May 30, 2023

Need to Fix Your Dull and Uneven Skin Tone? Follow this AM-PM Regime

One skin concern that has bugged us all? It's got to be dull skin! If your skin has lost its glow and radiance then you’ve got the case of dull skin. Thankfully, it’s super-easy to treat if you can identify and target the root causes of the problem. Unfortunately, no one tells you what to look for when you are trying to figure out if you really have dull skin. But, not anymore. Here are the signs of dull skin that you should be looking for. 

Tell-Tale Signs of Dull Skin 

  1. Uneven skin tone where some patches of skin appear darker than the rest
  2. Redness that makes the skin look and feel irritated 
  3. Dark spots and blemishes 
  4. Textured skin which gives a grainy, bumpy appearance to the skin 
  5. Lack of healthy glow and natural luster 
  6. Tightness and dryness 

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to learn about the root causes and fix them with 3 simple toxin-free products infused with powerful natural ingredients.

Cause #1 - Dead Skin Cells Dim Your Glow 

Old, dead skin cells are replaced with new skin cells every 28 to 40 days. Sometimes, your skin doesn't shed the dead skin cell naturally. Layers upon layers of dead skin accumulate on the skin's surface, masking the bright, glowy, and juicy new skin cells. As the dead skin layer gets thicker, the skincare products you apply to your skin are not absorbed properly. 

Solution - Gentle Daily Cleansing & Exfoliation 

The Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Skin Brightening Facial Foam is one of the most efficient, multifunctional cleansers on the market. It is packed with lactic acid derived from milk enzymes. 

Using the facewash regularly makes skin soft, smooth and bright by gently exfoliating dead skin cells. Moreover, its unique formulation not only cleanses the skin but also moisturises it with each wash. 

It is devoid of harsh skin irritants like sulfates, paraben, and soap, making it the perfect choice to keep skin calm. Remember, irritation triggers your skin to produce more melanin leading to darkening and spots. So, if you want clear, even skintone, using a toxin-free yet effective facewash like the WhiteGlow is essential. 

The Whiteglow Foaming Face Wash is made without any of these irritants. And has aloe vera to further calm and hydrate the skin. Lactic acid also unclogs pores and flushes out oil, dirt, and microbes. Making your skin smoother and enhancing its reflective quality. 

Expert Tip: Massage the cleanser onto damp skin every morning and night for at least a minute. It will give enough time for the ingredients to work their magic. 

Cause #2:Thirsty Skin Becomes Crusty Skin 

Dehydrated, dry skin lacks the moisture to shine and glow naturally. Dryness also causes and worsens fine lines and wrinkles. When the skin isn't smooth, it doesn't glow. Because rough surfaces don't reflect light, it's physics, gals! 

Skin dehydration can be caused due - 

  • Drying skincare products
  • Dry weather conditions 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Sun exposure

Surprisingly, some people get oily skin on the dry surface from within. It is especially common among people who don't moisturize regularly, fearing greasy, sticky skin. 


Solution - Glowing Face Cream To Quench Your Skin's Thirst 

Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin brightening Gel Cream SPF 25 PA+++ has lactic acid and Saxifraga Flower extract. These powerful natural ingredients makes this best cream for face whitening. It works by dissolve dead skin cells and brighten the tone. While the gel creme’s lightweight texture soaks into the skin immediately, nourishing and hydrating it inside out! It doen’t leave your skin greasy and sticky which is not only uncomfortable but also becomes a magnet for pollutants to skin and worsen dullness.  

Expert Tip: After washing your face, massage in the gel creme moisturizer on damp skin. It helps your skin drink up the product easily. And lock in the hydration well. 

Cause #3 - Free Radicals Trap Your Brightness 

Tiny pollutant particles and UV rays from the sun penetrate your skin and produce free radicals. The free radicals are aggressive and destroy skin proteins and cells, causing dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Moreover, environmental pollutants and stressors settle on your skin and damage the skin's natural protective barrier. When the skin barrier is damaged, the skin gets - 

  • Irritated, sensitive, and red 
  • Acne, bumps, and rashes  
  • Dry and dehydrated 
  • Rough and textured 

Solution - Heal And Treat 

The Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Brightening & Nourishing Night Cream is your best friend when you want to bring your glow back! It is a richer moisturizer that hydrates the skin and locks it as you snooze. Other than lactic acid and Saxifraga flower, the night cream is also packed with resveratrol - a super-hero antiageing ingredient derived from mulberry. 

The strong antioxidants from the these three natural sources work together as a team to neutralize free radicals to prevent damage and slow aging. 

Remember, your skin regenerates and heals the most when you sleep at night. This night cream accelerates and enhances the process of healing and regeneration. Use this power-potion  everyday to say goodbye to dullness and unevenness forever. 

What Really Makes This Skincare Routine A Win For Your Skin? 

  • Energizes your skin in the morning to take on the day and nourishes it at night to boost its natural renewing and healing process 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • It's simple and easy to follow, unlike ensuring you don't feel overwhelmed by taking care of your skin
  • Eliminates dullness and makes you glow 24x7 to boost your confidence 
  • It gives you some time for your self to pamper and love!

You don't need to spend thousands upon thousands in skin clinics and parlors to treat dullness! Just stick to this simple routine and get radiant, bright skin that won't need filters in pictures.

Written by Lotus herbals