April 28, 2023

Make our sunscreen cream your new BFF and flaunt your summer look!

Give your skin good care and the best sunscreen to stand against the sun. Pick up the best sunscreen and make it your Best Friend Forever to rejoice in the summer with your no-makeup classy look.

The Lotus Herbals Sun Safe range offers the best sunscreen for the face and body suited to all skin types. Let the natural elements of our sunscreen boost your skin to its best. Our sunscreens are an excellent investment as they provide multiple benefits. They enhance your skin, hydrate it, and block UV rays for the best protection. They blend the best ingredients picked from nature and then packed into recyclable tubes for use. All our products are cruelty-free and paraben-free. From creams to lotions for men, women, and kids - Lotus Herbals offers a one-stop guilt-free sunscreen range.

Protect your skin with the richness of a sunscreen cream!

Sunscreen is vital for protecting your skin against sun damage. It reduces signs of aging, prevents early signs of tanning pigmentation, and protects against skin cancer. Adding it to your daily skincare regime can be an ultimate gift to your skin!

A barrier to the harmful UV rays

While the sun stimulates Vitamin D production to keep you healthy, too much sun exposure can be dangerous. Sunscreen creams act as a mirror on the skin and scatter the UVA and UVB rays emitted by the sun. It protects the natural skin proteins keeping your skin healthy. 

Reduces the chance of premature ageing

If you leave your skin unprotected, it will age faster, making you look older than your age and diminishing your personality. The sunscreen for the face and body protects the skin from wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of sun damage. Sunscreened skin ages slower.

Shields against sunburn 

The UVB rays emitted by the sun thin the skin and can cause hives, itchiness, inflammation, irritation, and more, elevating the risk of skin cancer. The SPF in sunscreen is the level of protection against these UVB rays, and it gives protection to keep you safe.

Sunscreens are for all

Sunscreen is a necessary product for the skin and is not an expensive choice. The Lotus Herbals Sun Safe range is affordable and suited for every skin type. We offer sunscreen for oily skin, dry skin, and acne-prone skin. It helps you choose freely without any barriers. 

Picking the best cosmetic option

Sunscreens are no more limited to sun protection because now they have become multifunctional. They now offer the role as a foundation base, eliminating the need for extra layers. They come as cream or gel in matte or gloss finish, are lightweight, and do not leave a white trail. 

Reduce the growth of acne

Acne on the skin can be sun-induced, especially on sensitive skin, due to overexposure. Sunscreen helps prevent irritation to the skin and marks. It aids you in becoming more confident in your skin. Prevent the blemishes by barring harmful rays with sunscreen.

An aid to keep away skin cancer

Another reason to pick sunscreen is the benefit of health. Going out without sunscreen may wait to add its effects, but gradually will be harmful. Dermatologists recommend using it as a protection against various types of cancer.

Using a product is now natural

Sunscreen is different from applying chemicals on the skin. It has a list of natural ingredients that empower your skin against the sun's rays. We use active ingredients from nature's lap and mineral oxides of zinc and titanium that are skin-safe!

One pick that fits all

Lotus Herbals is a formulation that makes products for all using nature's elements. The Sun Safe range from Lotus Herbals offers you a whole range of products you need against sun damage.

It offers maximum PA+++ protection against UVA rays and SPF ranging up to 50 against UVB rays. The Daily Defence Cream is best before stepping out, while the DeTan After-Sun Face Pack maintains your skin post-exposure. Our 3 in 1 Matte Look is the best sunscreen for oily skin, giving a matte finish with a BB glow. It has a non-greasy look, a foundation base, and ultimate sun protection. We extend our range for sports offering SPF 70 against the UVA rays. Our creams also come for men, kids, and babies, shielding them from damage. The Lotus Herbals Sun Safe Body Lotion adds glow and hydrates your skin's deepest layers. 

Maintaining the pH balance of your skin - our dermatologically tested sun-safe range is supreme!


Make sunscreen a part of your routine. Make it the armor for your confidence as you walk in the sun. A perfect fit for daily use, our paraben-free and natural sun-safe products are all you need against the sun! It is best as a foundation base for your makeup and leaves no trail. Lotus Herbals Sun Safe range uses 100% natural ingredients and has a sunscreen cream for all skin types. Rest your trust in our sunscreen and let your skin outshine the sun!

Written by Lotus herbals