age, the skin changes and the products may not stay effective. Due to this factor, sunscreens made for adults cannot be applied to kids. Children have sensitive skin and can be damaged easily. Sunscreens made for kids should be applied to kids so that their skin remains protected without using harsh materials.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sunscreen Cream SPF 25 is specifically made for kids. 

Safe Sun Kids Sun Block Cream SPF 25

#4 Precise Sunscreen for Skin Types

Humans have majorly three skin types; dry, oily and normal. These three are self-explanatory and the products made for each type of skin are unique. Sunscreen for oily skin should not be used on dry skin and vice-versa. The best sunscreen for oily skin in summer is the one marked as non-comedogenic as it does not block skin pores.

If you have oily skin, then do give Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen MatteGEL Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ a try.

On the other hand, people with dry skin should look for sunscreens with skin hydrating ingredients like aloe vera extract. Aloe vera is far-famed for its skin benefits and adding it to sunscreen will ultimately make it among the best sunscreen for dry skin in summer.

Try Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 PA++ for dry skin.

Safe Sun Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

#5 Give a Glance at the Ingredients

Ingredients are what makes a regular lotion into sunscreen. Identifying from what the lotion is made helps in getting to know more about the product along with finding out its potency levels. Sunscreens with active ingredients like avobenzone, titanium oxide and zinc oxide are highly effective in safeguarding the skin. Giving a glance at the ingredients also ensures that no such element is used in manufacturing the product which could lead to skin allergies. 

Combine Other Methods of Protection

Though sunscreens provide excellent protection from UV rays, the protection can be enhanced by combining other ways as well. The easiest way is to reduce skin exposure to direct sunlight. However, that is not always possible. In that case, you can cover up your body with clothes as they can also block UV rays to much extent.

Combining these ways are great to safeguard the skin. Now you know the factors that you should consider while picking up the right sunscreen for yourself. Make sure to always wear sunscreen and apply an even coat for the right protection. In addition to that, get the best sunscreen for combination skin in summer that acts as a shield for your skin. Pick your sunscreen through the above factors and apply it regularly for the best results. 

Written by Lotus Herbals