May 26, 2023

Skin Detox in Minutes With our Activated Charcoal Face Pack

In Lotus Herbals, we see "skin detox" as a relaxing ritual that deeply cleanses the skin and energizes it with a fresh boost of glow and brightness. Skin detox aims to suck out toxins, pollutants, dead skin cells, excess oil, and buildup from the pores. Now that we are nearing peak summer, it's the best time to whip out the best facial kit -  WhiteGlow Activated Charcoal 4 in 1 Facial kit and give yourself a celebrity facial on a budget! 

The Benefits Of Skin Detox Facial 

Satiny Smooth Texture 

When layers of dead skin cells pile up on the skin's surface, the skin looks uneven, rough, and grainy. During summer, the skin naturally produces more oil and sweat, which gets trapped in the pores because of the thick layer of dead skin cells. Pores get clogged when dirt, grime, microbes, and toxins settle into them, causing acne, bumps, and rashes. 

The key ingredient in the cleanser and exfoliator in the facial kit is activated charcoal derived from coconut shells. Here's how it helps your skin - 

  • The activated charcoal particles are a super-gentle scrub that lifts off dead skin layers to reveal the soft, bright, and glowy skin hidden underneath. 
  • Activated charcoal also works like a magnet to unclog pores by drawing out impurities from within, making your skin ultra-smooth and soft. 
  • It soaks up excess oil along with microbes to reduce and prevent breakouts. 

Clear, Purified Skin 

Dead skin cells and clogged pores prevent your skin from soaking up the nutrients from highly concentrated serums. After cleansing and exfoliation, your skin is ready to drink all the goodness of the serum in this facial kit for women. 

The hero ingredient of the serum is tea tree oil, and here's what it does to your skin - 

  • It's nature's most potent anti-microbial potion, which goes deep into your pores to kill acne-causing bacteria. 
  • Tea tree oil is also great at lightening marks and dark spots and giving an overall brighter complexion. 
  • And finally, it speeds up the skin's natural healing process through its soothing action.


Hydrated Glow From Within 

Remember how every skin expert tells you to drink more water for better skin? True! Unfortunately, the heat, harsh sun, air conditioning, and sweating rob your skin of so much moisture that downing 8 glasses of water isn't enough to keep your skin plump and glowy. Here’s how the rich moisture creme in the facial kit resolves your skin concerns and bring out the hidden glow from within - 

  • Massaging the creme into your damp skin drives hydration deeper into your skin's layers. Thus, plumping up fine lines and enhancing the skin's softness. 
  • The creme has tea tree oil, which increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the skin when you massage it. Thus, bringing a gleaming glow naturally. It is also great for draining excess fluid and giving your skin a lifted-toned look. 
  • The micro-activated charcoal particles in the creme help to draw out more toxins without irritating your skin. 

Brighter Skin, Lighter Spots 

The WhiteGlow Face Masque has activated charcoal for brightening and detoxification, tea tree oil for purification and lightning scars, and almond oil for radiance. Here's how it helps your skin:

  • The powerful vitamin E from almond oil nourishes the skin and lightens skin complexion by fading tan and spots. 
  • The moisturizing agents in the masque nourish the skin and help fade fine lines. 
  • However, its main job is to brighten the skin by removing tan and spots while giving you a fresh-faced glow. 

5 Steps To Detox Your Skin For Beaming Skin (With Expert Tips) 

Step 1 - Face Wash 

Drench your skin and massage the sulfate-free gentle cleanser on your face and neck. Use slow, circular motions to foam it up and massage it for at least a minute. Then use lukewarm water to wash off the product and prepare your skin for the next step. 

Step 2 - Exfoliate 

Apply the exfoliator given in the kit  on your damp skin and start massaging gently. Use your ring finger and middle finger to massage for 3-4 minutes as they exert the least pressure. Go over your entire face first and then focus on your forehead, nose, and chin, which usually have the most buildup. Then wash or wipe off. 

Step 3 - Serum 

Take 2-3 drops of serum for the face and 2-3 for the neck. Apply it onto your damp skin in pressing motions. Instead of going in circular motions, use your fingers to gently tap and pat the serum into your skin for 2-3 minutes. This is a Korean skincare secret that increases product absorption and blood circulation. 

Note: Do not wipe or wash away the serum.  

Step 4 - Creme Massage 

Spend 10-15 minutes massaging your skin. Start from the center of the face and use light, sweeping, outward motions to encourage lymphatic drainage. Use upward strokes near your jawline, neck, and lower face for a lifting effect. And follow the contours of your face. After you're done with the massage, use a soft cloth or cotton to wipe off any excess creme. 

Step 5 - Masque 

Apply an even and generous mask layer on your face and neck. Wait for it to dry and wash off. Avoid speaking or making expressions while the masque is drying on your face. And, put on some relaxing music to relax your nerves.  

What Makes The WhiteGlow Activated Charcoal Facial Kit the Best Charcoal Facial Kit? 

  • It is formulated with natural ingredients that are powerful yet gentle on your skin. 
  • You don't have to spend thousands in a salon or skin clinic to get a celeb-like glow. You can get a facial detox right in the comfort of your home. 
  • It is free from skin irritants like parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. 
  • The cruelty-free and vegan products keep your skin and consciousness equally clean and pure. 
  • It's multifunctional - cleanses, purifies, and brightens your skin to resolve all your skin problems. 
  • It's super quick and easy to fit into your weekly skincare routine.
Written by Lotus herbals