February 17, 2022

Solve Winter Dryness That Leads to Further Ageing of The Skin

Your skin responds differently in all seasons, especially during the changing weather. This is the very reason our skin tends to get drier, flakier, and itchier in colder winter months. The cold air outside, dry heat indoors, lower humidity levels, and ruthless winters can all rob your skin of its precious moisture. This results in dull and non-radiant looking skin, and your fine lines start looking more prominent. Not just your face but the skin on your hands, feet, and body also bears the brunt of harsh winter weather if not taken care of properly.

It doesn’t matter what skin type you have; your skin needs a nourishing moisturizer every season and for all skin types. However, the good news is that you can take some steps and invest in good-quality moisturizers and anti-ageing serums that make your skin look healthy nourished and accelerate the process of skin lifting, firming and protective skin action.

What are the Signs of Dry Skin?

Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms of dry skin in cold weather:

  • Flakiness or visible scaly skin
  • Rough and uneven skin texture
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Visibly irritated skin
  • Prominent cracks in your skin
  • Stinging or burning sensation

How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin & Slow Down Skin Ageing

Reversing the effects of dry winter skin is possible by adopting a comprehensive and focussed skincare regimen, having a balanced and nutritious diet, and using the right moisturiser and anti-ageing cream for dry skin. You can easily achieve younger-looking, soft, smooth, and vibrant skin throughout the winter season with Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Youth Moisturising Activating Moisturiser.

This wonder product is based on revolutionary development in ‘Green Science’. It comes with the Gineplex Youth Compound derived from potent natural ingredients and is clinically proven to accelerate the process of skin lifting, firming, and protective skin action.

The moisturiser is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like Ginger & Ginseng that help prevent free radical damage and slow down the effects of skin ageing. It provides extraordinary moisturisation and hydration to the skin, keeping it soft, supple and youthful even in colder months.

Let’s look at some tips to beat winter dryness and slow down the effect of ageing on your skin:

  • Moisturise every day on Damp Skin
  • Every time you wash your face, hands, and skin, your skin gets stripped off of its essential oils. Since the essential oils help lock the moisture back into the skin, it is important to replace them with a potent moisturiser.

    Serving a useful reminder, always keep a bottle of moisturiser in your shower to apply it quickly after a shower or washing your hands or skin. The benefit of applying a moisturiser on damp skin is that it helps the moisture gets locked back into the skin and prevents it from drying to a large extent.

    Make Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Moisturising Activating Moisturiser your go-to moisturiser in all seasons and not just the winter because your skin needs nourishment all year round.

  • Don’t Skip On Sun Protection
  • The winter season means shorter days and lesser sunlight. This may tempt you to cut back on the sun protection, thinking it may not be necessary but, think again – you might be getting wrong here. Your skin has a potent moisture barrier that is responsible for maintaining your skin’s overall health and hydration. Winter’s harmful UV light can still harm your skin’s moisture barrier causing it to dry, become scaly, and dull.

    Always make sure that you are adding up a generous layer of good-quality gel creme with appropriate SPF in the morning after applying the moisturiser. One such remarkable product in this category is Lotus Herbals YouthRX Anti-Ageing Transforming Gel Cream wth SPF 25 enriched with SPF 25PA+++ for protection against sun damage that causes skin ageing.

  • Switch to an Overnight Cream
  • Overnight skin treatments like night cream are an excellent way of replenishing your skin’s moisture, revitalising it, and preventing dry skin at large. Such night creams generally have a thick texture that sits on your skin and works all through the night to wake up to a younger-looking, moisturised, and nourished skin in the morning.

    One such revolutionary and highly-effective product in this category is Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti-Ageing Nourishing Night Cream. It is formulated with natural ingredients like ginger and has the goodness of ginseng that help prevent free radical damage & slow skin ageing.

  • Keep Your Skin Hydrated from Inside
  • Another way of keeping your skin moisturised and nourished is by ensuring that you’re well-hydrated all through the day. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of drinking fluids, coconut water, juices, etc., to have healthy and glowing skin naturally. Apart from fluid intake, make sure that you eat food rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients have a potent capability of protecting your cells from environmental damage and assisting in producing healthy cells, including skin cells.

  • Add Products with Oils to Your Skincare Routine
  • Occlusive ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter effectively provide a physical barrier to lock moisture into your skin. Skincare products made with such ingredients have magical skin healing properties to help get relief from dry skin and itchiness.

    The best way to use these ingredients is by opting for products made with them and including them in your skin care routine every day.

    Lotus Herbals YouthRx Range – A Boon for Dry & Ageing Skin

    Lotus Herbals YouthRx range of products is formulated with ‘Gineplex Youth Compound’ derived from effective and solution-focussed natural ingredients like ginger and ginseng extracts. They are clinically proven to speed up the skin lifting process, make it firmer, and protect skin action.

    Here are some of the known products from the Lotus Herbals YouthRx range:

    • YouthRx Anti-Ageing Transforming Gel Cream with SPF 25
    • YouthRx Anti-Ageing Nourishing Night Cream
    • YouthRx Youth Moisturising Activating Moisturiser

    Let’s look at the miracle ingredients and what they do for your skin:

    Ginger Extracts – Ginger is a good-old medicine and an important herb with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help prevent free radical damage and slow down skin ageing. It works on improving skin elasticity and helps fight pigmentation. It works miraculously to even out the skin tone, boost skin collagen, and rejuvenate skin cells.

    Ginseng Extracts – Ginseng extracts bring multiple benefits to the table, including improving and maintaining skin elasticity. It works as a natural antioxidant that efficiently fights dark circles, puffiness, and dullness. Since the mature skin keeps getting increasingly sensitive with time, anti-inflammatory properties from Ginseng help handle skin sensitivity and help reverse the signs of ageing. It also works like a charm at improving skin complexion.

    Bottom Line

    It’s not uncommon to experience dry and flaky skin in winter, but the key to keeping your skin healthy is a comprehensive skincare routine and adequate water intake. Follow the above skin care tips and switch to a skincare brand such as Lotus Herbals which believes in taking the best from nature and curating potent skincare products from natural ingredients that are paraben, toxic, chemicals, and cruelty-free. Switch to Lotus Herbals YouthRx range of products and say goodbye to dry and ageing skin.

    Written by Lotus Herbals