December 28, 2021

Couple Skincare: Is it the Next Thing You Should Try Together?

Undoubtedly, everything, including relationships between a couple, changes over time. As a result, most relations tend to lose their spark, giving birth to several issues between the couple. While some couples pay no heed to the problems developing due to some constraints and merged ignorance, others always come up with many ways to reverse the scenario.

The most common solutions involve:

  • Planning a romantic getaway together.
  • Delivering surprise gifts.
  • Becoming more experimental with your personal life.

Besides being involved in these things, you can also try doing new things as a couple. We will suggest going for a skincare routine. You can mask with your morning coffee, indulge in some cleansing scrubs, massage oils on lazy weekends, and spend the evenings with a relaxing night-time routine with your partner.

This article lists some of the great ideas that help you plan the perfect skincare ritual for you and your partner. With the arrival of the winter season, you will never find another ideal time to indulge in some extra care and snuggles. 

Get acquainted with skincare

Like you, most women agree that their spouses are a little lousy when practising skincare. Most men hesitate to use face wash instead of their regular soap. Therefore, expecting your partner to follow a proper three-step skincare routine will be too much. Therefore, the first step to getting him interested in the skincare routine is to get him acquainted with the basics. Once he realizes the ease of adopting a healthy skincare routine, you will notice a swift change in his views on personal grooming.

 Mask time

When you cleanse your skin correctly, you lay the proper foundation for every other step. You both can share a cleansing routine. Yes, we are speaking of masks. The beauty products cater to several concerns all at once. They are hassle-free and do not require much effort. Therefore, it is better to go for a multi-tasking mask. Let the product work its magic while you spend some time chilling with your beau. You can huddle in front of your screen to watch the latest flock or watch a movie while you say hello to your rejuvenated skin.

 Apply sunscreen

You man might not be keen on beauty and skincare. Therefore, it is essential to introduce your partner to the simple skincare ritual that both can do together every day. After cleansing your face, pour sunscreen on your palm and apply it to your partner's skin. Next, apply sunscreen on the skin parts with maximum exposure to the sun. However, it would help if you were selective about the sunscreen lotion and its SPF number.

Cleansing at bedtime

After returning home from a heavy dinner, we often want to sleep. In such a scenario, we usually skip our bedtime skincare routine. Unfortunately, missing the bedtime skincare routine adversely affects your skin. All you need to do is encourage each other to participate in basic cleansing before going to bed. After all, it is essential to smell good to each other.

 Use packs for treating zits and pimples

Using packs for the skin is a fun thing to do for the couple. You can browse and buy homemade packs and masks for zits and pimples. It helps you in achieving clear and glowing skin. Rest assured, your friends are sure to envy you both for your healthy and glowing skin.

Go for a couple's spa treatment 

Movie dates and dinner dates are common among couples. Instead, you stand apart from others and plan a spa or therapy session in the local salon. Spa therapies exfoliate and polish your skin and promote cell regeneration. However, a couple's spa session is more relaxing and fun than a normal spa session. 

Haven't you enjoyed a couple's treatment? If so, you are missing a delightful bonding experience. Take the entire package with a refreshing facial, a luxurious body massage, and sauna sessions. You can also add other treatments such as body polishing and tan removal to the package. 

Whether it be the finest massage oils, or the finest grooming products like facial masks, scrubs, and face beauty cream, a good spa will use premium products. Are you still wondering about the benefits? Besides spending quality time with your spouse, you feel relaxed with healthy and glowing skin.

Treat your skin with vitamin C

Vitamin C is another essential ingredient for skincare. Of course, it is as crucial for your man as it is for you. Choose a formula that adds the right amount of vitamin C to your skin without the hassles of adding complicated steps to your skincare ritual. Are you feeling bored? You can make a weekly routine to slap on some vitamin C serum and massage each other using the jade and gua sha rollers. While serums are a great addition to your daily skincare rituals, you can also try using a nourishing face beauty cream, such as Lotus face moisturizer, if both of you do not like laying up the beauty products. 

Hydrate your skin

During winters, your skin requires hydration. Most of the hydrating solutions come in gel or water-based formulas. The best part is that they suit every skin type, including people with sensitive skin. 

However, while choosing the formulas for your sensitive skin, invest in the formula that has no fragrances and contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, and probiotics. In addition, you can pick up a light moisturizer, like Lotus face moisturizer, and keep it on the shared shelf for your daily skincare regime. Since men have more facial hair than women, their skin tends to get drier. Therefore, hydration is an essential part of your man's skincare regime.

Take care of your lips

Hydrating your lips is an essential part of your skincare routine. Besides hydrating your lips with moisturizing balms, applying lip masks and lip scrubs is vital. The masks help in keeping your lips softer for longer. For best results, choose and use an overnight mask. Lips scrubs help treat chapped lips and are an essential skincare product for the winters. Choose lip masks and scrubs with natural ingredients like berries, coconut, and rosehips.

You can maintain your skincare regime and liven up your love life this winter. Figure out your couple skincare regime this winter and spend more time together.

Written by Lotus Herbals