February 25, 2022

Know-How To Care For Your Skin After A Facial: Dos & Don'ts

Pampering your skin with a relaxing and much-needed facial does a lot of good. But what’s even more important is how to take care of your skin after a facial. There’s no point in spending time and effort in going for a facial if you’re not going to maintain that post-session glow and skin softness. 

Your skin is already super soft and smooth after a facial, but it is also super sensitive. The plumpness and radiance typically last anywhere from three to five days. It is the after-facial skincare that keeps it going for long. 

What Happens to Your Skin After a Facial?

Not in an invasive way, but it won’t be an understatement to say that your skin has undergone a mini surgery because of the blackhead removal, exfoliation, steaming, and face packs. It exposes the new skin cells, and they need some time to mature and settle. While many people go to the parlour, a facial kit for glowing skin brings in the same effect.

In a nutshell, the skin remains sensitive; and may react to any harsh or inappropriate skin care routine or products. 

We have collated a list of dos and don’ts for your skin type. 

Things To Do After a Facial

  • Use a Gentle Cleanser
  • Just remember, post a facial, your skin is more sensitive than before. Choose a mild and gentle face cleanser that is effective in removing dirt, leftover grease, and unwanted debris without affecting it negatively. 

  • Hydrate Well
  • When it comes to effective skincare, hydration is the single most answer to all your concerns. While after a good facial, your skin is already deeply moisturised; follow it up by drinking adequate water throughout the days for days to come. It will help your facial glow last longer. 

  • Follow Up with a Moisturiser
  • If your facial had steps that included exfoliation or scrubbing, it means your dead skin cells were removed by exfoliating it. The step also leads to the removal of essential skin oils that help maintain the skin’s moisture levels. We recommend a gentle and hydrating moisturiser that helps to replenish and lock the moisture. If you’re looking for a moisturiser that is effective at keeping your skin hydrated after a facial, check out Lotus WhiteGlow Skin Brightening Serum + Moisturiser.

  • Skip the Toner
  • Applying a toner is usually not recommended for 2-3 days after the facial. Using an alcohol-based toner after a facial can lead to skin irritation and cause dryness. Your skin already had a deep cleansing during the facial, which is why you can avoid using a toner for up to 3 days after the facial.

  • Get Other Skin Treatments Before Facial
  • Your skin gets more sensitive after the facial because of the elaborate steps it went through, threading eyebrows, skin bleach, or even a facial wax is only going to irritate your skin, leading to redness and rashes. So, it is better to get face waxing, bleach and threading done at least 1 to 2 days before the facial.

    What Not to Do After a Facial?

  • Avoid Scrubbing Your Face
  • Skin exfoliation or scrubbing is good, but over-exfoliation can cause harm. Most regular facials have exfoliation or scrubbing as a step that involves deep cleansing and removing dead skin cells from your skin’s protective layer. If you exfoliate your skin a day or two after your facial, it may lead to removing the skin’s protective layer and make it more prone to acne and breakouts.

  • Don’t Step Out in Sun Immediately
  • Sun’s UV rays are harmful to your skin and can even damage the skin barrier. Don’t step out in the sun immediately after the facial. Use an umbrella or scarf to cover your face from the direct rays of the sun. Another important aspect – wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with minimum 25 SPF.

  • Don’t Pick on Your Skin
  • If blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and zits were not removed or addressed during the facial, it is wise you leave them untouched. Picking on them or popping them can cause severe skin breakouts, redness, irritation, skin inflammation, and even skin scarring. Wait for up to 7 days after the facial to get them removed from a doctor or beauty expert.

  • Don’t Wear Makeup Immediately After Facial
  • We understand you’re pressed for time and couldn’t take out time to get a facial 1-2 days before that important wedding or event. What you need to remember is that your pores are open after the deep cleansing during the facial. If you apply makeup on your skin after a heavy, deep-cleansing session, it will clog the pores leading to breakouts.  

    Please allow your skin to breathe and your pores to close for at least 3-4 days after the facial. You can start/resume wearing makeup 1-2 days after the facial.

  • Reschedule Your Workout
  • Didn’t get time to work out before the facial and feel tempted to do some exercises after the facial? Well, we advise you to refrain from doing that for a one-day minimum. There is already a rush of heat to your skin due to the facial; a workout will lead to increased heat. Also, sweat from the exercise will not be good for freshly-exfoliated and deeply-cleansed skin.

  • Don’t touch your face frequently
  • The steam given in most facials opens your skin pores. If you’re touching your skin frequently after the facial, it may lead to bacterial accumulation within your skin layers. It may lead to zits and breakouts, so avoid touching your face frequently. 

    While there are many brands in the market offering the natural facial kits, you need to follow the above precautions. It is important to read the instructions on the pack before using the product. Here we are sharing our take on Lotus Herbals Facial Kits. 

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    Written by Lotus Herbals